Monday, May 31, 2010


Ok all of you on facebook who are joining the group "We Will be the old ladies causing trouble in the nursing home !"

Take your time getting there.
Make sure I am retired.
And be kind.
Not too many knick knacks in your rooms.
Sleep in.
Be nice to your relatives no matter how long it has been.
Flick seeds out of your dentures in the privacy of the bathroom, and not at the table with your fork.
Wear your new nighties,and underwear. Don't save them.
Nap on your bed after Price is Right.
Never mend the crotches of your underwear, toss them out.

Fluffier Scrambled Eggs

~~ To make them fluffier, start with eggs at room temperature—If you don't have the time to let them come to room temperature, put the whole eggs in a bowl and cover them with hot tap water for five minutes. Add a tablespoon of milk per two eggs. And don’t add salt to the egg mix; wait until the eggs are set.~~

Toilet dreams

Awhile ago I dreamt of getting beautiful seashells by reaching deep into a toilet. I just kept getting more and more. Last night, I dreamt of getting jewelry, of all kinds, in a toilet. (looked to be a camper style toilet). Reaching in and getting a handful, (rings, chains, earrings) over and over again. Nice earrings too ! What does it all mean?
I am slowly losing my mind?
I need new jewelry?

I don't know.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

The morning erection

~~Most healthy men often wake up in the morning with an erection.

An erection is caused by a rush of blood to the penis.

The male testosterone level is at its highest in the early morning during restful sleep, usually built up during the night and at its highest around 4-6 a.m. from my understanding.
No, you do not get an erection because you need to pee. The erection and the need to pee are coincidental. Think about it, do you get a hard-on every time you need to pee?
Morning erections are technically nighttime erections which happen during Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep , when most dreaming occurs.~~

( Hope you're not disappointed with the picture shown. After all, what did you think I would put?)

Pantene Sample

So Walmart is offering us a Pantene sample. CLICK HERE

They offer 4 types of shampoo, and it appears that 2 are sold out. Short form.

The Graduation Get together

Nothing easier than a potluck. Had 33 for supper, and a great variety of good food. The Cook and Smartie Pants each had their own cake .... an ice cream one and sis made a German Chocolate Cake. Yummy. We sent the small left over cake with Lcutie. Was nice to see everyone, and especially nice to see the neighbours from Pond Road, which I don't see very often. Thanks Mrs. Tiptoe for washing dishes, and the Fishy One for wiping. By the way... did everyone know the Fishy One was 55? half way to 60 ! Wow !

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Temple Grandin

I have watched her movie, twice. Plain jane told me about it. It's a wonderful true story about the life of autistic inventor and professor, Temple Grandin. She said her family " knew I was different, but not less."

Over half the cattle in north America are slaughtered using the system she designed. Using high walls so cattle won't be distracted, and curves that cattle will calmly follow forever and special flooring so they won't stumble, get trampled, break legs, or drown. She said "Nature is cruel, but we don't have to be."

Temple Grandin is a professor of Animal Science at Colorado State University. She also speaks around the world on both autism and cattle handling.

At the Lower East Pubnico Wharf

Sunday, May 30, 2010 at 11:00am
and Monday, May 31, 2010

~~Take a break from the days work and stop in for a snack at our second annual BBQ.
Hamburgers $3.00
Hot Dogs $2.00
Pop or Coffee $1.00
Various sweets as priced.~~

proceeds for the east Pubnico Playground. A super place for kids !!
~~Come out both days and give your wife a break!! ~~

Friday, May 28, 2010

$10 coupon on Alice in Wonderland

Great $10 coupon on Alice in Wonderland DVD/Blue Ray combo.

Expires June 15th.

Need to join disney rewards, but it's free. Printable coupon.


Mimi HaHa

Wow, it's been a long time since I thought about the Yarmouthian nicknamed Mimi HaHa.

Son #2 came from school and asked me if I ever heard of Mimi HaHa.
"Of course! and why do you ask ????"
He said there are youtube videos of Mimi Haha. This one shows her without, and with dentures.

My, this blog has gone to pot !

Your ABC's

Tell me now... how do you pronounce the last letter in the alphabet (when saying it in English) ... ZEE or ZED?

Some think we, as Canadians, and our fellow British people say ZED.
Americans say ZEE.

