Monday, November 27, 2006

The day with the Brush

Painted all day and finally got the foyer all done. Hung my new pictures up too. All I need is an electrician to put up my new chandelier. Had to borrow a ladder to get to the top of the wall ( 16 feet high) and it was a little scary. But I got it done despite being told by my better half not to go up there. He's still out fishing. Tomorrow will be a Cinderella day as he is due back soon

Flu shots at the home tomorrow... & Bachelor Rome on tonight .... not sure which one will hurt more.

Monday, day four at home..

Yeah, I have been home with the kids, and it's been great.

Getting some painting/renovating done while you-know-who is gone fishing. He has been around so much lately, it's been really hard to get any painting , changing furniture, crack filling done....

Sleeping in till 7:30 has been great, and today I might even wrap some gifts.

Me, the no-Sunday-Shopping supporter has actually shopped at the Co-op yesterday for some primer. Imagine that ! It's hard to believe that the Co-op has opted for this choice. The place, however seemed busy, however I don't know how happy the staff were. In this world families are separated from the rest of the gang, on most days, why tamper with another day. Sundays are meant for family, visits from friends, a cup of tea, afternoon naps, movies, and home cooked meals. At least that is in my opinion.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Friday Night

Ah friday, and stayed home most of the day except for a walk with Emile, and a visit to school for parent-teacher meetings.

We almost got creamed on the highway yesterday when headed to the dentist. A grey truck was headed right for us at the last moment. We nearly **** ourselves. I still am amazed that we never got hit. It provoked a lot of questions from the kids about accidents and living without parents, etc.. I answered the best I could without eloborating too much on anything. Jules had a cute question... he wondered if he would have had to walk home from Tusket if we all been killed except for him.

Appreciate life, that's about all I got to say.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006


News stories make headlines in today's blog. John Allan Cameron died, and the even bigger shock,is he's lived in Toronto for many, many years. I never imagined he had left Cape Breton. He was a bigger star than I had imagined.
Second story is that of Wedgeport residents do ing some PI work of their own to crack down on crime. Way to go Wedgeport ! I had an email that said in summary a man was searching for his stolen ATV and spotted it, but the youngster
" made a dash into the woods . The police were called and the residents of Wedgeport were notified of the goings on and everyone went nuts and got their spotlights out in search of the culprit who was identified by the new Dukes Of Wedgeport who had done their deed to catch one of Wedgeport's Most Wanted. I was told that the whole Monday night searching frenzy was like an episode of Cops on the FOX network where the bike was eventually found in the woods. It is fitting also that the case has taken a huge turn after these new Magnum PI's heroic efforts have seem to awoken the local police who have suddenly announced 30 pending charges against 3 individuals. There were so many spotlights out that night it looked like daylight in wedgeport. "
John Walsh will be proud of you all.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006


To all who are holding out for tomorrow to have their orgasm in support of Global Orgasm Day, please give in to your temptations. Global Orgasm Day is Dec 22, not Nov 22, as I reported yesterday. Don't hold off for 30 days... it's not good for your health.

I took my sneakers out for a walk tonight, and then made a quick visit at a friends' where I had my arm twisted until I gave in to a nice cold Smirnoff Ice. Kinda takes away the benefit of walking eh? I had some spring in my knees when I left, maybe I should drink before I go walking.

I did my sneaky thing yesterday and checked the kids MSN message history. Just to make sure they are being the good angels I am working so hard to raise. There was nothing of concern, but one conversation between Nanny and Jules caught my eye. It was back in August, and
Jules says: Nanny, you should come over and have a corona in mom's screen tent.
Nanny replies: Maybe I will.

He's such an angel.

Monday, November 20, 2006


Ah, Monday again.... spent 24 hours in Halifax/Dartmouth over the weekend. Brought the kids for a bit of shopping, and a lot of swimming. Enjoyed myself. Woke at 7, and the boys slept till almost 9. Had a nice suite at the Ramada. Read and relaxed.

My speculation is that 100% of the 49% of Nova Scotia shoppers who want 100% shopping everyday were obviously all out shopping. I, who was part of the 52%, was reduced to 30% speed in 100% of the streets.

I substituted as catachese ( Sunday school) teacher today, and had been warned that they were an active class. Other than getting useless comments at inappropriate times, they were very good. I promised them a reward only if everyone was good, and they were. I turned down the lights, and passed glow sticks out. Dolores Ann was my helper and it felt like old times.
Keep an eye out for November 22nd. It is supposed to be Global Orgasm day. No kidding...
I'll fill you in with all the info tomorrow, so you can prepare...

Friday, November 17, 2006


OK, it's my first day with my new product. I have waited 32 days to use it. I hope all my readers are women, as no men would be interested it this, it's a best kept secret. It's the mooncup. The reusable menstrual cup. Insertion was easy, and after 4 hours of leak free enjoyment, I removed and emptied and reinserted it. I was amazed at how easy it was to use, and how it is worn without discomfort. Pretty awesome. Have a look at their site ....

