Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Littlest

SO cute.

Monster Whitetails

Be nice, and get your better half a free issue to "Monster Whitetails".

Cajun Night & BBQ buffet

July 4th Ye Olde Argyler Lodge is having a BBQ buffet from 5 to 9pm. $15.95 per person. Also planning a Bonfire and marshmallow roast at 8:30, weather permitting of course, which doesn't give us much hope these days.

And there's a Cajun night at the Ye Olde Argyler Lodge. It's on Saturday July 11th, from 5 to 9pm. Local entertainer Simon LeBlanc will be playing, and the menu has lots of neat stuff like Gumbo, Jambalaya, Dirty Rice, Something Blackened, coffee, tea and dessert for $19.95 per person. Reservations can be made at 643-2500. Sounds like a nice evening.

If Loverboy isn't around, and the Cinnamon girl is single and available, I may have to call her . Oscar's mom said she was expected to make landfall someday soon.


Get a free bird poster from the government. Help figure out what bird is crashing into your clean windows, or pooping on your chrome bumper. Actually its a bird identification poster for aircrafts. Just add to cart and check out.

Monday, June 29, 2009


Trojan condoms would like to send you a free sample. The website is very strange indeed. Don't turn up the volume too much if you have children around, as they'll be wondering what you are up to. If your hubby is around, crank it up.

Rainy weather & rainy hearts

I actually am getting used to the rainy weather. What is it now? going on week # 3? I decided that I prefer the actual rain to the dark and cloudy sky. I figure the CEOs of Nova Scotia Power are behind this weather slump, and reaping the rewards as none of us can dry a thing on the clothesline.

Yes, our very own weird but talented M. Jackson has bought the farm, so they say. (or amusement park..lol) I had no TV over the weekend, as I was away camping, so I missed all that coverage. Darn. And Farrah lost her battle to cancer I also briefly heard. Hard to die on the same day as Micheal and expect proper news coverage. Hope her talent, and hair style don't go unmentioned in these next few days. I am not going to either funeral as I have a pedicure appointment.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


One of my favorite songs... Billy Joel's Honesty.
I sang this at a Karaoke in Cuba once. Bad song choice really. No worse though than when I sang Hey Jude in Bahamas. I thought it would never end. Right mom? Haha.

Kiss my Face

Kiss my Face has a free sample for you. (Unlike the hair extensions that were on my blog the other day. Heard from a reader that they wanted money for shipping from her)
Denkaku company will send you a sample of Kiss my Face Aroma therapeutic Anti-Stress Shower/Bath gel. Nice and short order form.

Pubic Preference

Yes, it's warm and muggy out. No better time to talk about pubic hair.
In a survey of 280 women, these results were found:

39% shave all pubic hair,
29% shave only the sides, give it a nice tidy look
19% leave it "au naturel", "the jungle"
1% don't remove it, but dye it instead
13% carefully style down there
I can tell you one thing,... I am not part of the 1% result. Dyeing the hair on my head is enough of a commitment.

Most popular styles are the triangle, the landing strip, and the Brazilian cut.

171 men were asked what they preferred , they replied:

37% No hair at all, nothing, nada.
4% A funny design (arrows, stars, flowers and hearts)
13% A jungle. “The Last Tango in Paris” looks
20% A landing strip or a metro ticket
21% Whatever she wants
5% I don’t care as long as I have a woman.

Pubic hair obviously has a purpose. I always believed that pubic hair holds a scent that we use to become attracted to one another. The more we sweat, the more of this "sexual scent" the body gives off, and the pubic hair area holds this scent.

So my advice to all the single ladies: put your razor away, and get sweaty.


We all love books, but darn, they are so expensive. Chapters / Coles has a sale on right now. From June 22 until July 1st, 2009 - buy 3 books and get one FREE! This applies to regular priced and bestseller books only.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Vancouver 2010 glasses and coke

Get a Coca-Cola® Product When You Buy 2 Vancouver 2010 Glasses.

For a short time, buy two collectable Vancouver 2010 Glasses, and enjoy a cool 591 mL Coca-Cola® product !

Just visit your local Petro-Canada station from June 16th to August 24th and take advantage of this fantastic Coca-Cola® offer.
No coupon necessary (although this picture looks like a coupon)

moose-hunting licences

Names of winners in the annual provincial moose-hunting lottery will be drawn today. at 11am.
More than 10,000 applicants paid $11.51 each to have a chance to win one of 336 moose-hunting licences to be awarded. This year’s main hunt will take place Sept. 28-Oct. 3 and Oct. 5-10. Applicants can also use their wildlife resource card numbers to check the results on the Internet after the draw.
I thnk this link will get you there... https://www.gov.ns.ca/natr/hunt/

Cursing the Checkout

Why does Sobeys (in Barrington especially) have 8 checkouts?

