Sunday, January 31, 2010


It appears that the annual Pay Me Marathon may have to be at a different location due to much enthusiasm and many players. More details will follow as we prepare for the March event. Very preliminary plans include a possible pre-registration, a tiny fee to cover hall rental, and likely a plan for supper (sandwiches/sweet buffet).Save your quarters, practise your game, and exercise your singing voice.

Baked Beets

I am a big lovers of beets, and usually boil them to death, and eat them fresh.

I learned today that you can bake beets, much like our friend the potato.

Beets are best baked in foil. Once baked, peel the vegetables or serve in their skins.
For beets the size of a baseball , preheat the oven to 400°F . Trim all but 1 inch from the stem of each beet, then wash thoroughly and dry well. Drizzle some olive oil over the beets and rub it on evenly, then you can sprinkle them with salt if you prefer. (personally I don't add much salt to anything, as I figure I get enough everywhere else). Wrap individually in foil.
Bake for about 45 minutes. Pee red later that night.

Birthday Party ideas?

Here's 200 birthday party ideas for your kid's upcoming birthday.... and lots of other stuff too !The themes include games, recipes, decorating tips, printables & more ! I checked out the pirate party, although my kids are too old now, and was amazed of the food ideas and great craft and invitation ideas !

Click on the balloons for the link !

Tarragon Vinegar

~~ This popular herb vinegar is used to make Béarnaise sauce and vinaigrettes. It's easy to make at home. Just put one or two sprigs of clean, fresh tarragon in a bottle of warm white wine vinegar, tightly seal the bottle, and let it stand for at least a few days. The sprigs will eventually become bitter, so remove or replace them after a few weeks. Make sure that the vinegar you use has an acidity level of at least 5% (this information is given on the label). Don't add too much tarragon to the bottle, or you may reduce the acidity of the vinegar so much that it loses its ability to preserve. Substitutes: One tablespoon fresh tarragon leaves plus one cup vinegar (preferably white wine vinegar, champagne vinegar, or apple cider vinegar) One teaspoon dried tarragon leaves plus one cup vinegar (preferably white wine vinegar, champagne vinegar, or apple cider vinegar)~~

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Tonight at Chez Pierre's

The speciality of the house, ....filet Mignon and sauce Bearnaise.

Pierre has had this in lots of places on three continents. Says its been equalled, but none has surpassed than the one at Chez Pierre. You have to have pyrex pots for it, metal ones don't work. When Pierre makes in fort Mac McMurray , at an elevation of 1100 feet, he adds a bit of salt to the boiling water.

Take 3/4 cup white wine and 3/4 cup tarragon vinegar, add one finely chopped onion, 1tsp dried tarragon, dried parsley, generous pinch of black pepper. Simmer in glass pot until reduced by 1/2, strain into cup and set aside. Melt 3/4 cup butter in a big pan. Add this to a glass double boiler, with the top over boiling water ( do this in advance, temp is critical ) Has to boil for a while before you add the stuff. Add three egg yolks, one by one, stirring with a hand egg beater, then add, bit at a time, the previously made liquid, stirring all the time. You know its done when it changes from yellow to white. supposedly changes from oil-in-water emulsion to water-in oil. Pierre has actually cooked this while boating, believe it or not.

Cannot believe it

"Never again ! "

These are two words I have use firmly twice in my life...

1) after the hard labour and delivery of son #1
2) after having worked hard to remove wallpaper

I am so wishy washy... 18 months after son # 1, I had son #2.
And.... today I wallpapered.

911 Underwear

German scientists have invented underwear that monitors your vitals and dangerous heart rhythms. The bra or undies have sewn in sensors, and they can even call 911 for you, in case of an emergency with your vital info. And it's all machine washable .... thank god!

Last chance

Have you made all you purchases for the Home Renovation Tax Credit???
If not this weekend is your last chance to do so in order to get in under the Jan.31 deadline. You know that goods acquired for your renovation, even if it's used or installed after January 2010, will still qualify.

Info on the tax credit is HERE

National Hockey Card Day

is today, and Upper Deck has a free pack of 5 random hockey trdaing cards. This deal is only available in Canada. Participating merchants include:
Toys R Us
Jean Coutu
London Drugs
Pharma Plus

Tim Hortons and Shoppers

..........................................For three days only, when you make a purchase of $50 or more at Shoppers' Drug Mart, you will receive a complimentary $10 gift card to Tim Horton’s. Valid today, Jan 30th to Feb 1st. (Excludes prescriptions, products that contain codeine, stamps, photos, lottery tickets, electronic gift cards, and maybe some other things?)
Make yourself beautiful, and enjoy free coffee !

