Thursday, April 30, 2009


Up in smoke

I don't blog much about my job, or the residents of course. Yesterday I went to Dr. Newphie, who's replacing the sailor. I brought a mentally challenged lady for a check up. When we were getting ready to go, she said" see you next time" and he corrected her by telling her" I won't be here as I have to return back home. You see, I have a big marijuana crop to plant back home, as lot of people are depending on my good crop. Now don't tell anyone that Dr. Newphie grows marijuana. OK ? " And that was the end of the visit, no trouble keeping the secret. She doesn't like different food anyway.

They crack me up.

My parents

When getting ready to go out for an evening, my mother always had the bad habit of asking my father his opinion.
" So, what do you think... these earrings? or these?"
"These shoes, or these?"
" Which dress looks best, this one, or the other one."
My poor father, who never liked to rock the boat, always tried to give the best answer. Often if he chose the navy shoe, or the longer earring, mom would say, "Really?, Now I thought that one would look better?" He should have never been asked in the first place. One night they are invited a murder mystery, or something like it. Mom was supposed to look indian. Dad didn't have a special costume, and hardly knew what was going on anyway. She had this nice dress on, striped with earthtone colours, a busy long neckpiece, and earrings that had two feathers hanging from each.
She came out into the kitchen, and asked Dad... " Now, do you suppose I look like an Indian? "
" No !! " he answered. "You don't look like an Indian, you look right good."
"Well !" she said... " I'm supposed to look like an Indian tonight!"

Dad shook his head, and lifted his arms in disgust. We kids are killed ourselves laughing!
" Give it up Dad! You never get it right anyway!"

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Free Bullet

Bet that got some attention from those of you who shop at SS ! Sorry for the excitement, but it's actually a free sample of the Magic Bullet Suppository, for all my friends who are full of it.

~~The Magic Bullet is a better alternative to other suppositories, as it is faster acting, safe and sure 10 mg Bisacodyl suppository. It is designed to help those with bowel incontinence to minimize the cost and excessive time involved in most bowel programs. It is water based, not oil based as other suppositories, which causes the Bisacodyl to totally disperse within minutes after insertion. ~~

On being nice.

I imagine that my employees are on alert tonight. I gave them all thank you cards today. Slipped a gift certificate inside, and told them all that they are wonderful. ( and meant it, of course ). They'll be wondering what the heck is up, or if I have a terminal disease.

Didn't mean to make you cry, Mrs. L.

Moon river wider than a mile
I'm crossing you in style someday
You dream maker, you heartbreaker
Wherever you're going, I'm going your way
Two drifters off to see the world
There's such a lot of world to see
We're after the same rainbows end
Waiting round the bend
My huckleberry friend, moon river,
And me

Had hope for clearer video, but gonna post this anyway.

Jail Bird

First, they are letting them out too soon. Now, they keep them in an extra 60 days. When will Nova Scotia's Justice Dept get it right?

Strange stories

Today's news stories sure are strange.... first there's a Convicted child molester , who refused treatment ( but hey that's OK.. let's let him out anyway !) who moves in a neighbourhood, and most don't even know his face, haven't been shown pictures by the authorities. They think living next to a church should be a good thing, and I suppose it's better than a school. He has no car, and this is No Man Land, so don't they suspect he might roam around on foot? What is a good place for a child predator... a nursing home?

Then that poor missing girl's mom in Ontario. Well, she got in a limo, thinking it was going to bring her to a fortune teller at a Montel Williams show, but it brought her to a Toronto Hotel room, where "someone" advised her to pay some ransom money, and maybe that will get her daughter back safe and sound. They call it ransom money, even though there hasn't even been a ransom request. These people told her that they have been in her shoes before, and they know. I know she's distraught, as any mom would be, but use a bit of sense. Some random person in a limo? You're daughter is missing? And you're going to go to a motel room? No red flag moment here??? Don't suppose they would have ulterior motives? ... like maybe a cut of that "ransom" money.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Pepere is always good at story telling. Tonite, as Loverboy and I went for a ride, I was reminded of one of his stories.

A man and his wife, married 50 years, went for their usual Sunday drive in their truck. During the drive she was reminiscing about all the years gone by, and all the Sunday drives they had taken.

" You know", she said to her husband, " there was a time when I didn't sit here at the window. I sat over here, in the middle, right next to you"

Her husband replied " Well, I never moved."

At a Shopper's near you

Supposedly at a Shopper's Drug Mart, near you, you can bring in this page:

and get a free sample of Very Irrésistible Givenchy. Of course it's while quantities last, & for a limited time.

Moon River

The sailor was on Moon River in Georgia, the other day. He said unlike the lyrics it wasn't wider than a mile, and was so-so. He's there with his own Huckleberry friend.

