Sunday, March 30, 2008

Worst Driver

One of Discovery Channel’s top rated shows, Canada’s Worst Driver is coming to Yarmouth in search of candidates for the fourth installment of the series.

Currently in pre-production, producers are now accepting nominations to pre-schedule live interviews during their May stopover in the area.

To take part, local residents must send their nominations via email or phone to or call 1-866-598-2591. Producers will follow up with every nomination received from now until April 30.

I refuse to go.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Here I am

Yes, it has been a quite a blogging while since I blogged anything.
You know, I had PMS, and during this wonderful week, my brain isn't as sharp as it should be and I haven't a creative bone in my body. I just exist, and go through the motions. Nothing in the world sparks a slight interest, and nothing enlightens me. Now, aren't you glad you missed it!

I hosted a pay me card marathon last Saturday. 6 couples invited, and a wonderful potluck. I lost all my money, but the silent one made some. The Newfie was the champ of the day. Congrats to him. His kids will now have lunch money.

Easter Bunny is expected to come hopping through this place tomorrow morning. I have a puppy, and I don't need any more body excretions of any kind from any other animal on my floor. This puppy is like a toddler, in the terrible two's. You can't leave anything hanging around, including toilet paper. I have a good mind to stick a post it note above the holder that reads," Roll back up to the rim to win."
And all those Tim Horton's addicts, .... I read no one is winning. They'll get compensated, just watch and see. I mean, just look at them in the 1/4 mile line up. Who has more perseverance than the dedicated coffee guzzling consumer.

And Easter is at it's earliest they say. I'm glad I won't be around in 2228, for the next cold Easter. I am looking forward to warm weather so bad. I even started knitting a dickie last week. It will be ready in 2228.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

good wages

Just watch Larry King and Anderson Cooper. We females are all sitting on a goldmine, believe me. $1000 an hour? Come on now ? If you haven't heard Gov. Eliot Spitzer name lately, you must be hiding under a rock.

I really thought this quote was so funny, coming from a man who got caught by wire tap.
SPITZER, then attorney general, speaking to ABC News two years ago, gave advice to people who break the law:
"Never talk when you can nod, and never nod when you can wink, and never write an e-mail because it's death. You're giving prosecutors all the evidence we need."

The news is digging more info than we need... and the train versus the plane for rendezvous and sex paraphernalia, and the amount of money, and the sex expected from a "difficult customer" like Spitzer. He may get nothing out of it. But Oh my, watch out for this "Man Act" that says you can't move a person across state lines for the sole purpose of paid sex.....Poor Eliot... did too much thinking with his organ.

Thursday Trivia Update

Another good time at the Grand tonight, exercising our brains. Did real good, had 41out of 40 (bonus points), Mom, myself, the sailor and Mrs.L. Round 2 was a little hard, stumper questions had to do with 1987 album by U2, and (Three's company's) Larry's surname. Learned a few things as usual. One was that goldfish can see into both infra-red and ultra-violet .

Another question was what president wore all american clothes at his inaugural. Well, come now, who the heck would know that? Well turns out, our very own sailor knew the answer, and he won himself a hat. The answer was James Madison the 4th President of the United States. The sailor tells me that ~~madison and Thomas jefferson were both gentlemen scientists who kept meticulous observations of the weather at their Virginia homes for over three decades. The interesting thing is that the temperatures are within 0.5ÂșC of present day temps.~~ Pretty surprizing eh? I checked out this madison guy, and found a few tidbits of info.

Madison was the first president who had prior service as a congressman.
Zachary Taylor and Madison were second cousins.
Madison was the first president to wear long trousers. All previous presidents wore knee breeches.
During the War of 1812 Madison was under enemy fire. He was the first president to be in that situation.
At 5 feet, 4 inches and less than 100 pounds, he was the shortest and lightest president.
Dolley Madison , the third first lady, sent the first personal message using the Morse telegraph in 1844.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Yes, my last day of maternity leave... it's back to work tomorrow after 2 short days home with the puppy. Just like a baby, she slept 3 hours this afternoon, and I was able to do all kinds of housework. I was up twice in the night, hopefully it will be less tonight.

As for work, isn't it hard to return. ~~Some researchers suggest that the average worker spends less than 60 percent of the day actually engaged in work. The other 40 percent is spent daydreaming, surfing the Web, playing games, engaging in personal phone calls, etc.~~
Here' s a top ten of worst jobs. Mine is not listed, so I will stop complaining.
Here they are:
1. Diaper sorter.......One lucky woman in the US spends her day sorting through thousands of used baby nappies before they are bleached, cleaned and reused.
2. Animal m*sturb*tor......Researching animal fertility or artificial insemination poses one rather obvious problem: how is the sperm extracted in the first place? Researchers who want animal sperm have a number of less-than-attractive options at hand. Electroej*culation involves a r*ctal probe being used to send pulses of electricity through the ‘lucky’ animal’s nether regions. In the case of gaining semen from dairy bulls, an artificial v*gina known in the trade as an AV is commonly used . Digital pleasure, which is used on pigs and even turkeys, involves the animals being administered a more, er, traditional method of relief.
3. Pesticide drinker......According to Discover magazine, you can get up to $200 a day for testing pesticides. No US laws govern such practises, and an industry spokesman commented, “It surely kills fewer people than drinking alcohol does .
4. Flatus odour judge....16 healthy subjects volunteered to eat beans and insert plastic tubes into them. The gas was collected and inhaled by the odour judges
5. Isolation chamber tester... Just imagine the torture of the men and women picked to test the immobile isolation chambers on the ground. At NASA, space engineers responsible for on-board life-support systems regularly spend months at a time in uncomfortable captivity to test the equipment. Extra cash? No. Still not convinced? You try recyling your own urine for drinking water. Then repeat it a dozen more times over the next 91 days. Exactly.
6. Carcass cleaner..... for Natural history museums
7. Sewage plant gate cleaner...Working in a sewage treatment plant is not so much ‘diving for pearls’ as ‘diving for t*rds’.
8. Asbestos remover....The developed world now has a clear understanding of the risks of being in close proximity to asbestos (lung cancer, heart disease, skin complaints, infertility) and it is no longer used as a building material. Luckily, it is now uniformally being removed.
9. Endangered species ecologist .....Think your job is pointless? Try being an Endangered Species Ecologist. The lush island of Hawaii has 34 bird species on the endangered list. Half a dozen of these feathered friends haven't been seen for decades, but faithful scientists don't have the heart to declare them extinct.
10. Taxi driver.....The job you’re most likely to be murdered while doing. Enough said.~~

