Saturday, February 28, 2009

Too much recession talk

Okay, all the recession talk is having an impact on me.

I dreamt I was in a little two room cabin over looking Abbott's Harbour wharf. I was hanging dish clothes, odd socks, and underwear on a clothesline strung inside, across the biggest room . Roland was stoking the fire. My kids were there, but a little younger. Here's the strangest part... we had a dog, cat, a big fat pig, this scraggly grey goat , and a chicken... all inside with us. It was like a freak show circus .

I was looking through the glass, and I said we may as well stay here for supper. I felt really happy.

I need a shrink.

Friday, February 27, 2009

For you Craig

Back when you were ill, I had heard a song on the radio. I told you about it, how it made me think of you. This morning, on the second anniversary of your death, as I am getting dressed, I hear it.... and remember you.

I stop at church. I'm going in to light a candle for you today. I open my car door, and as I get out, and all the while I am inside, the church bells are ringing loudly. It's 5 o'clock.... and I remember you.

The song: I'll follow the sun....

Mark your calendar

April 2nd is the first day you can make your camping reservation at our province's provincial parks. Great way to get that campsite for the busy Canada Day weekend.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Magazine woes

When you buy a magazine, after the numerous ads, you finally find a great article to read. You settle in, read, flip the page, and the article is gone. I need reading glasses now, as I am 40ish. I can barely see the words " story continues on page 109".

Why ? Why? Why can't they just print the entire article on consecutive pages. Why must we hunt for the ending? It makes my blood boil. Isn't today's magazine complicated enough. Postcards are stuffed throughout it, and fall into your lap. Some famous face has a stinky perfume page. The ads out number the articles. I have almost had enough.

To top it off, when I have gone through the entire magazine, and put it down, what do I see. It's the cover with the story that attracted me to it in the first place.... and I don't even remember finding it. Oh, here we go again.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Tooth Fairy

Did you know you can get a Smile certificate from Canadian Dental Association when your child loses his first tooth?

Missing you

Oh how I miss you on days like these. I miss your warmth, and the way you make me feel.... so ..... just so darn content, and appreciative. Every hour with you is filled with happiness. You brighten my darkest days. You make my skin glow. When I know you are soon returning, I take extra care to ensure my skin is soft and supple. I need your touch.

When will you ever return?

Where are you summer? I miss you.

chicken breasted

I have always been somewhat well endowed. I have stolen, and admit to, a wineglass, a small one, at a bar. I was young and foolish then, now I am only foolish. I placed it between my boobs, and you couldn't even tell.

Today I heard a woman collapsed in a grocery store. She was also arrested for shoplifting. She placed a frozen chicken in her bra, and the cold caused her to pass out.

Moral of the story, if you have large breasts and are a thief, steal only fresh chicken.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Dove PJ's

get new PJ pants from Dove at

you need to purchase two different Dove items and save receipts.

Saturday, February 21, 2009


If I could make a wish
I think I'd pass
Can't think of anything I need
No cigarettes, no sleep, no light, no sound
Nothing to eat, no books to read

Making love with you
Has left me peaceful, warm, and tired
What more could I ask
There's nothing left to be desired
Peace came upon me and it leaves me weak
So sleep, silent angel, go to sleep

Vegetarian, are you ?

Are you thinking of becoming a vegetarian ? Well, you might need a free starter kit....

yahtzee & Clue

Out of Yahtzee score sheets? Click here to view and print new ones.

Clue sheets? check out this, reduce the size, and print.

Print and fly

Nice nick jr. site to print and make paper airplanes. Diego, wonderpets,and the backyardigans.

Kids activity site

Great site for printing pages to color, and connect the dots, etc.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Flirting with danger

I attended a meeting this week, and just as I prepare to leave the nursing home's parking lot, the cook zooms past me, window down, smoking a cigarette. I know him, but not that well. I see him a few times a year. He always says hello, and he knows my name.

I follow him down the street and am wondering... is he allowed to go off the property for breaktime? Or is he done work? Does he live nearby, and go home for lunch? Maybe he comes in really early. It is now 1 pm. Maybe he goes back for the supper meal.

He gets to the stop light, and I pull into the lane to his left. I am stopped next to him, so I look his way, and he waves. I put down my window and prepare to say .....

(get a load of this ... )...." are you off for the afternoon?"

Luckily, I realized this almost sounded like a proposition, and clammed up, and said Hi, and drove off, thanks to the green light. What a gal, I am!

Male brain

I get a kick out of men and their loving relationship with the tv remote control. I am in my chair reading a book, and the silent one is in his chair, asleep for the past 5 minutes. clicker in hand, finger on the up button. We are watching the highlights of some golf tournament. All is extremely quiet. Son #2, yells from the upstairs... "Mom?"

In a flash, the disruption of silence causes brainwaves to be sent from the brain of the sleeping silent one, to his finger and he pushes the up button twice. Never do his eyes open, and now we are watching the deja vu on tv.

What the heck??? His first instinct is to change the channel ? Even before opening the eyes ? Says alot for the male brain I think.

And I could add that I was pleased with the channel change.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Due to recent budget cuts and the rising cost of electricity, gas and oil, as well as current market conditions, the Light at the End of the Tunnel has been turned off. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Mellow Yellow

~~A Hindu organization, known for its opposition to "corrupting" Western food imports, is planning to launch a new soft drink made from cow's urine, often seen as sacred in parts of India.

The flavor is not yet known, but the RSS said the liquid produced by Hinduism's revered holy cows is being mixed with products such as aloe vera and gooseberry to fight diseases such as diabetes and cancer.
Many Hindus consider cow urine to have medicinal properties and it is often drunk in religious festivals. ~~

They say"Cow urine offers a cure for around 70 to 80 incurable diseases like diabetes. All are curable by cow urine."