This isn't a riddle... It's a true question.

I have yet to go there when there is more than 2 checkouts open.
Are the other 6 spare ones incase of breakdown?
Poor guy with the 2 items, in line behind me with the 200 items.
Had to be nice and let him go first. Even the under 10 items checkout was closed. They don't charge 5 cents for bags, but maybe if they did, they could hire additional staff. So-bey-it

Monday, June 22, 2009

Real Feel

Today's weather info at Reykjavik is: (and it's almost 10am. )
Temperature :
7 ºC
Real Feel :
8 ºC
Weird... the real feel is a degree higher. Usually our "real feel" temp is lower due to wind chill.
Regardless, it's a little cool.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

OK Redneck

I found something of great interest for you. There is actually Canadian Redneck Games. They start this coming weekend! Since you are still a limping Redneck, and almost ready for the Home, you can at least watch, if you can't participate. They have cool activities such as Hub cap hurl, armpit serenade, and redneck horseshoes as seen in this photo. It all takes place in Harriston. Ontario.http://www.canadianredneckgames.ca/

West Jet 15% off

WestJet celebrates with savings for you to enjoy.

Save 15% off your WestJet flight when you book now until October 7th, 2009 using WestJet coupon code BESTDAD.

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day! One of my favorite father quotes is " it takes someone special to be a dad, anyone can be a father" ... or something like that.
I am a big "Cheers " fan. Here's a conversation between Coach and Norm:

Coach: Norm, how come you and Vera never had any kids?

Norm: I can't, Coach.

Coach: Gee, I'm sorry Norm.

Norm: I look at Vera. I just can't.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

So accommodating

Customer is King they always say... and that is likely what was behind the newphie campground owner and his short quick witted reply.

" If your group speaks Acadian Spanish we may be able to help. "

5th annual Tern Festival

~~The Musée acadien in West Pubnico will host its 5th annual Tern Festival,the weekend of June 26-28. Weather permitting, a two hour boat tour willplace on Saturday afternoon June 27. The two hour boat sail in Lobster Bay will visit Brothers Island, colony of Roseate Terns,Ram and Argyle Islands, wind farm and aquaculture site. Birding enthusiasts want a chance to ~~see the two tiny islands about 1 km west of Lower West Pubnico, which represent the largest and the most stable population in Canada of the endangered species, the Roseate Tern and IBA designated them an Important Bird Area in 1999. .... Yes, right in our backyard.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Sleepless in Lower West

Mom was yawning today. She didn't sleep much last night. My dad has always gotten up to eat at night. Last night he got up, and mom thought she heard him opening the patio door, so she got up. Afraid he was being senile, or sleep walking, she figured she should check. No , he was getting the toaster out. He was hungry for toast. She went back to bed. He made and ate 2 toasts, but was still hungry. So, he made 2 more, while mom is back to sleep. Once more, her sleep is interrupted. This time by the smoke detector, as the toast is burning. I think he needs a granny flat.

Relay for Life

Volunteered a bit of time tonight at the Relay for Life, giving my sis-in-law a helping hand. It was very nice and somewhat overwhelming. Saw the luminaries I had bought, and watched my dad-in-law and some friends walk the survivor walk. I spoke to Oscar's grammie and she said she was a dedicated blog reader. That's good to hear. Hate to have my blog efforts go unnoticed. I look forward to seeing the cinnamon girl once again. The night was all so touching. I proudly wore a bandanna for the multiple myeloma cancer that took my sweet brother's life. I really miss him.

Letter I wrote to the Newfie Doctor

As some of you may know, the newphie doctor has a campground that he manages during the summer, close to his home town. What a nice little change from the everyday humdrum. I decided to make an inquiry to his campground. He has tricked us plenty, and told us tall tales, all while delivering excellent health care. If I know him, he will have a smart alec reply, which I will share.

Dear *****

We are looking for accomodations, for our tents. We have 24 tents and need a nice campground such as yours for the entire month of August.
We are working with a group of troubled Spanish speaking teens aged 14 to 17, and as part of our action plan, we decided that taking them camping for the first time would be a great way to introduce them to nature, and water, and to live respectfully with one another for a change.

I do hope you can accommodate us all.

Noah and the Lord

Since it's giving so much rain, I thought we could all benefit from Bill Cosby's version of Noah and the Lord in the inital planning of building that ark.