Friday, January 29, 2010

Vesey's seeds

Get your free catalogue before spring arrives. (Spring is coming)

Polar Bear shot dead

Yup. they shot and killed a polar bear in Iceland. And again, there is much controversy about it. One person said the following: So angry about this KILLING of a baby bear…that I will go to Keflavik airport to inform ALL the tourists about your murderous ways….your country has blood on their hands….you cant wash the whale blood…so you can KILL a polar bear.

~~Once in a while polar bears drift to Iceland on icebergs. Once a shore they are often hungry and tired after weeks of drifting and swimming. All though this is a known problem the Icelandic officials have never reached an agreement on saving these animals. Only last year two polar bear reach the shore of Iceland, both were killed. Written documents say some 500 polar bear have reached Icelandic shores since 890. There are no living polar bear in Iceland today.~~

Iceland has field mice, reindeer, and Mink. That's about it. No mosquitoes, ants, butterfly. And no reptiles or amphibians inhabit the island.
Some guy made a youtube video of a polar bear killing a couple years ago..... IN 2008

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Healthy Ways, healthy weight

Heart and Stroke are offering 3 free items ! Choose your free items ...Healthy Ways, Healthy Weight” Vol.2 –12 practical tips .....“Healthy Ways, Healthy Weight” Vol.1 –52 pages of information ....... and a Measuring tape. It's all RIGHT HERE

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Spaced Out

Tonight the kids and I went to the sailor's. He had a real treat for us all. Jupiter, the moon, Pleiades, and Mars. I was really impressed with Jupiter, and the Moon. The moon was so big and so close, just amazing. ( No houses on it Mom) Jupiter had 3 moons that were visible as well. Not something the kids will soon forget !

Thanks !


It'll be 15 years this year that we are married. We married in 1995, and Loverboy thought " Wow, with the multiples of five, it'll be easy to remember how many years we've been married".
In 2000, we had our septic tank pumped out. The man suggested we have this done every 5 years. So in 2005 we had it done again.
So here we are, 2010. " Honey we'll be married 15 years! ...time to get the septic pumped !"

So romantic.

Plumber's Butt

No serious case of Plumber's Butt here Plain Jane. Been 4 days of "frigging" with my kitchen sink. Today it happened. I was told....Sorry , you can't use the kitchen sink until the "real " plumber comes.

Loverboy has gone fishing, and Dad has gone home. My kitchen is a disaster.

Never under estimate a woman. There is no woman in her right mind that is going to survive without a kitchen sink. I attached the new faucet, found some elbows and pipe lenghts, a glad sandwich bag, and made it all get to where it has to go ! (Of course I put a bucket underneath, just in case). And it works! I can at least use side ! That's all I need. The dishes are done, the kitchen is clean... and I'm one happy gal !

Goose a la Pierre

Goose is a very fat beast, & have to get the fat out of it. Cut the skin in lines all over with a sharp knife, then keep the beast off the bottom of the pan with a couple of bowls ( you can get a real gizmo for this). Stuff with sliced apples, oranges and onions, sprinkle liberally with sage, thyme, garlic powder and black pepper.Cover the legs with foil so they don't dry out. Cover the whole bird with foil for the first hour and a half.375 degrees for 2-3 hours and its done, mostly done when fluid coming out is clear and not bloody. It still cooks for about 20 minutes when you take it out of the oven ( those of you that like meat cooked to death don't have to worry about this)

Greg Biffle

I wasn't going to post this, becasue I don't know who Greg Biffle is. Maybe you do, or your kid does. Anyway you can get a Greg Biffle wristband, for free if you order one here.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Wednesday, the planet Mars comes closest to Earth for all of this year.
The close encounter between the Earth and Mars will be the closest until the year 2014.
Because it’s close, Mars is also particularly bright in Earth’s sky right now. It’s happening because – in another two days – our planet Earth will pass in between the sun and Mars. It looks like a bright reddish star, although it shines with a steadier light than the twinkling stars. Look for Mars in the eastern sky at nightfall – highest in the sky around midnight – and in the west as morning dawn starts to light the sky.
Mars shines all night long!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Japanese Pleasure

My father-in-law was over for dinner Sunday as Loverboy was cooking smelts. He told us that when they visit their friends in Bedford, they often make a slow-cooker meal called Japanese Pleasure. He says how good it is. Made with pork. I am always interested in a new recipe, so I searched for it on the Internet.
Boy, I am dense. You can only imagine what the search results were after googling Japanese Pleasure !