"Moon River" is a song composed by Johnny Mercer (lyrics) and Henry Mancini (music) in 1961, for whom it won that year's Academy Award for Best Original Song. It was originally sung in the movie Breakfast at Tiffany's by Audrey Hepburn, although it has been covered by many other artists.
It became the theme song for
Andy Williams, who first recorded the song in 1961 and performed it at the Academy Awards ceremonies in 1962. He sang the first eight bars of the song at the beginning of his television show.

An inlet near Savannah, Georgia, Johnny Mercer's hometown, was named Moon River in honor of him and this song. The popularity of the song is such that it has been used as a test sample in a study on people's memories of popular songs.

Moon River was played at John F. Kennedy's funeral, as it was a favorite song of his.

Here's a clip of Andy Williams singing Moon River.

Calling all Men

Get your free sample of Tena protective under garment right here. What? You don't need any? No drips or dribbles yet? You had me fooled, .... judging by the condition of the toilet seat at times.

West Jet 10%

Hey Sis in Law..... Save 10% off your next WestJet flight using promo coupon code WJCIS10.
This WestJet coupon code WJCIS10 must be claimed no later than 15 July 2009. Valid for return travel until 12 December 2009. Blackout periods [not indicated] apply. Limited to the first 15,000 redeemers. to book online.

By the way, the Cook and I assembled a nice BBQ on Sunday. Yours has gone to BBQ heaven.

Write a note

Sign up for a free pen and notebook from CSO, who support literacy worldwide.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Tonight on CMT and YTV

Watch Cory Wilson, a grade 7 student from Par-en-Bas. He's on Karaoke Star- Jr. Made the top 5 in Halifax. I think it's on at 8 pm, our time.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Look before you leap

The warm weather is great, especially for kids. They are out of doors all day, stopping by periodically for a drink and bite. Loverboy had something on his mind, when he loudly speaks down from atop the staircase.
" Hey, since we are all alone, why don't you join me upstairs for a bit?"

What can I say? What should I do? As I unload the dishwasher and see son#2, who's quietly been inside for the past 5 minutes.

" Ah, well, first of all, we're not alone." I answer back.

"Oh"...... ( awkward silence ) ..... "well nevermind."

Honesty is the best policy they say. And later on, it was a darn good laugh.

Lessons learned

Spent the afternoon with the Cook, assembling her new barbeque with side burner. It works, and I had to turn down an invite for ribs, due to an important soccer game. maybe next time. I learned a couple life lessons with the Cook today.

#1 ... when things are written in bold print, and start with the word "important", it usually is.
#2 ... just like in real life, a lot of nuts are simply defective.

Birthday BBQ

Went to nanny's for a birthday BBQ... Sis's birthday. Always nice to get together, too bad the sun couldn't have showed up as well. Kids played and little Trist rode his new bike the whole time.

Nanny makes a mean slush, I tell you. I couldn't drink it, and neither could the cook (and she only drinks tequila in a shot glass, she said). I found it strong. I doubt even the most elite at the Owl's nest would be able to get this stuff down without a chagrin.


Thanks Debbie Travis and DNR for the lovely meal and the good time last night. Really was nice. We'll get togther again soon. I suppose I'll have to make that curry chicken dish for By the Sea. He's only been waiting for 4 years, heck... what's another 14 months.

Sis and Mrs. Saulnier

Hey Sis .... & Mrs. Saulnier... you're good at this kind of stuff. Here's video on how to make a dinosaur cake. Make one for the next cake parade.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Littlest

Well the Littlest has been growing and the other day I had the pleasure of feeding her. She's a real good eater with the spoon. Always ready to go. I saw this ad for a free sample and spoon from Milupa.

I am sure she will read this as her mom says they read my blog together every day!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Sample of Purex

I came across this sample of Purex.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Answer for Redneck

To answer your question about the most easy going.... I decided it's not me.
I decided I wasn't going to tell her however... because, well,... I'm just not that easy going, I guess.

Son # 1

Grocery Bags

Some grocery stores will now be charging 5 cents per plastic bag. So I need to know three things. How do I remember to bring the new sturdy bags I bought to the store, how do I lift them after I have packed them, and is there a grocery bag etiquette ( bringing my Sobeys bag to Superstore ?)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Scotia Square Mall in Halifax on Friday?