Hey Sailor? Do you say ZED?

I sang through it, and I say ZEE. (when singing the song ZED doesn't really rhyme, if you throw in the ...Now I know my ABC's, next time won't you sing with me. Can't say... sing with med.)

The likely reason some of us may say ZED, is the french influence in our country, as the french version of the alphabet letter Z, is pronounced ZED.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Water test kit

I remember ordering one before. It never came. This one is different and says 4 to 6 weeks.

~~Hard water consists of minerals such as calcium and magnesium that are picked up from the soil. The minerals aren’t toxic, but they can cause a host of problems within your home – and ultimately affect your health. A easy-to-use test kit will help you find out what’s in your water – and what you can do about it.~~

Thanks Tern Man

Now that I know you read my blog, I can thank you publicly for the entertainment today. It was wonderful ! Great picking. You all sounded super, and it was nice to listen to your son, and watch him play the ukulele and that funny drum.
You are very talented, and knowledgeable. A great asset to our community whether up in the air, on the sea, or down on the ground.

The 2010 Tern man's report can be found HERE , and is well worth reading ! Includes great photos, charts, and info !

Vajayjay Visor

Here's a new product.

Since pubic hair is out of style, this is a shield worn by women to protect their "riding gear" as they wax, shave, use hair remover, colour, etc... on their privates.

Sold in a three pack, and disposable, they cost around $10.

If handed one, I may have used it to protect my nose from the sun! I have never seen one before, or used one.

Of course when "shaving", they recommend a good soak in the tub, use something other than soap, wear a shield if you have one, and if you don't , be careful. Use a good razor, that has a pivoting edge, and a few blades. Showering, some say, is the best place to trim up. A little non-scented lotion afterwards won't harm.

If I ever come across a sample, you'll be the first to know.

Mrs Fields and Ginger Spice Girl

Just a quick post to tell you that I entertained your grand mother today. She was here for one of their card games (which I host every 12 weeks). She knew of my "something on the computer", and the cookie war between her grand daughters. More important...she thinks I am a good cook. Loved the rhubarb pie, and the homemade brown bread.

She's quite the "cookie", pardon the pun.


Part magnet, and part paper. Get a sample ( asks for your business name) Comes in 3 to 5 business days, they told me. It appears to be a revolutionary piece of magnetic paper. When you open the website, look at the bottom left, and it says "request sample".

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Bingo entertainment

Bingo. What can I say. It's my 5th week, or 6th. Great therapy.

Tonight they had a "different" caller. Well she yawned, called an O when the game had no O's, had the giggles, said " O - 69'er... and had a technical difficulty. As if she wasn't entertaining enough, those at my table were comedians. I held it all together, until the topic of death arose.

La Vielle, who decided cremation would be her final answer, has been approached by her friend, the embalmer from Clare. He'd like to have the opportunity to "fluff her up!"
Fluff her up ? Wow, those are technical terms.

Well, you had to be there. I laughed till I cried.

And I apologized in advance to her. Just in case she dies before me, and doesn't get cremated, I apologize for the laughing I may do at the funeral home where she is laid out, thinking of the fluff up job.

And the walker and I shared a game's winnings. We sat across from one another, and yelled BINGO in unison, and surprized each other. Haha !

Let me tell you 'bout the Birds and the Bees

Why do we refer to sexuality, as the "birds and the Bees?"

~~In 1857, amateur naturalist John Burroughs wrote a small pamphlet called "The Birds and Bees: Essays", in which ~~ he vaguely made reference to sexuality.

I also read that ~~the birds are like men and the bees like women: Birds are free to fly wherever they like, but bees are enslaved to a single queen their entire life and their whole life is dedicated to keeping her alive. Bees pollinate flowers, birds spread the seed, men impregnate eggs, women give birth. Sex is key for survival of both ~~

So I'm the bee, obviously, and am enslaved to Loverboy ? Ah... what hogwash !

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Directions Dilemma

I stopped into Antigonish on Friday morning, on my way to Cape Breton. I could see the Tim Horton's sign from the highway, so I got off the highway, and made my way to it. After using the bathroom, getting a coffee, and the kids a treat, we headed back to my vehicle.

I wondered. Hmmm? Can I get back on the highway, where I got off, or do I have to head right instead?