There have been some protest lately in Reykjavik. Even a couple this week. They are mad because the goverment has agreed to pay the Icesave fiasco ,in England and Holland.And that will hurt the goverments budget for many years.The interests involved are about 5 % and the total sum is around 650 billion krona. I read many tourists have been watching them , and it may become a tourist attraction.
I looked on the internet for photos. I was not so interested in the protest, but wondering what they wore for their summer clothing. Saw everything from Lopi sweater, some scarves, some bare legs, mostly light jackets. They aren't too fierce with the protest, maybe they will step itup a bit for our visit.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Bingo Flubber

I was tickling the boys and son #1 asked if I had Bingo flubber???
" Oh my God mom, you don't know what Bingo flubber is?"
Well I didn't know. Does everyone know? Bingo flubber is the loose skin under your upper arms that shakes when you lift your hand and wave it while hollering Bingo !
" Everyone calls it that Mom".
Consider the lesson taught. Children sure do teach us parents a lot.

Hoping to get groped ?

If so, hop on the train in Tokyo. According to the news around 2,000 people were arrested for groping in 2007, on crowded trains during the rush hour. While there have been many cases of groping, there are many false cases. Many women taking the crowded train go on women-only carriages during the rush hour to avoid gropers.
Now, the fear of being accused of groping, is causing men to asking for carriages reserved for men only as well. But the idea hasn't been well received. Weird. Look at the picture. I would rather have the young guys' left hand cupping my breast that having my face 4 inches from his sweaty armpit.

Bye Bye Birdie

" You picked a fine time to leave me, Lucille" . ... that's kinda what the conversation should be between the "CRAFT" woman from Clare and the little birdie that has been infatuated with her lovely chrome bumpers. ( That almost sounds sexy).
I read that you can try a rubber snake on the bumper, or buy a mirror tile and place it somewhere nearby, like the outside wall of your garage.

No one likes to be shit on.

The Sailor

So the sailor is getting close now. Reporting cool New England temperatures. Ah, we feel for you. Obviously your improvised gas tank system is working well. You are a smart one. Send us some more photos and your latest log entries to entertain us.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Current weather

Current Reykjavik Weather Conditions:
Partly Cloudy
Temperature : 11 ºC
Real Feel : 7 ºC
Cloud Cover : 85%
Humidity : 81%
Visibility : 16 km
Wind Conditions:16 km/h

Dear Dad

Here are a couple eco-friendly gift ideas for your dad on his day ( It's Sunday... hurry)

1. A Fruit tree.... now here's a gift that just keeps giving. Not only will the fruit tree provide oxygen, it will also yield some organic tasty treats. This gift is also cost friendly.

2.There are eco-friendly golf balls. Really, it's true. Eco-Friendly Golf Balls are made of 100% renewable materials.....meaning that every material can be recycled. So if your ball gets lost in the woods forever, it will biodegrade and you would be out about $27 bucks. (The price may influence him to straighten out his game.)

Today is Iceland’s Independence Day

~~Every year on 17th June Iceland celebrates its 1944 independence from Denmark.
This year is the country’s 65th year of full independence.
The day begins with speeches and parades and continues with family fun, live music, street performers and a long list of activities.
The younger generations consider last night, the 16th, as among the year’s biggest party nights – but it’s back to work tomorrow and Friday.
Wherever you are in the world, Happy Independence Day from Iceland~~

Leadership ?

Wake up new NDP government! Give money to Dept of Highways to send their managers for a leadership awareness seminar. I have the phone number. I'd like to see their LSI's ! A little more aggression and the hard working sign holder wouldn't be accompanied by a grown man, laying half in the ditch, donning a hard hat, and doing "She-loves-me, She-loves-me not," with the daisies.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Workshop Woes

Mrs. Brian and I spent 2 days at a workshop in Bunny Land. Overwelming stuff we learned, and now feeling a bit burnt out from it all. Had a few good laughs, after all, if you can't laugh at yourself, what good are you?

What good are you?.... there's a good topic of conversation.

Life was so simple when everyone could be divided into 2 groups. The "doers" or the"dreamers", (or "Jekyll" and "Hyde", if that's more suitable for some lingering in the red zone).

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Black and White

Black and White heads... get rid of them ! Blivskin Blackheads and Whiteheads Solution - FREE Sample. This pro sebum gel is for all skin types, especially for oily and combination skin with white & blackheads. It Regulates sebum production and reduces inflammation and helps to soften and remove white & blackheads and reduce sebum secretion. Fill in your details to receive a FREE sample of Blackheads and Whiteheads Solution


son# 1 on youtube

Just a little tune from a video game.

Soap Updates

Here's a couple links to great soap updates. This one is for young and restless and is great, no details missed.