Halifax Comedy Fest, for free ! ~~That's right ladies and gentlemen for nothing but a barrel of laughs the Halifax Comedy Festival invites you to see comedians John Beuhler, Natalie Gray, Stephen Patterson and Darryl Purvis do what they do best - make you laugh! It's simple, all you have to do is show up at the Scotia Square Mall food court this Friday for lunch, and you'll get to have four comics for dessert! This is an event for all ages. Location: Scotia Square Mall (food court)Date: April 24, 12:30 p.m. (Friday)

Earth Day

So it's earth day. I started my day at 6:00 when my lamp timer turned my lamp on, and burned unnecessary power for two hours. But hey, I am now waking up like a Philadelphia cream cheese angel. In the kitchen I put lamb chops in my slow cooker, and set that timer for a whopping 8 hours. I also put a load of clothes to dry ( jeans)... and one to wash. Son # 2 needed a ride to school, because he had to bring something that was awkward, so we burned our gas to get to school. At work, the lights in my office, and 2 lamps, burned all day because it was so friggin' dark out. I made 3 trips to the Pharmasave instead of one, and made 2 more trips "up north" after that. Lamb is greasy, so I rinsed the plates, and put the dishwasher on the rinse cycle. After supper, I vaccumed and I dried another load of laundry in the dryer. (They took a super long time to dry because loverboy is home, and he uses the most plush bath towels he can find to caress his wet body. They take so long to dry! I use the flimsy towels that are practically so worn through, a Frederick's of Hollywood fashion show could use it.) I am on the laptop, two TVs are on, and the computer in the kitchen is also on. I did recycle though, and fed the dog a couple bones. Someone at work was also doing their part on earth day as some colourful paper from my office mysteriously got recycled ... I recovered some. I can only think of one thing that I could do tonight that uses no power, yet gives satisfaction. Trouble is, my earth day efforts have got me pooped out. Oh well, maybe next earth day .

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

It's raining !

At last a rainy night, and a card game invite. Cards were good, and I got some spare change in my change purse. The PayMe champ was missing, and I am sure he would have enjoyed a game. Guess he had no choice but to work on a rainy day project. I understand they have some lumber to sell, and eggs as well. Ah, fresh eggs ..... nothing quite as good. Good for your health but hard on your marriage.

Earth Day

Wednesday April 22, 2009

Earth Day sponsored by

Ouest-Ville Perennials
Garden Centre and Perennial Nursery

1p.m. – 3 p.m.

Celebrate Earth Day at the
Musée acadien & Centre de recherche, West Pubnico
Door prize - donation of flowers from Ouest -Ville -Perennials
Photos presentation of the Acadian Garden.
Display - Recyclables- Waste check
1h30 - Guest speaker -Jacklyn d'Entremont – composting,
employee at Ouest-Ville Perennials
Garden Centre and Perennial Nursery
Tea & Coffee
For more info contact Le Musée acadien Tel : (902) 762-3380 email :
Web site :

Bike woes

So I have been back on my bike, and my bum is now accustomed to the seat. It has been working great since the repair shop. Last night I loaded it on the truck, and the dog and I unloaded it at the wind farm and biked/ran (I biked, she ran) the various roads. It was beautiful. She chased 2 porcupines while I hollered at her, and she got extrememly dirty in rust coloured water. Trouble is, when I unload my bike at home, my front wheel won't go around...!!!! I didn't frig with it, since I broke the brakes last time. Help me, what it going on? I need a Bicycle for Dummies book.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

An awesome product

free to all canadians and US residents. Cleans your computer screen like nothing I ever seen. Their infomercial is so short but so impressive. Gotta have one! Watch it ! and you'll be wanting one too.

Fair weather friends

You've all heard of fair weather friends.... well I have some foul weather friends. Those are the friends that, on rainy nights, get together for a game of cards. This nice weather has driven them away. It's been ages since we played, and I need some more pocket change.

Susan and Larry

Britain's new singing superstar was on Larry King. Here's a small clip. Watch out Celine !

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Free Coffee at macDonald's

Yes you read that right! If you can get to McDonald’s during breakfast hours next week you can score yourself a free coffee! You have to get there before 10:30 however. Offer valid between April 20th and May 3rd. Includes decaf, and still includes free refills. This offer valid nationwide!

Harry Potter and the half-Blood Prince

Are you a Harry Potter fan? Here's a new featurette . Looks exciting. Coming July 15th . They call it a Featurette ? Now, That's a weird word.... and I used to think trailer was a weird word.

Jelly Belly contest

You can spin to win once a day until Sept 30th. You can win a trip to California, to the Jelly Belly factory with $1000 bucks, or lots of cool instant prizes. They are giving away:
50 Jelly Belly Bean Machines and 1kg of product. (Match three (3) Jelly Belly logos)
500 Jelly Belly Embroidered Caps . (Match two (2) Jelly Belly logos)
5,000 FREE Jelly Belly 100g bag coupons . (Get one (1) Jelly Belly logo)
74,450 $0.75 Jelly Belly 100g bag coupons. All non-winning contest plays that are not eligible for a prize will receive a $0.75 Jelly Belly 100g bag coupon.

Who was that?