Monday, March 10, 2008

Both are here

Both are here .... the new puppy, and the new piano.

One makes noise when you touch it,..... the other, when you don't.

We are "crate training" her. She got in like a real trooper, no encouragement needed. I smell like a pet store, and need a bath, as does the puppy. I am getting good puppy advice from 1-800-HLP-PAMMY.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

The Clavinova

Heard Elton John may be looking for a place to play in the Maritimes.. suppose he would come over to play us a few songs?
We were in the city, and this was our purchase. Can't wait for the delivery. Much needed, indeed.

Friday, March 07, 2008

Karl Marx

The sailor tells me that Karl Marx is buried in London at Highgate Cemetary. I thought he was perhaps buried in Russia. Lost a point last night for that mistake. It's a pretty creepy looking place, according to the pictures I saw online. I read that some horror films have been shot there, and that once they actually thought a vampire hung out there. Lots of moss, and grasses growing. I'll have to put it on my "bucket list".

~~Highgate Cemetery is a fitting resting place for somebody who led as interesting a life as Marx did. While his philosophy had such a profound effect upon Russia, he actually never went there. Marx did live all over Europe in cities such as Paris, Brussels and London. He also ended up being buried with his wife.
Highgate Cemetery makes a perfect stop for anyone interested in history. You can spend the better part of a day looking for all the famous Londoners who are buried here. While off the beaten path, Highgate Cemetery should be included in any visit to London.~~

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Trivia update...

Trivia update... had some bonus points tonight. Ended up with 21 out of 20, and then 25 out of 20. It was good, but not enough to win first, second, or third.

Stumper questions were: Flash was a dog in what sitcom? Karl Marx was buried where? and some kind of olympic question, that we had no clue. Easy questions had to do with planets, dong currency, and suez canal.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

While the Cat's away...

Anyone who knows me well, will not be surprized to learn that while Loverboy is gone to play in the snow, I have had our bedroom tore apart, and am repainting & getting new draperies. I feel almost like Debbie Travis, and the clock is counting down to his return.

He left early Sunday morning, and before leaving he returned to the bedroom for another goodbye kiss. I was hunched over his pillow, sleepyly staring into space and apparently he wondered what was on my mind. " Quoi-ce tu panse?" he asked. " Rien" I replied, and I told him to watch his driving as it was snowy in NB.

When I could no longer hear the truck leaving the yard, I leaped out of bed with a smile. He was right...I was in deep thought earlier, .... wondering what wall to paint first !

While the cat's away.....

Monday, March 03, 2008

Visiting Hours are :

Visitation by family members and friends is limited to 8 a.m. to 3 p.m., and only from Friday through Monday.

That's is if you plan to drop by the federal prison at Coleman, Florida ,where Conrad Black, the convicted former chairman of Hollinger International Inc. and a member of the U.K.'s House of Lords, began his 6 1/2-year federal prison sentence in Florida as inmate 18330-424.

~~Black will live behind a razor wire-topped double fence and will be forced to wear the prison's standard-issue khaki shirts and pants, as well as a pair of steel-toed shoes.
All prison inmates are required to work unless they are deemed medically unfit.
Duties include scrubbing toilets, waxing floors, washing pots and cooking and serving food. Prisoners receive a starting wage of 12 cents per hour.
Prison lights come on at 6 a.m. Breakfast is served a half hour later and inmates are required to be at work by 7:30 a.m. They receive three meals per day and are counted five times, said Truman. Every prisoner must be back in his cell by 9 p.m. and lights are turned off at 11 p.m.
Prison amenities include separate law and leisure libraries, a jogging track and a basketball court. ~~

Hey la Girl

Hey. La Girl... keeping busy knitting and learning your lines, I suppose. I understand you know everyone else's lines, but your own. What has happened to you? Too much wine maybe.
Are you feeling smart lately, or has your brain gone to mush ?

I am planning to go to Trivia Thursday, and we have a new recruit, who is willing to come at least once.

We'll have to hold back on the right answers... ha ha ha ha ! ... I wish.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Happy Birthday Neighbour

So, it's the big 4-0 for my neighbour, the friendly hairdresser, & gardener extraordinaire.

Here's to many more years of laying in the pool & basking in the sun, and to growing flowers for all to enjoy.

Hope your day is a great one.