My teachers

When I was in school, Madame Therese taught me how to spell BELIEVE. And I have never misspelled it my entire life. She told me: never beLIEve a LIE. So simple. She also told me I was a good writer.

What Mme Margarite taught me was you can pile a lot of hair on top of a head. I remember seeing her at the hairdressers. It was a changing moment for me. She has her hair down, and it was long ! Really long ! Wow. She was also very loving, and I remember her being very excited (or at least she seemed to be) when I came to school one morning after learning that my baby sister was just born.

Soeur Roy. Well she taught me that teachers who hate children do not make a great impression on their students. While she will never be forgotten, it's not for what she taught me or how she taught her class. She taught me to shut up, that bullying children didn't result in better behavior (the boys in the class), and she once talked about sex, and this boiling point. When I got older I wondered why a nun was teaching us sex education class. Not from personal experiences I assume.

M. Remi, was a favorite of mine. I enjoyed science and he was kind. Made learning fun.

M. Basile was also a favorite, although I think I only had him occasionally. He was funny, and interesting. Kept your attention, as you might miss something good. Always smiling.
In university, this professor Rosenfeld, was a favorite. He taught accounting, and wore mittens in the winter. The kind with a long piece of yarn attached to both. The yarn was passed through the arms of his coat, so he wouldn't lose them. Just like a child. I thought he was odd, and great.

My favorite teacher of all was in high school. M. Emile LeBlanc (catchy name eh?) He was awesome, appeared disorganised, but had it together. He made learning fun, was open to new ideas, and I loved Physics. After son # 1 was born we ran into him at the grocery store. He came right over when he saw we had a baby with us. He was shocked when I told him the baby's name. He walked away, hair all tussled, & his tie almost undone. Laughing & saying " ma, ma, ma...".

On Being happy

I watched a documentary on happiness.... You can be happy by simply thinking happy thoughts.
And yes, money does buy some happiness. Married people are generally happier, healthier and wealthier. Having children does not necessarily make a person happy. Everybody needs a "tap code".... friends, relationships, to be happy. We can all learn from our stresses, and thrive.

We tend to adapt when we have no choice in the matter. We may not like it, but it doesn't cause great stress.

But when we have a choice, and things aren't going great, we fight, and that battle with ourselves causes stress. These are all the little everyday stresses we deal with.

Movie Date

Wow... such sympathy out there. After my ARRGGG! blog (whereas the Silent One irked me) I received one call, one drive by offer, and two emails, asking me to go to see the movie. I did accept and will be going with KLS. Thanks Debbie Travis, Lady Di, and Piano teacher for your concern. I have calmed down and have practically forgot about it,.... except when I look at him. HeHe...

Sunday, January 24, 2010

K-Y .... sample

Ooo Laa Laa ! Our friends at K-Y want to send you a sample. No, it's not that K-Y arousal gel that promised us a flight to cloud nine. Its a massaging oil for your sensual pleasure. K-Y SAMPLE.

A few Printable Coupons

Just click on the item, for the link:


Today Sandee is 2 years old. Already . Sorry Mrs Fields and Olivia's Mom, ... no dog party planned today. Ha!Ha!
I have come to my senses.

It's Complicated

Yes, it was Complicated. I wanted to go see the movie "It's Complicated" last night.
So I asked the Silent One if he wanted to go. "well, no, not really," was his reply.

"No problem, I'll call someone and I'll go"... I said.

But before I can call someone he pipes up.. Yes, don't call anyone.. I'll go. I almost fainted. He never goes to the show.
15 minutes before takeoff time, the Silent one speaks up, and says that he's not really interested in going after all.

ARGGHHHH! So I head out by myself, too late to call anyone.

I get there and it's sold out !!!

It was Complicated for sure !!!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Rambler's Way Wool

These people have wool samples to share, to show you how soft and wonderful their wool is. Now, La Girl, I don't know if they'll send enough to knit a sock, but I thought you might be interested. FREE WOOL

Free 2kg dog food

Print your coupon for a free 2kg bag of Pedigree's Vitality Dog Food. Not sure if the friendly Co-op has this, but know Walmart does, and likely Superstore and Sobeys.
Coupon is only good until Jan 31. FREE BAG

Friday, January 22, 2010

Underwire bras

A simple complaint. I love under wire bras. They have a "big" job to do, and they do it well..... UNTIL... the wire pokes out. There is no seamstress, or miracle thread, that can sew a wire back into a bra, so that it doesn't reappear in no time. No way ! Never has been done !