There was 3 men parked next to me in a van, and they had the windows down.

Me: excuse me..

Me: excuse ME?

One of the men pointed at me, and the man closest to me turned around startled.

Me: Hi ! I was wondering if I could get back on the highway if I went left?

Man: ( said nothing, as he could not hear, nor speak)

And none of them could. They were all deaf and mute!

I was so surprised. He motioned me to ask again. They wanted to help.

I had so many things going through my head....

( Awww, come on ! Am I on Candid Camera?)

( Oh, let's just forget about it !)

( What are the chances I ask for directions and all 3 men cannot speak?)

But I gathered up some courage, and using the best sign language I know, asked my question and got my answer.

SO, how would you sign " Cape Breton" ???

Red Cap Restaurant

Dinner & Music
Friday, May 28th
Avery d'Entremont and Allan Doucette

Playing some of your favorite 60's, 70's & 80's music.
Chef's Feature:
*Pork Schnitzel with a Mushroom Sauce 13.95
Reserve Early

Proud Aunt

The Cook and Smartie Pants have finished school. Smartie Pants graduated "magna cum laudes" and now has started his career.

The Cook has her graduation this week, and is already working at the hospital.

I am so proud of them, and proud of the wonderful adults they have become.
I like to think their Dad somehow knows of their acheivements. He loved them so.
I am so grateful to have them in my life.

Tylenol Arthritis

Samples of Tylenol Arthritis, and they are going fast. There was just 1701 samples left. AFter you fill out the form, it asks you to register now or later... just hit "later".

GET YOUR SAMPLE HERE ... and stop aching.

Monday, May 24, 2010

We're expecting !

Yup, Loverboy and I are going to be parents once more.

Surrogate parents of turtles.
A mommy turtle came over from the "Chickie" pond and laid her eggs in our new soft soil while Loverboy watered the lawn. Loverboy seems to be feeling pretty proud, and even did some research. They are due to hatch in 72 to 80 days, and he staked the site, so it wouldn't get trampled.

After she laid them , she slowly headed for home, through the forest, so he "walked her home". What a gentleman !

Scale Club

A quick hello to RoJo and the scale club ! Hope the rabbit is feeling well, and her morning sickness is subsiding. It was nice seeing you yesterday ! You're pretty witty !

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Reactine Allergy

it's a three tablet sample.

Friday, May 21, 2010

React Gum

Get a free package of React 5 gum. You must have a facebook account. This site was totally cool, and worth the effort. GET IT HERE

Poop bag anyone?

Get your free Poop bag sample. It's biodegradable too ! ORDER IT RIGHT HERE

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Tylenol Arthritis

CLICK HERE for a $2.00 off printable coupon.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Still no jackpot winner. A famous Christmas Club group made their yearly visit to BINGO, and TS won $50, enough money to buy her own "you-know-what", since she ran out.

Jeux d'acadie schedules

volleyball ... men

Loverboy the engineer

I may be the carpenter of the marriage, but he is definitely the engineer.

To keep the gutter from pooling water on the new lawn, he has devised a get-up like no other.

One end of the camper's flexible sewer hose is tied to the end of the gutter, (8 feet in the air) and the other end is tied to the leg of a chair I have on the front porch.

Kinda like Buckley's .... looks awful, but it works !

Tiny little ants

Tante M is annoyed with these tiny little ants that are on the counter tops. I remember mom had them too.

I read that they likely come out of electrical receptacles (plugs) and along water lines.

Many use Windex. Spray it on counters, surfaces or directly on ants.
While you can not spray liquids on the electrical receptacle, you can spray the counter and wall around it, and carefully wipe the cover plate with Windex as well.
As for the water lines under the sink.... I would just squirt away under there. Can't harm much.
They claim ants will not cross where glass cleaner has been sprayed.

I also read they don't like Sweet and Low sweetener, or cinnamon. Maybe you should make a diet apple pie for them !

Also mentioned was bay leaves. Leave one here and there. They claim the ants will stay away, and some return after a few days, so you replace the leaves with new, fresh ones. After that... presto ! They are gone ! Sounds pretty easy!

Saturday at Old Navy

Flip Flips will be $1.00 a pair ( limit 5 pairs)

And just who is Stevia?