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Trivia Night

Trivia Night at the Grand. We did pretty good 30 out of 40. Round two was very good. Martine & Adam joined us regulars, and helped alot. Thanks, & join us again !
Ran over a frog tonight. On the Pond Road. I looked for him on the way back, and yup, he was there, dead, right next to the yellow line. It kinda felt like the frogger video game, I'm getting closer, and he's hopping like hell, but my god, it takes a frog so many more hops to get to safety in the real world. I feel so bad.
I have PMS .

Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Funny thing about motherhood. You can sleep through a thunder and lightning storm, but the first splat of vomit on the floor, and we are up and running, still practically asleep. Never have to guess in what room to go in, just follow the smell. That was what got me up this morning.
Everyone seems fine now though, and they are aggravating each other as usual. That's good.
Even the cat is acting up. Chasing the boys around the island and across the floor.
He's definately getting ready for winter, eats all day, and is as wide as my computer screen. Every winter someone will ask us when the kittens are due.

Roland has been hunting every night till dark,
killing nothing but time.

Monday, November 13, 2006

The day after

The day after my 43rd birthday, and its thundering like hell. My hypertension is still very hyper Dr. said today. My sugar, that went on a little trip upward for no reason a couple weeks ago, is good now, but Dr. doesn't like it. I think am falling apart. Made a plan and we will see in 2 months. But my bloodwork was absolutely gorgeous. Ain't that nice to know.
We talked, and laughed, about stress and destressing.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Remembrance Day

It's Remembrance Day once more. And that is the day you think of all the veterans who fought for our freedom, and the day you remember that my birthday is tomorrow. Ha Ha.

Went to Bavaria with Roland tonight. My favorite restaurant, always so delicious. Had Steak Madagascar ( again).
April and Mom were by today with each a gift. Thanks so much for the microfleece blanket that we are all fighting to use, and the bathing products.
And Ashley bought me a lipgloss. Oh I just love it. I am always smelling/sampling her makeup .Nice strawberry one, you know..... in the glass tube with the roller ball on the end. Oh, really nice.When I wear it I feel about 15 years old, or maybe even 14.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Trivia Thursday

Team players were all busy with hockey, & gall bladder operations, stuff like that, that kept them from coming tonight. But I managed to go and brought my mom. We did pretty good considering the questions were very hard tonight. 23 out of 40. There was a lot of pepole there, best turnout by far.
Bud Light was mighty tasty too. Frobisher Bay got me thinking, and so did the L.A Lakers question. Boy, I do not know much about sports. I did know what city the Boeing 737 made its maiden flight from. San Francisco. That was some kind of lucky guess eh?
Proud to have won a T shirt for answering a beer question, and equally as proud to have beat the pants off of the East Coast Survivors.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Well the moon has been full the past week, and the effects have been showing, eh?
Some have been annoyed by others, and others have been annoyed by some.
I read the following about full moons.
Simply put; Hormonal reactions to increased positive ions in the air (Full Moon Effect) cause hyperactivity, depression, violent behavior, road rage, higher occurrences of migraines and asthma. Even bees are known to sting without provocation on higher positive ion ratios.
So there you have it. My theory is right.
The full moon however cannot be blamed for old age slipups.
Today I brought a lady to the bank, and she changed topics and started asking the teller about her prescriptions. "Whoops, wrong place, the Pharmasave is next door," the teller replied. Then one man , upon leaving the dining room, tells the cook he doesn't like the way we cook the chicken. He has a better recipe. It's no big deal, but it was haddock we served.

All my loony-ness comes from my menstrual cycle, not from the phases of the moon.
I have only 2 phases. Dr. Jekyll for 14 days, followed by Mr. Hyde for 14 days.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Saturday, back from the city

Had fun in the city despite a really sore throat. I did about all my Christmas shopping with the exception of a few male gifts. (Why are Dads so hard to buy for? ) The stores were busy, especially today, and it was shop till you drop.

Mosied-on-down for a great meal at Montana's, and an ice cold draught. Nice atmosphere and delicious ribs. At lower Deck, I sang my heart out while Shameless entertained and watched some really young girls in tube tops giggling and holding hands. Good Grief. That was the last I heard of my voice. It left after that, and lipsyncing isn't as fun as singing out loud, believe me.

It's hard to explain how we ended up at a wedding reception, mingling amongst people we didn't know at the Marriot, but it was innocent and unintended. It was my first time as a wedding crasher.The bride and groom had already left, thank God.

Made a trip to the Casino for a couple hours. Won $500 which I spent at home depot today. I love that store. They have a " new scan and pack your own" checkout. Get a good night sleep before you attempt it. It takes a lot of concentration. It also takes an employee watching, so why the heck doesn't she just scan the stuff for you? Anyway, Home Depot, I love you.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Trivia Thursday

Slim team for trivia. Only Darla and I, but we did ok, on the second round.
Headed to the city tomorrow for some shopping.
Prince Charming is going to be Mr. Mom, and he's usually very good at it.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The first day of November

Today has been one beautiful November day. Had some renovations going on, replacing our back door, and Roland has been working on his "to do" list. Did some more work on the floors upstairs, and brought the golf cart home. The end of another golf season.

Did the Cinderella thing all night. Vacuumed , dusted, did laundry, washed floors, ..... the Prince better have a good reward for me tonight.