Wednesday, September 30, 2009


For my Iceland friends... here is a contest for you. All you have to do is upload your favorite Iceland photo.
Here's one of my favorites, but I figure I'll enter one showing beautiful scenery.
I wonder what we were laughing at .

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Ruffled feathers

Yes, I am done playing chicken. I have had my feathers ruffled by that mature chicken, and will never cook another.

9 hours on low, for a thawed chicken, did not do it.

An additional 5 hours on high, almost did.

After 14 hours of cooking, it was bedtime and I lost... big bird won.

We ate "some" today. What wasn't tough , was cubed, and chicken a la King was born. The rest was thrown to the dog, and very appreciated, regardless of breasts as tough as Madonna's.

Monday, September 28, 2009

poor Jocelyn

I went to the neighbouring nursing home today. It was their 20th anniversary and there were many visitors milling about. Met a lady, a red hatter to be exact, that I used to know ! She grabbed me and kissed me and hugged me. We exchanged hellos and had a little yarn. She grabbed me by the shoulders and pulled me in closer. In a whispering voice she said " so tell me, how are your teeth?"
Ummm? My teeth?

"Yes," she said... "you know ...(wink, wink)"

My teeth are fine, they have never bothered me....

"Oh I'm sorry... you're not Jocelyn are you?"

No, I'm not.... and walking away I thought how glad I was that I wasn't her... I hate the dentist.
and what about her teeth ???

same game, new twist

For my friends in the nursing home business.....
yap, that means you.

Plastic spoons

Doctors are amazing people wouldn't you agree ? They can mend anything, with anything, if they need to. The sailor was by today with his container of necessities. The stethoscope, prescription pad, etc... and several plastic spoons. I wondered.... what does he use them for? Maybe a make shift finger splint, or tongue depressor ? Never know .... so I asked him. What an innovative response I got from him. It's to stir my coffee in the doc's lounge cause they never have stir sticks.

Project SOS

Making school projects used to be such a quiet affair. Now they need so much stuff... thick jello, a ball, mandarin orange slices, and jelly beans , but only the green ones. Purple paint... oh never mind, they'll use markers. Whew ! The demands on the mother. The jello isn't enough, and they dropped the jelly beans and the dog ate a few, and of course they were green. Another trip to the co-op. They only have a bigger bag, but the price says 3.19. At the cash, it rings as 3.99. They are short of cash. I am outside watching . Conversation is going on.... and on. They are nodding.... they are smiling. They got it for 3.19 ! Good for you boys !
They are at hard work now, but need more tape as my son hates anything to do with glue.
I just over heard his partner say " I can't eat another jelly bean or I'll puke" !
I warned them : Anymore mishaps with the green jelly beans, and you'll be painting macaroni.

Mature or immature

My mature chicken is not cooperating. I was so looking forward to having it for supper. It has been in my slow cooker for 9 hours on low, and 3 on high. Just now I did pry out a small piece from the breast, but could not break it with my teeth to eat it. Tough !
So I will cook it some more....

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Chicken Tale

Tomorrow morning I am putting a mature chicken in the slow cooker. Got me wondering how old is a mature chicken versus the immature kind ? The results :

~In market terms, a broiler or fryer is a young meat-type chicken that can be cooked tender by broiling or frying and usually weighing between 2 1/2 and 3 1/2 pounds. A roaster is a young meat-type chicken that can be cooked tender by roasting and usually weighing 4 pounds or more. A stewing chicken, hen, or fowl is a mature female chicken, often the by-product of egg production, with meat less tender than that of a roaster and can be cooked tender by stewing or a similar method.~~

I read that this mature gal sitting in my fridge can be as old as 18 months.

Got to stop reading these chicken facts, cause... you know me.... soon I won't want to eat it !


Nice pumpkin eh? made with black upholstery tacks and time.

Royal Mint

If you don't have one, get yours today. It's a Vancouver 2010 coin collector card. I have a couple and am filling them up for my kids, for a keepsake, or gasoline for the minibikes, when they get older.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Cake disasters

I am easily amused at times. These cake mistakes are so cute, I thought I would share.

Free magazine subscription

Get your free Ingredients magazine subscription:

La Girl Puns

Oh la Girl... she's the funny one, never know what she will come out with. I liked these buns posted by her on Facebook. Enjoy.

1. A jumper cable walks into a bar. The bartender says,"I'll serve you, but don't start anything."
2. Two peanuts walk into a bar, and one was a asalted.