Wave ! and say hi !

The sailor is at Green Turtle Club and Marina ...... the smallest mast on the second dock, he tells me.

Webcam link is

Monday, February 16, 2009

Fleetwood mac Unleashed Tour Info

Fleetwood Mac Unleashed Tour 2009

Info on link below. 3 canadian dates.

Valentine's Day

Yup, the blessed day of love has passed, and once more the silent one gets a near failing grade. Last year I got a card and a magazine. Sounds pretty good eh?.... but in fact, when I questioned the " to my sweetheart" on the envelope ( which he never ever called me sweetheart) he confessed.: "I wasn't going to get you anything, but the girls at the store made me buy you this card, and they picked out a magazine, and they made me write sweetheart on the envelope. Christ! I was just going in to get a sub !" ....... Well, you shouldn't of ! Thanks so darn much!

This year, well, I did get a kiss and a wish for a happy valentine's day. He said he went to the pharmacy on Friday night, but who knew it closes on Friday night ? This man runs the road all week, and is in every store every day. Anyway, thankfully, I do like kisses, and it was appreciated. His gift, this year, was the same as mine. I'm learning.

I called 1-800-help-romeo to enroll the silent one in some kind of workshop for romance-illiterate men, but guess what? The class of 10,000 is already booked, and he's 39,764 on the waiting list !

Till next year.

to the hostess

forget all about that conversation about lights. I apparently don't know much about mini lights, and you aren't much better... to even suggest a night light. Boy, were we wrong ! It was all just a fluke.

Friday, February 13, 2009


Now, here's a sure fire way to catch a man !

Wonderful idea

What a great gift for the clumsy who like to entertain!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

February blog smog

The bruises are fading and I am pain free from the ski crashes. Son #1 said my best crash was the one where I spun around twice before doing a belly flop. He's right too, it was my best one. Let's just be thankful, we only have 1 camera and I had it with me. And I did hear the sailor's advice going through my head, " You better watch your carcass!"

Saw the littlest and she was talking up a storm. Brought her a Montreal Canadian t-shirt to wear when she's near her uncle D. Ha ha. Actually , right now, she may want to wear it inside out, if they don't improve any.

Loverboy has been cleaning the basement, and has supper cooking, lamb. Boy, he's working up to a good valentine. (wink)

What is up with the mothers in Bridgewater. None are fit, so it seems. Everyday a new story. And what about the destructive teenagers everyone has been talking about. Trashing a house. Needed their a**es kicked a long time ago I think. Sad, it's downright sad. Can't say much tho, I have two yet to get in trouble.

Lastly, I have been waiting for an invitation for roast duck from DenCo. How are you getting along with DDD ? (dead daffy duck) Anyone traumatized?

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Happening at the Red Cap

Valentine’s Day
February 14

Yvette d’Entremont
The cast of
Romeo & Juliette

6pm – 9pm

Enjoy a Saturday evening with love songs.

For reservations call 762-2112

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Big Bad Bunny

Back from vacation in one piece. For me, things were like the tetes a claques video .... unable to stop and picking up speed, on the wicked Bunny Hill. I crashed multiple times, and with those long skiis, a boot stiffer than Auntie May's linen napkins, and a 45 year old body, things got pretty achy the next day. We hired a private instructor. We had 20 minutes of lessons left, and I had my most embarassing crash. Could not stop and actually left the bunny hill area, out of control and on skis. Not much better than a drunk driver. Missed a kid on a snowboard before crashing. I gave up, although he kept telling me there was much improvement already made. I said " John, in 20 minutes my family is going up the mountain, do you think I'll be ready in 20 minutes?" Let's not let the cold affect our brains.

The most memorable moment was turning in the boots and skis, for good. " Ah madame! Why you not try again? What are you do all day alone?"

I told her ... frotter du A535 et shopper dans vos boutiques.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

For you Sis ... Instant Breakfast

Here's the link to the free sample of Carnation Instant Breakfast. Comes in no time.

Yarmouth Airport



The Yarmouth International Airport Corporation and Starlink Airlines are pleased to present the schedule and fares for the new air service connecting Portland, Maine and Halifax, Nova Scotia beginning Monday February 9th.

Fares will be as follows, in Canadian currency and exclusive of all taxes:
Yarmouth to Halifax: $159.00 one wayHalifax to Yarmouth : $159.00 one way
Halifax Nova Scotia to Portland Maine: $249.00Portland Maine to Halifax Nova Scotia: $249.00
Yarmouth NS to Portland, ME: $199.00Portland, ME to Yarmouth NS: $199.00

Plane leaves Yarmouth for halifax at 7:30am & 1:10 pm.
Travels from Halifax for the trip back home at 8;40 am and 4:45 pm.

The airline will use 18 seat Jetstream 31 aircraft, one of the most popular commuter aircraft in the industry.

Monday, February 02, 2009

Happy birthday Son #1

Yep, we have a teenager in the house, as of 7:44 am. Seems like yesterday the hungry, sleepless child came into our world. Had the family over for cake. Cutest thing that happened today was with Loverboy. He popped in at work, and said, it's hard to believe 13 years ago, we had him.
I joked and said, " yes, 13 years ago you cried all day!"

I know he said, and kissed me, and said he choked right up, and said he still could cry just thinking about it...
Who can stand a teary eyed man? Although he made me tear-up, I thought it was pretty funny. I like to see the tender side of him. All bark, no bite.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Clover Farm

Went to the Clover Farm grocery store, the one in Yarmouth , across from the Grand Hotel. I was impressed how clean it was, and the prices on some items were very good. I told mom I would look for their flyer online, and here it is Mom.

Need a new yoga mat?

buy some yogurt and you can get a free yoga mat valued at $29:
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