For Corrie fans, yes, mme music that means you, you can get weekly updates here:

Icelandic lesson # 3

This Icelandic stuff is hard ! All I can remember is Bless means goodbye. Kaffi is coffee, and te is tea.I think I could excel at the numbers tho. If the cute one hears them talking about six women, she may think they are talking about her only. So we will set her straight.

zero = núll
one = einn
two = tveir
three = þrírfour = fjórir
five = fimm
six = sex
seven = sjö
eight = átta
nine = níu
ten = tíu

Icelandic lesson # 2

Yes = Já

No = Nei

Thank you = Takk

Thank you very much = Takk fyrir

You're welcome = þú ert velkominn/Gerðu svo vel

Please = Vinsamlegast/Takk

Excuse me = Fyrirgefðu

Hello = Halló/Góðan daginn

Goodbye = Bless

What is your name? = Hvað heitir þú?

Nice to meet you = Gaman að kynnast þér

How are you? = Hvernig hefur þú það?

Good = Góður/Góð (male/fem.)

Bad = Vondur/Vond (male/fem.)
Where is ...? = Hvar er ...?

One ticket to ..., please. = Einn miða til ..., (takk fyrir).

Where are you going? = Hvert ertu að fara?

Bus = Strætisvagn

Airport = Flugvöllur

Bus station = Umferðarmiðstöð

Departure = Brottför

Arrival = Koma

Car rental agency = Bílaleiga

Hotel = Hótel

Room = Herbergi

Reservation = Bókun

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Tangy Zangy

Not sure what it is? Neither do I.

Sign up for a free sample. http://www.tangyzangy.com/

Choose the "stay connected "link at the bottom of the home page.

happy Birthday Mrs. Saulnier

Happy (big number) Mrs. Saulnier. Hope your dad gets well soon.

Men's TV

Men are so sophisticated. I watched a bit of Men's TV with Loverboy. He was laughing so much I figured it must be good. They were showing the most annoying women men have to deal with. In second place was the woman who is selling single roses at a bar, and stops at a couples table ( and it's their first date and he doesn't really like her, but the pressure is on). In first place was the mother. To quote them " you caused her tremendous pain in her vajayjay, and in return she's going to be a real pain in your a** for the rest of your life."

Nice, real nice. Gimmee the clicker and put HGTV on.

Secret Meeting

So BiBi and I had a secret meeting today behind the big fence. Well, maybe it's not so secret anymore. Spoke of travel, 22 lb suitcases, and buzzcuts. Had a nice cup of kaffi thanks to her butler.

Oh Lord it's hard

Oh Lord, it's hard to be humble, and even harder to be beautiful these days.
Check out this website, where they tested ingredients in more than 41,000 products against 50 definitive toxicity and regulatory databases, making it the largest integrated data resource of its kind. It then provides a hazard rating for each product. Skin Deep is managed by researchers at the Environmental Working Group and is a non-profit website.

So enter your brand shampoo, or makeup, and see how you measure up.

Icelandic lesson # 1

Learn the Icelandic Alphabet:
►►► A Á B D Ð E É F G H I Í J K L M N O Ó P R S T U Ú V X Y Ý Þ Æ Ö ◄◄◄
►►► The Icelandic alphabet has 32 letters ◄◄◄

To start learning Icelandic, some pronunciation tips for Icelandic phrases:
a = like a in father
e = like e in test
i, y = like i in little
u = like French u in tu
ö = like French eu in neuf
æ sounds like eye
ð = like th in weather
þ = like th in thorn

Friday, June 12, 2009

Code Purple

If Sid the kid doesn't get his hands on the stanley cup tonight, and the sky doesn't produce any sunshine soon, the hospitals will be overrun with a bunch of Vitamin D deficient & depressed people.

Nice website

I went through the entire website for Suzanne's photography .
It's very nice indeed and worth a visit. Even the music was good!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Great for your purse

No man would ever suspect.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


So Sears must be feeling the recession pinch. They have changed their ways, at least for now. No more $3 shipping and handling charge. And no more telephone call from the Sears robot to tell you that your order is ready for pick up at the store in Pub-ni-co.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Feminine Protection

While browsing the feminine protection aisle the other day, I realized how unrealistic all this has become. We have some with wings, no wings, long, extra long, super thin, super absorbent, fights odours, baby powder scent, no scent, individually packed, ultra thin, overnight, flexible, ultra thin light, ultra thin maxi, for thongs, leak protection, quilted, curved, and let's not forget the petite super long. Come on now, isn't a petite super long, a regular maxi no wings? What happened to plain old maxi and mini pads. My God, we women can complicate things. It's easier to buy a car, than pick up a package of pads.


All this pad talk reminded me of something Howie Mandel once said. He and his wife were going out to a fancy event. She looked beautiful and he thought to himself while admiring her," there she is, beautiful , having fun, and I know she just started her period, yet she puts on a great face, and braves it all" He said if men had periods ( picture this) A friends comes over with his fishing rod on Saturday to pick up his best friend. The friend has his period. He would say" Are you crazy! I can't go fishing ! I can't go anywhere ! I'm bleeding from the crotch !"