3. A dyslexic man walks into a bra.

4. Two cannibals are eating... a clown. One says to the other: "Does this taste funny to you?"

Thursday, September 24, 2009

To be, or not to be

The flu shot can be a risk factor for the swine flu. Well, well, well. That's quite something. Surely the sailor will keep us posted on findings as they report that more definite info will be available next week.


So, the world leaders are focusing on economic recovery the paper reports. The other night Jay Leno said that terrorists are planning their next attack on a viable economic site in the USA. Trouble is, they can't find one.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Get your free bandaids, perfect fit, sample right here:
Saw the West Pubnico man with the famous dog name today... he needed more than a few bandaids on his hand. Gotta watch those saws.


Rose, the avon lady in our area is doing an order, going out on Sunday. Check out the virtual brochure, and if you need something, just click on the second button from the right ( envelope icon). Lots of nice gift ideas starting around page 100 or so. I am getting 3 books for 9.99, (sharpen your brain puzzles), for stocking stuffers, and of course, now that I use the bubble bath to clean my laminate floors, streak free ( and so does another blog reader), on page 165 they have bubble bath at a fabulous price. I'm buying the Apple pie scent to do my floors with. All this chatter, you'd think I was a paid spokesperson... almost as bad as the ShamWow guy.

The Big O

And I am not referring to Oprah and her weight.
~~Orgasms are natural stress-relievers and are known to be the bodys natural pain-killers. Orgasms are often encouraged to cure headaches and menstrual cramps.
Seratonin levels in the brain and Phenetylamine (known to curb the appetite) increases also & can promote a sense of well-being that has a calming effect on cravings, such as those for junk food or cigarettes. So, instead of heading for the refrigerator, perhaps you should head for the bedroom! Sex also burns calories. Engaging in an hour of foreplay and intercourse burns approximately 140 calories, and beats sweating on the treadmill any day.
Women who engage in weekly sexual activity have higher levels of oestrogen in their blood, which can lead to a healthier cardiovascular system, lower bad cholesterol, increase the level of good cholesterol, add to bone density and give you suppler skin. Regular sexual activity can also regulate a womans menstrual cycle.
Acheiving an orgasm on a regular basis can boost infection-fighting cells up to 20%.

~~So, if experiencing orgasm was not already pleasurable enough, now you can really bask in the wonderful knowledge that orgasms feel good AND are good for you. What are you waiting for? ~~

For you... mail lady

Saw the mail lady today and she inquired about my blog. Getting envious of all the free stuff those "down south" have been getting....hahaha. So here's the Proctor and Gamble link to that box of goodies. I got mine today, and it was great ! Did you get your Ldot? ... is the site to visit. And if you are new at this blog of mine, that link will also have a place to order a sampler pack of goodies. ( The lighter blue strip at the bottom ) As you know many of my readers have ordered it, and it is awesome.
P.S. sorry they have no more sample boxes to send right now. They willhave a new offer in October, and I will post it here !

Tight jeans report day 14

TaDaa ! I did it. With not an ounce to spare. Down to that final pound this morning. 5 pounds in 14 days, but really it was 15 days. Without all the yo-yo -ing, it apparently could have been done sooner. But for minimal effort, eating less most days, & keeping busy, it isn't to bad. I have drank more water than ever, ate all the blueberries I had, and found a new love... puffed wheat.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I heard today that Snuffaluffagus died. Or the voice behind Snuffaluffagus. Think about it, wasn't he the weirdest character. Seemed to be on drugs or something. Depression played a factor for sure. He and Big Bird seemed to have a thing for each other... didn't you sense that too.

Tight jeans day 13

The scale: remained that same.

The diet: didn't have puffed wheat because we ran out of milk, and I ate before the milkman came. Had toast instead, and a banana at break. Ice tea this afternoon. Dinner was cold salad plate, and supper was scarce. 3 oz of roast beef, ( I hate roast beef) & nothing else, no bread or veggies. Loverboy is gone out fishing, so I didn't cook any spuds or veggies since son #1 prefers a hot sandwich and son # 2 is a vegetarian (non-meat-atarian) Had coffee at a meeting tonight, but the food smelled delicious. Had 2 tall glasses of water tonight as I worked in the dining room , and not hungry.

The exercise: none. I did carpentry work today, and put moldings in our two renovated bathrooms at work. Had a meeting tonight.

Comments: Tomorrow is the day. 1 pound to go.