Hot chocolate struggle

My Dear ! It was hard to fill out that hot chocolate sample ! Best I could figure out was that I needed to write an amount ( including zero) in every flavour AND I needed to add a comment. So I said "Thanks !"... then of course I needed a new verification code. haha! I got it by golly ! after a bit.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Blind man

Mrs. Smith was stark naked and just about to step into the shower when the doorbell rang.
She hollered "Who is it?"

He shouted back, "It's the blind man."

She figured it was safe, so she opened the door.
He looked at her in shock and asked, "Where do you want me to hang these blinds, lady?"

End of time

No need to pack your bags. Just haul out all your investments, do whatever you want, eat more Kraft dinner ! La Girl.. have sex with your lonesome neighbour !

Get your free book about the end of time by clicking the link below. If anything it should be entertaining. (Maybe not the type of book who want to read in a plane by a turban toting man) Here's what they have to say:

Free Safety Pack for kids

Available to Canadians only...32 page booklet, stickers and whatever... check'em out. HERE

Tonight at Chez Pierre

Cajun blackened fish: (and it's about time)

here is the spice: remember measurements are all tablespoons, 2 salt, 2 sweet paprika, 2 onion powder,2 garlic powder, 2 red pepper,2 black pepper, 2 dried oregano, 2 dried thyme . Mix and keep in a pot, good for about 4 meals.
Next: melt 1/2 cup butter in big frying pan, very hot. put fish in it turn both sides, sprinkle spice on both sides of fish, cook each side about 2 minutes and your done. Can use haddock, down south they use grouper or catfish, Halibut also should be very good.


Tiger is now resting at a sex addiction clinic.

I wonder who they hire for staff?

Maybe unattractive women and men?

Hot chocolate Sample

Here a link to hot chocolate. You can get more than one. I had this on here before, but never received any. I will try again. They want to know what you think of their hot chocolate, trouble is, I have never had it. (So I pretend I had a drink, but do not enter where it was purchased. That question doesn't seem necessary anyway, has no * ) Good luck. Only available to Canadians.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Yes, Loverboy is another year older. Going to call the boat and deliver my message of best wishes and promises of a small celebration when he returns.
Loverboy is not a closet blog reader, he actually doesn't read this blog at all. I figure he'd flip if he knew my Loverboy nickname has been in my blog for an eternity. I could call him worse.

When we were first together we took dancing lessons, and we were really good at the cha cha. We were so good, I became pregnant with son #1.
This clip reminds me of my Loverboy.... How do you call your Loverboy?

Dead Bodies

I read about mass deaths from disasters like earthquakes. How the dead bodies really don't pose an urgent risk factor to the living like one may think. .. especially if the dead were healthy prior to the disaster.
There need not be such a rush to bury mass bodies, because of contamination of some sort.
The smell, and dogs & vermin wanting to feed on the dead bodies, would be the reason.
It did say ~~Those clearing dead bodies have to take basic safeguards like wearing gloves and hand-washing. These help protect against a range of diseases which can linger in the dead for two days - tuberculosis, Hepatitis B and C, diarrhoeal diseases. And HIV, which can last for six. ~~


Nescafe has two free mugs for you if you save your receipt dated between Sept 2009 and April 30, 2010. Buy 2 nescafe products of 200g or more and save your receipt. Follow the instructions they have posted on their site: NESCAFE


Nursery is giving away 100 free bags everyday while supplies last. It tells you how many are left. Today's count is already to zero. Are all the Newfies snatching these up? I get up fairly early every day, and they were all gone. The link is here and you can check everyday: NURSERY

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Redbook, who should know. They claim that ~~
Men — yes, men — crave more foreplay, according to a study from the University of New Brunswick, Canada. In the study, women assumed their partner wanted 13 minutes tops, while lo and behold, men claimed that 18 minutes was ideal. In other words, it pays to take your sweet time. ~~

The University of New Brunswick ? Who knew what they were studying about late at night? I'd like to see that survey taken in Nova Scotia. Maybe the men at Vern Vern's, for instance.

18 minutes of foreplay for a man !?! Who were they fooling in that study? It takes 45 seconds to undress, and that's about all they think we women need... and it's a known fact that they need even less time!

Sorry Redbook. I find your study hard to believe. After 8 minutes, he'd be wondering...


