Wednesday, July 30, 2008

It's the Ex with the extras

Extra money, extra grease, extra creeps, extra loud music, extra smelly, extra speghetti straps , extra money (oops.. did I already say that).

Went and left extra early.

Family Beach Day

scroll halfway down after clicking on this link.... our sand sculpture is the fourth photo. Camp Rock. Nice event, lots of people.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Pay Me

Had a good game of Pay Me last night. The Avon Lady, of course, swept all our money in round one. The hyper one was hyper as usual. Had fudgee-o cookies prior to coming, and the poor soul was served caffeine free pop, to calm him down . I actually enjoy the hyper one, unlike the hostess and the Avon lady. The hostess and the newfie joined us, as did Mr & Mrs G. Actually, Mr G. who could not remember how to play, miraculously got his memory back, and won game two by a mile.
We all enjoyed a tale of 2 women walking the tracks, anticipating either excitement or a good workout, and getting neither. Too funny !

Happy Anniversary to us

13 years today since we said I do.
He says the time has flown, & I say it feels like a lifetime. Ha Ha.
Really , it hasn't been so bad. Having kids has kept us very occupied.

13 years ago, we married at 4pm. I was at the pharmacy at 2:45 buying nylons, and Roland was playing golf on the computer at 3:30. No wedding jitters.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

July Blog Smog

The vacation went well, better than the week at work. Friday we hosted a party, and had lady line dancers for entertainment. It was very good indeed.

We hung out in Quinan for a few days, and did whatever we felt like doing. It was very relaxing. Except for a late night encounter with the toilet after having a bottle of Mojito, all was great. It's a beautiful place, no wonder my late bro loved it so.

LD came and did some wonderful carpentry for us. Coming back Tuesday to finish. Real nice work. Glad to have the help. I can now put away my tools I keep in the bathroom. I told him " not every woman has finish nails among her cosmetics". He had to agree.

Speaking of carpenters... we had to recall the Orkin man. The ants seemed to be making a comeback. I think they have expired at last.

Saw Cinnamon Girl today. Nice to see her. She and hubby were planting herbs. Got quite a garden going. Had a chat, saw Oscar, and used the hose. Fun.

The biggest , best news, is that I got 4 tickets to see Elton John. Boy oh Baby! Am I a happy woman. He's the entertainer I most desire to see. Can't wait.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Day 1 of vacation

8am.. something is ringing. It's not my alarm because I have finally shut it off for 10 days. Well what do ya know, it's work calling... nothing important, so why even call, eh?

8:15 ... 22 ants killed in kitchen. Hmmm... I have just spent 445 dollars on killing these things. I call Orkin. Give it a week they say.

10 am ... pharmasave calls, work related question.

11am .... another call. Both hot water heaters have broke down at work. Great eh? One is under warranty. Electrician will put 2, but may only have time to hook up one.

1:30 ... In Yarmouth now, I have gained the 1.5 lbs I lost last week.

1:45 ... Brunswick street... And as my sis would say, I am a magnet to the mentally challenged. A.H. spots me, at a stop sign, and he's got a big wave and is talking to me. I put my window down, give him a big Hi, and wave, and step on the gas, just missing a green van" by that much".

2:15 .... Empire theatres... the show can't play, as the projector has broke down. We get refunds. Quite a long ride for a bite of popcorn, and watered down diet coke.

2:45 ... checking out at Staples. I must be the first lady in the tri-counties to get the school supplies. the cost: $192.37. Ouch !

3:30 .... Superstore now, and all has gone well. Well, almost. The groceries are in the car, & I give the cart a real big shove towards the empty cart coral. Got to push it super hard, as I want it to travel over that hump, and rest at the end of the coral. Something like a beetle on the pavement must have caused it to veer and hit a truck. By the look of the truck, I was picturing being caught by a sleeveless tatooed red neck, coming out of the NSLC, with a cold 24 under his arm. It's a hard looking truck, already been scraped and I'm pretty sure the little dent was not caused by me, as I hit the side head on. No one sees me except a couple ladies. I politely retrieve it , park it, and get the hell out of there.

4:15 ... home at last.... but no puppy in sight. His electric fence batteries are dead, and he wandered the neighbourhood.

6:00 ... the kids are begging to have a friend sleep over. I have a moment of weakness and give in.

6:45 ... the friend hurts his arm, and the mother takes him back home.

Wonder what tomorrow will bring?

Friday, July 04, 2008

Unidentified flying object?

Well, this fish was laying in my driveway this morning, being pecked at by a boisterous crow.

And, just who is he?

With his tail stretched out, he was eel-ish looking. Very ugly indeed. last .... vacation !

Yes, the hour has come. It's vacation time. So looking forward to doing a few things around the house, and sleeping in until at least 8.

The sailor was in today, checked up all the old folks, and they should all be great for a week at least. We had a nice lunch and yarn at my favorite restaurant, and a nice cold one too.

To top off this great day, when I left work, there was no "Follow Me" truck, or any stop signs! It's like Aberdeen kissed me. Right on the cheek, you know, those nice warm slow kisses on the cheek-type. Thank you Aderbeen Paving for giving us a break.