September Blog Smog

So the Vatican isn't gonna pay the bill, I read today. Nope. Compensation money for victims of the molesters of the cloth will have to be found elsewhere. Through parishioners, they hope. Alot of bucks to be raised by parishioners. I have many thoughts on this all, but will shut up.

Speaking of money, that latest lotto game in the bars isn't paying off. The government had a loss, not enough people hooked on it. Poor, poor them. So it will be removed from bars, and no doubt they'll try their luck with another. It's so sad.

There's a benefit Saturday at the Fire hall for Michelle Cleveland. Opens at 2, auction starts at 3. There is an immense number of gift items, door prizes, and larger items on tickets. It is amazing.
It's a cake parade/dutch auction. Leroy will be there with pony rides... hotdogs on BBQ, and fish chowder as well.

Do not call list

Seems as though I have been getting more telemarketers lately. The captain still calls once in awhile. I checked my registration with the national Do Not call List, and yep, I am still good until 2011. No doubt you are all registered... but if not, here's the link.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Free e-books

Free e-books for all... especially for La Girl, and L-cutie

Crochet and Knitting Patterns from Red Heart Yarn, find 10 free knitting patterns and 9 free crochet patterns perfect for fall, including afghans, scarves, hats and sweaters.

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Cheap and Easy Crafts, find 60 of our best low-cost craft projects in almost every category at FaveCrafts. Find a great homemade gift, crafty activity for kids, or beautiful DIY home accent

Tight jeans day 12

The scale: Ah, the golf game and all else that it entailed... did not hurt me a bit. Down a whopping 1.5 in 2 days. 1 lbs to go, and I am pretty sure I'll make it because I have been sick with a major headache today, and haven't ate very much ( or moved much either)

The diet: Yup, you guessed it...puff wheat. Tea and crackers, liver and onions (half slice, no potatoes or veg) and 4 scallops and some rice that Loverboy cooked as I supervised from the couch.

The exercise: I had to skip yoga because of my headache. Like I said" I can't do a downward facing dog when I can hardly do an upright walking adult."

The comments: Did go out after supper with Loverboy and the dog on the shore. Headache better but still a few rocks tumbling in my head when I move swiftly. Looking forward to feeling better tomorrow.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

My Wena

Tight jeans day 11

although this is really day 12 I believe.

You see, the hostess had her golf game yesterday, and although my day started with puffed wheat, I had 2 hotdogs at the yard sale , and a banana before the game. We had Rappie Pie, and some chips and dip, and I had a piece of fudge... but... I passed on the apple crisp. I did consume 4 tall , strong, glasses of Olivia's mother's cocktail concoction. I had to.... to keep warm on the golf course. I peed on number 6, 7, 8, and after 9, so I got rid of any fluid. Ha! Ha!The game was great we had 44 and the other gals had 37.

So I never got weighed this morning although I had planned. I had moved downstairs to the couch before daylight as I had a sore back, and forgot to get weighed.

Today is a new day. Back on puffed wheat and water. Tried to spruce it up a bit with 3 strawberries. ( the cereal, not the water) I have kept busy all day, making jam and cleaning, and doing laundry. I have fbeen flirting with Loverboy all day, and we plan to burn some calories together tonight. Good to have a diet buddy eh?

Friday, September 18, 2009

banish the blemish

get a sample of l'eau d'essence. They claim it's good for blemishes.
Very small form to fill out.

In our household we have great success getting rid of blemishes by using milk of magnesia. Shake it up, smear some on your blemishes before going to bed. It will draw the pimple/pus to the surface, and you'll rid of that blemish in record time. Great for those teenagers.

tight jeans day #10

the scale: another one bites the dust... 2.5 to go
the diet: did ok but had a cinnmon roll at my sis' house. Homemade, and too hard to resist.
the exercise: mowed the lawn and housework.
Comments: puffed wheat is very good, and has practically not a thing in it. except air.

Epilating pain

I discovered a way to epilate legs with minimum pain.
Epilate your armpits first.
That hurt so much, that once I started doing my legs, it was virtually painless.
It worked on the armpits, but took a lot of bravery ( and an ounce of idiot on the side really helped.)

Mile Long Yard Sale

tomorrow !

Wish you were back in Cuba ?

Of course you do !
Tomorrow is Cuban Day at Ye Olde Argyler !
I am pretty sure there are two sittings on Saturday, but I know for a fact that from 5 to 9 there will be a cuban atmosphere and food, complete with Cuban time , live entertainment ! Give them a call, and slip back in time ! 643-2500

Smooth operators....