Who was that at church last Sunday, at the baptism? I thought it was the strangest thing, that a person showed up, with all of us there, and sat in a pew, up close, and read or prayed from a book, lips moving the entire time. She looked like a lone traveller who decided to stop by a church on Easter day and say a prayer or two.
Today I read that there is a woman missing from Dartmouth since April 9th.

~~Tracy Lynn Cooper, 39, left a family residence, where she’d been staying, on April 9.
Her absence was reported to police on Wednesday. Police say they have no reason to believe she’s met with foul play, but her family is concerned.
She is described as white, five-foot-three, petite with reddish-brown, shoulder-length hair, brown eyes and glasses.~~
Hmmm? What do you think? Her hair was longer than shoulder lenght? was it not?

Friday, April 17, 2009

Hey Sailor, Britain's Got Talent !

Of course, most of you may have seen her lately. So worth watching.

For you, friend


Love this cartoon. I always wondered where they find their Walmart greeters.

So there...

I ran into double trouble today at the post office. She is now a coupon clipper, as she calls herself and likes my blog, including the hottest deals. So there you go Hostess. It's like eating black olives...Those who like it, like it alot.

Lululemon free shipping.

The top reason to shop online: you can shop in the nude.

Get free ground shipping at Lululemon Canada’s online store using coupon code BAMBOOZLED.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

April Blog Smog

Spring made an appearance today, and filled up my senses ( like John Denver might say, if he were alive). Did a lot of yard work, and put out lawn furniture. Son # 1 , who is getting more "manly" every day, inflated two flat tires on the trailer, hitched it up to the ATV, shovelled gravel, and filled potholes. Heck, he can even back up a trailer, unlike his mother.

Potholes. The service dept. hasn't seen my driveway, but some rubber thing in my vehicle is getting ruined like no other they say. If the doors lock going down the driveway, I am driving to fast. That's their advice. Thanks. Love you too. I'll slow down. So what happens to the gravel we keep adding every year. Is our driveway going to be 6 feet higher in 50 years of adding dirt. Where does the dirt all go? Dirt heaven?

Glad to see Ldot has blogged. I read the obits daily, and figured she was alive and well.

I am the proud owner of cornstarch in a can. I cannot believe after 45 years of cursing at the messy cardboard carton, I finally have cornstarch in a can. It's a beautiful thing.

As I blog, son #2 is sleeping in Loverboy's spot. Earlier he was doing homework, and a question had to do with what this boy really wanted in the story. He wrote "friends and freedom, that's what all boys want". I didn't question it much, but raised an eyebrow. So tonight, when he comes to my door to see if he can sleep in my bed, I told him " if you want freedom, sleep in your own bed, alone." Of course he has an explanation, and is so loving, I almost melt from the cuteness as he climbs in, all smiles.

Cure for constipation

The littlest, who hadn't had a poop in 5 days, got rid of her problem during a visit with us. And boy did she ever, quietly get rid of her problem. But it wasn't a secret, as it was too fragrant . We teased her cousins that they missed all the action, from waist down, front and back, a nice layer of slightly melted Kraft peanut butter. ( oh, and did I mention down the legs, on the shoe, and mom's lap) She had her first bath at Tante's. All I could think was, Thank God I'm not babysitting! I forgot how much those little people can produce at once! If it had happened on a lonely country road, you'd have to dunk her in a brook somewhere. Dad was concerned about her poop, so anytime the problem reoccurs, she's always welcomed here for a good poo.

Monday, April 13, 2009


You know you're cranky when your sis says...." is your period close by?"

Hmmm... and I thought I was pretty good this month.

Earth Day April 22nd.

Earth Day soon approaching. Do a little something to save the earth. Reynolds Aluminum Wrap is doing their part. They will email you a coupon on the 22nd for $3.99 off their 100% Recycled Alumnium foil wrap.

Easter Sunday

A special Easter this year, as the littlest was baptized. No child could have been more beautiful as she was, as she slept like a little angel on the altar, in a long gown. Absolutely beautiful and innocent.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Idea Paint

You know... it's the paint that you can write on, it becomes a dry erase board.

You don't want to miss out! Get a free sample, and create your own little space, or in the kids rooms, at school, at work.

When filling it out, at the "City" line, also enter your province at this line, because provinces aren't listed, only "states, if applicable."


Are you BBq-ing today with your mitts on? (Not oven mitts)

I came across a BBQ safety kit .

Free, of course. I had BBQ steak for dinner today. Doesn't sound very Eastery, but very good indeed. Easter supper tonight.

Happy Easter Everyone

Happy Easter to all family and friends, near and far , on land and on water too. (sailor and Mrs. L).
If you read this mom, while you are away, you'll be pleased to know the weather is crappy and it's a good thing you had the Easter hunt early before you left. Talk to you later today.