The residents at work made apple pies. Some had sugar, others had stevia ( a form of sugar free sweetner)

My dad always eats dinner at the Home. It's a barter system we have. He does our maintenance, and we feed him.

After dinner he looked into the fridge for any tempting dessert.

He closed the fridge and said to Sis....

"There's a bit of good looking apple pie left, but I see it belongs to someone else. There's a name on it"

"Really?" Sis replies. "Whose name is written on the saran wrap.?"

"I dunno" he replies and looks puzzled" ... "Stevia?"

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

LuLulemon Loot pages

Lululemon has an online sale. Free shipping.

Laundry Detergent

They talked about laundry detergent on the news the other day. Too much of it is hard on our clothes. Apparently, since laundry detergent went "liquid", we consumers are using too much. We should read the instructions. Many of us are filling the cup wayyyy past the line for a full load.
I read my bottle, and I admit to you, that I was an detergent overuser ! Shame, shame !

The line for a full load was not to the top, but a good half inch lower than the top ! I could barely even see the line !
In my opinion they need to improve on their detergent level indicator lines.


Hooray for Bens Bread ! They introduced the six pack of hotdog buns !! Finally they realized that we sometimes waste most of the package, and that hotdog and hamburger buns , frozen even for a day, taste like crap !


A mountable, clamp thing, designed to hold up to five pages. Have a look, and order your free sample by clicking their button for free sample ( in the middle of the page).


Tante T

Tante T, here's a sample for the restaurant business. Seafood flavours, all natural.
I know blue mussel extract doesn't sound too exciting, but there also is salmon.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Cell phone precautions

On Larry King tonight, they had advice from those studying the impact of cell phone use on our health.

to use an ear piece is better, or speaker phone
keep it away from your body as much as possible, even as you drive, don't leave it on your lap,, better to place it in the cupholder.
Don't keep in chest pockets.
don't use it excessively
don't get rid of your land line at home, and it's not a bad idea to cut down on the cordless phones in the house.
One thing I did find interesting was that the antenna of your phone is in the back of the phone, so when you have it in your pocket, place it so the back faces out, not in, towards your body.

Dad's 1946 Ford Truck

While he likes my blog, the story teller said he much preferred reading about antique vehicles, than scrotums. He mentioned my Dad's 1946 Ford Truck. So I asked him about it.

He was 15 years old when he bought the 1946 truck from Joe Vidal. The truck was 6 years old, and he paid $315 cash for it. Joe Vidal was a peddler from Iles des Madeleines. (I would say, that seems like a fair distance to come to peddle fish. Anyway...) he drove it at 15 and after he turned sixteen, then went to get his driver's license at Sylvester's. On the way back from the drive, Sylvester asked him to stop and he went into the vendor and got a pint of Old Tom Gin. He gave Dad a drink. What next?

He and my Grandpere Pussy sold meat from the back of the truck for a living. They sold meat throughout the Pubnicos, but my father sold meat to Argyle and surroundings without his father. He stayed behind to work in the slaughter house. He said that he had many steady customers... Chum bought cow tongue every week, and Roy Goodwin ( brother to Lawrence"Bud" and Ross) bought a neck every week. Wow. Sounds real good eh? Every Friday for 14 years , at 5:30pm, my father had supper in Argyle with Joe Hayes and his wife. Beans, wieners, and brown bread, was the on the menu. And on most Friday nights, my grandmother, Delima, would cook a cow heart and they would have it the next day. Some times she would even stuff the heart cavity with dressing. It was delicious. This picture is of my Grandpere Eve (Pussy) and Grandmere Delima.

Back to the truck story. It was a good truck, and he remembered it breaking down only twice. Once was on main street Yarmouth, where he got Joan Rodgerson to get out and push him along Main street while he started it. I never asked him why he didn't let mom sit at the wheel while he pushed, but I know Dad was a scrawny thing, and Mom, well, let's just say, she was a Rodgerson.

The second time it broke down was in the Rodgerson's yard at 10pm as he courted Joan. He went upstairs and woke her father, John, and asked him for the car to get home. Dad told him to get a taxi to go to the wharf in the morning, and he would repay him. Reluctantly, John said yes, and told him when he returned, he better see his car back in the yard.