Smooth, not shy, operators at astroglide will send you a free sample of their lubricant. Just give Astroglide a call.
To receive your free Astroglide trial offer call 1-800-848-5900.

Free educational material from Ontario Agri-Foods

in French and in English, an assortment of material. No charge for the stuff, but a $ 5.00 shipping, from what I understand.

Say a little prayer for me

Holy cross ministry will send you a free rosary, or rosaries, for your class, friends , family, etc.

We did order some, years ago, for the residents at work. We had them blessed by Eddie when he was in town. Check them out, and have a blessed day.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Tight jeans day 9

Have no time to blog in detail.

1.5 lbs down since mother nature arrived. Tight jeans don't feel so tight today.

Survivor is on, and I need to watch it.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tight jeans report day 8

the scale: I forgot to get weighed this am.

The diet: was ok... rice krispies, a toasted cheese sandwich, and a couple double decker sandwiches, and liver casserole for supper. frozen blueberries tonight.

the exercise: gimmee a break ... I painted all day and then again tonight , hauled tables, chairs, & packed 2 loads of branches on a trailer.

Comments: well my gift from mother nature came, a couple days early. Glad to see it. I wasn't even cranky ..... right? ..... RIGHT !?

Monday, September 14, 2009

Tight jeans day 7

the scale : the same

the diet: well, only pineapple juice and coffee until dinner of chicken casserole at work. Nothing this afternoon but diet coke. Macaroni and hamburg and a galette blanche for supper.

the exercise: went to yoga and worked on a charlie horse that I will likely receive later tonight. Loverboy is home after a week fishing, and I figure if I stay on this computer any longer, there won't be any more calories burned tonight.

Comments: If I didn't know better, I would think I was pregnant. Craving pineapple juice, and very sore boobs. 4 days before my period, and if by chance, my tubal has reversed, (like someone else I know), I will be losing weight for sure. The food at the hospital's psych ward is likely the pits.

Here they are

OK Ldot, I know you like that Proctor and Gamble stuff, and they have got many valuable coupons to choose from. I'm not talking 50 cents off stuff... I mean big stuff... like a whopping $10 off Advance Seal Crest Whitestrips (the kind that don't move), and many more. ... is the site to visit.

And if you are new at this blog of mine, that link will also have a place to order a sampler pack of goodies. ( The lighter blue strip at the bottom ) Many of my readers have ordered it, and it is awesome. I saved most my package for stocking stuffers for the bigger men in the house.

Season Premiere's

For all you TV lover's.... here's what I could get on TV premiere's:

Thursday, Sept. 17
BONES (Season Premiere)
FRINGE (Season Premiere)
Friday, Sept. 18
GLEE (Encore)
“SURFACE” Las Vegas”
Monday, Sept. 21
HOUSE (Two-Hour Season Premiere)
Castle – ABC
CSI: Miami – CBS
Heroes – NBC
“The Office”
“Law & Order: Special Victims Unit”
According to Jim” (one hour season premiere)
Wednesday, September 21
“Accidently on Purpose”
“Law & Order”
“Big Bang Theroy”
“Gary’s Married”
“The New Adventures of Old Christine”
“Joey” (special 1-hour premiere, 8-9 p.m.)
NCIS: Los Angeles – CBS
The Good Wife – CBS
The Forgotten (new series) – ABC
”Dateline NBC”*
Criminal Minds – CBS
Eastwick – ABC
Thursday September 24
The Mentalist
Friday, Sept. 25
BROTHERS (Special One-Hour Series Premiere)
DOLLHOUSE (Season Premier ”Supernanny”
“Hope & Faith” (one hour season premiere)
The Medium
Dateline NBC”
“The West Wing”
“Law & Order: Criminal Intent”
“Crossing Jordan
Sunday, Sept. 27
THE SIMPSONS (Season Premiere)
THE CLEVELAND SHOW (Series Premiere)
FAMILY GUY (Season Premiere)
AMERICAN DAD (Season Premiere)
”Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” (two-hour season premiere)
“Desperate Housewives”
“Grey’s Anatomy”
Monday, Sept. 28
HOUSE (All-New Episode)
LIE TO ME (Season Premiere)
Tuesday, September 27
“Commander In Chief”
”Boston Legal”
Wednesday, September 28
“George Lopez” (one-hour season premiere)
Thursday, September 29
”Night Stalker”

Fall is approaching

I saw the first sign of fall and Halloween.
Headed out of my road, saw two bales of hay, and a friendly scarecrow, (appearing dressed in coveralls from the two acre farm), peeking from around the corner.
I made a formal complaint, right to the source, and now the royal Lady lover of Hallowe'en has hidden the scarecrow. The hay is still there, but I can live with it.
So wait !!! just a couple more weeks !