Sweax... it's a new word for me. It's a freebie. Sweax are underarm liners. Yes, I know...One day I have free liners for your panties, and the next day I have free liners for your armpits. If you want to check them out and order a sample. click here.

You can sweat all day, confidence free !


I am so disgusted with the amounts of snow we have been getting. Nor am not going to listen to any greenhouse effect crap until we see a winter without taking out the shovel. This is ridiculous.

Yes, once the roads clear, it's all very pretty and the kids like it too. But why are we getting it? Doesn't this snow usually belong to the other end of the province.? Aren't we usually snow exempt? Who is responsible for this misallocation of snow? Cindy Day? Canada Post? NDP?

Monday, January 18, 2010

NHL Trivia Fact

On this date in 1958, in Boston, Massachusetts - Willie O'Ree starts playing for the Boston Bruins. He's first black person in the NHL.

Julia Child and PEB's own Julia

...........................................I went to the PEB play on Friday... Le Château-des-Comtes. It was truly amazing to see such talented kids. Those youngsters , some which I know so well, all did such a fine job at acting, and at dancing. They even performed Thriller at the end.

Being a life long fan of Julia Child, the play really touched a funny bone. Spencer d'Entremont played Julia, and he was truly amazing.

Julia Child was 6'2". A real gem, this American entered the french male class at Cordon Bleu cooking school and never ceased to show her talent. She was a woman with, shall I say, la nature forte, and she loved to cook with wine. Sometimes she even added it to her cooking !

She had a distinctive voice, and awkward stance and usually wore pearls. She would hover over the counter, taking a sip, and showing her wit. All this came through on the stage the other night through Julia Enfant. Bravo.

-She published the groundbreaking "Mastering the Art of French Cooking" in 1961 and her first cooking show on boeuf Bourguignon aired on Feb. 11,1963. The show won an Emmy award in 1966.
She died in 2004 and her last meal was homemade French onion . As much as I tried to find a short clip of Julia child saying her " BON APPETIT", I could not.

Thanks for a wonderful performance and Bon Appetit !

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Free Kashi Cereal sample

Here's a sample I got before. Kashi cereal. Supposedly good for you. Says the offer is good Jan 18th until feb 13th or so. Todays' the 17th and it seemed to work well. I did check off the box that says let me know when it is shipped, and the following box which has a little * next to it.

Here's the link..... KASHI

Tonight's Sky

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Tonight and tomorrow night, the moon will guide you to the two brightest planets in the January evening sky – Jupiter and Mars.
As darkness falls, look low in your west or southwest sky for the thin crescent moon. That blazing point of light by the moon is the planet Jupiter. You can’t miss Jupiter – it’s far brighter than any star.
The moon and Jupiter set shortly after full darkness falls – At mid-northern latitudes – like in the US – Jupiter sets about 2.5 hours after sunset.
As the moon and Jupiter are sinking in the west in early evening, turn in the opposite direction – toward the east – and watch for the red planet Mars to ascend over your eastern horizon. At mid-northern latitudes, they’ll both be visible around 2 hours after sunset.
Mars isn’t as bright as Jupiter now, but this reddish world is still plenty bright – as bright as the brightest stars.
The brightness and reddish color of Mars can help you recognize it. Also, keep in mind that Mars tends to shine with a steady light, while the stars are more apt to twinkle. With an unobstructed horizon, it’ll be possible to see both planets – Jupiter in the west and Mars in the east – in early evening. Mars will be at its closest to Earth for this entire year later this month. This planet is at its best about every two years – and now’s the time. ~~

Saturday, January 16, 2010

For the Littlest

Tante hasn't seen you in a week ! Have you missed me? I got your email. I'll be by real soon. Here's your favorite Thomas tune.... SONG
to dance and swing your little hips to. Your Dad says you have a much better swing than your mom...haha !

Anybody going to San Antone?

This morning I heard this Charley Pride tune. It was a favorite of my parents when I was young. I always liked it and the lyrics. Check it

Rain dripping off the brim of my hat
it sure is cold today
and here I am'a walking down sixty-six
Wish she hadn't done me that way
Sleeping under a table at a road side park
A man could wake up dead
But it sure seems warmer than it did
Sleepin in our king size bed
Is anybody goin to San Antone
Or Pheonix Arizona
Anyplace is alright as long as I
Can forget I've ever known her
Wind whipping down the neck of my shirt
Like I aint got nothing on
But I'd rather fight the wind and rain
than what I've been fighting at home
Yonder comes a truck with the US mail
People writing letters back home
Tomorrow she'll probably want me back
But I'll still be just as gone