Free skincare kit


This looks too good to be true. They'd like you to order their magazine "Allure", but it does state no purchase necessary.
I tried to fill it out, but it keeps telling me my email is invalid, so the heck with them. I'll just suffer with a poor complexion.

Feeling Hot ! Hot ! Hot !

Suppose your hoping for another x-rated blog post. Well this isn't it. Shame on you La Girl.
There's a free sample for H2O Thermal deodorant by ByLy.
I don't know much about this company or their product but their form is really short and sweet, and I like free stuff.

Fill out their form right here....

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Do you swallow?

Yes, you read right, this is a parental guidance blog. On Sunday when I should be in a church pew somewhere, I am blogging smut. Ha Ha, it's not so bad, read on.

I wanted to share a story I read. A woman performs oral sex on a man. She saves his semen and secretly inseminates herself soon after. She is pregnant , and he freaks, because all he did was receive oral sex from her, and obviously you cannot get pregnant by giving oral sex. She wants child support. Of course, tests are run, and the baby is his.

They introduce 2 other cases: one woman impregnates herself with her lovers semen found in the kitchen garbage after he had masturbated solo. He escapes child support as he took charge of his swimming sperm, threw it away.

The other case, this poor man is given the date rape drug and with a needle, his female lover extracts sperm and inseminates herself. He is off the hook for child support as he did not give the sperm to her, she stole it.

Back to the article I read... poor blow job receiver, did knowingly "give her his sperm. ~~when plaintiff 'delivered' his sperm, it was a gift - an absolute and irrevocable transfer of title to property from a donor to a donee . There was no agreement that the original deposit would be returned upon request." ~~And thus has to pay.

My opinion, maybe if women knew of this situation, they wouldn't take such offense when he asks, "do you swallow?"

Tight jeans report day 6

the diet: well???? went to a potluck, skipped the pumpkin roll, beans, meatballs, and the brown bread. but had some of everything else. It was all delicious ! Had 3 drinks of that concoction created by Olivia's mom, that I love so.
the scale: up 2 lbs. back to square one, 5 lbs to lose.

the exercise: nothing too strenuous. worked at a yard sale booth, rode a 4 wheeler, did housework

Comments: Well . So now I have 8 days left to reach my tight jeans goal. What a procrastinator ! This week has no social activities planned other than a meeting, and the grub there is no problem. The muffins are never good, so I never have one, I just load upon coffee and water. My period is around the corner somewhere, my sis knows when, as we always start on the same day. And I still need to poop. Yeah, you can say it, it's true, I'm full of shit.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

911 dial-a-thon

Oh my god ! This crazy 911 dial-a-thon story that keeps appearing on our province's paper, has got to be solved ! It's driving me nuts. This couple that has been dialing 911, for no reason, claim they are being framed by the neighbours. (Someone with more technology info than myself. )They go to court and the husband ends up in jail. Their lines are "disconnected" somehow so that they will no longer call 911. But hubby's in jail, and another male makes call. Not one or two calls, but 8oo plus calls. WELL .... they figure maybe they are innocent, and let himout of the slammer. And last night, they had a fire at their house, and..... of course ..... they couldn't call 911.

Will this story ever end? Maybe the writers at Young and Restless could use this story .

Friday, September 11, 2009

Tight jeans day 5

the scale: Oh! Oh ! up 0.5... 3 lbs to go ... 9 days left.

the diet: .... well, how to put this. All's well till 7 pm. Went to supper with the Sailor and Mrs. L. Only had scallop-something, feta cheese and watermelon salad, soup, sherbet, lobster ricotta, swordfish, and cheesecake. Sampled 5 wines, but unable to consume much as I don't really like wine. Need I say more.
exercise: only the elbows
Comments: better luck next time

Thursday, September 10, 2009

The goat

All summer long I have been meaning to mention the ugliest goat I ever seen. And in an effort not to offend anyone, I won't single him out publicly. I'm sure he's nice and enjoys left over ice cream cones.