Dad went home with John's car. All was well.

Before daylight, Harvey Pinkney called to see if Jules would go to the cattle sale in Kentville with him. He did, and they ended up spending the night as well.

When Dad finally got to Yarmouth, a day late, and drove down the Ellis Road, he could see a large figure sitting on the steps. John was a strong and muscular man, and a bit gruffy. Dad got out of his car, and sat next to him. Dad said" I figured I'd let him speak first". And he spoke and called him a couple names. Dad explained about the delay.

Trefry's garage fixed his truck. Jules married Joan, and he had a great relationship with big John. He sold his truck years later to a neighbour of Keith Spinney.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

May Mumbo Jumbo

The Hostess has a new kitten. This one she calls Kitty. The last cat, she named Puss Puss. Wow, isn't she creative.

The cook had a birthday today ! She's on the down slope to 30. I had a piece of cake made by LCutie. Tres, tres bon ! ( Hey BlowDry ... now you know who the Cook is !)

Nanny showed us a new jacket, and asked our opinion. We all said it was nice, and Son # 2, the charmer, says " it looks really good, and you look much younger in it, about ten years younger !" Good grief.

Tod has been into international coffees, or major day dreams. I don't know which one.

I can't pique quilts, but I can make and serve tea.

Why is it that when you really need to pee, the urge gets worse as soon as you see the toilet?

Gonna order a dozen "baby's first Christmas" ornaments as it seems 2010 is producing a few.

The Brady Bunch has been quiet. Gingersnaps and chocolate chip cookies are too heavy for flu-ish stomachs.

I know of a few blog readers that made Ginger Spice Girl's Cookies. I hear they were good !

Cowboy Cassanova has requested no more scrotums.

Poor middle aged men ... daughters are growing boobs, and wives are growing moustaches.

Ra Ra Rasputin

~~Rasputin was invited to Yusupov's palace, where he ate and drank food and wine laced with cyanide. He was unaffected by the poison, so Yusupov shot him. Rasputin survived this gunshot, and attacked Yusupov, so the other nobles shot him in the back three times. Rasputin still was not dead at this point, so he was clubbed by the nobles, wrapped into a sheet and thrown into the icy Neva River. The autopsy revealed that he died from drowning. ~~
Oh, those Russians.

The Sqwheel

Learn something new every day, that's what they say. In my search for some great deal to pass on to the blog readers, I found a deal for 10% of the purchase of a Sqwheel. Well, just what is it ? I asked myself.

It's a cunnilingus simulator, and in December 2009 Sqweel was nominated for 'Most Innovative Product' at the XBiz Awards 2010.

Well, what can I say.

For you Sis

My Sis is a great vegetable/fruit gardener. She's amazing.
Here's a vegetable garden guide from Burpee Home gardens

Sobeys and Hunts

Here's a great deal... from now till May 27th Sobeys is giving 25 Air Miles when you buy 5 Hunts Tomato Paste. Plus, they are on sale for just $0.59 each .

Ted d'Eon

a real bird's eye view ! He and Nigel did a great job, and I just loved the music !

Looking to learn? here's a list of events and course dates!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

For Tit Nat

Music video for you ....

yeah !

Today is National chocolate Chip Cookie Day

The History of the Chocolate Chip Cookie

~~In 1930, Kenneth and Ruth Wakefield purchased a historic Cape Cod-style inn, a Toll House ( meaning a place where travelers in Colonial times paid their road toll, changed horses and dined. Did you know this ?) It was on the outskirts of Whitman, Massachusetts.

The Wakefields opened a lodge on the premises, the Toll House Inn. Ruth did the baking, and her desserts were very popular.
One day in 1937, while preparing a batch of Butter Drop Do cookies, Ruth found that she did not have the baker’s chocolate required, and instead chopped a bar of Nestlé Semi-Sweet Chocolate into tiny pieces. She added them to the dough, expecting them to melt during baking; instead, the chocolate held its shape and softened to a creamy texture. The new cookies became very popular at the Inn; Ruth’s recipe was published in newspapers throughout New England, and sales of Nestlé’s Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar skyrocketed.
Ruth eventually approached Nestlé and reached an agreement that allowed Nestlé to print what would become known as the Toll House Cookie recipe on the wrapper of the Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar (part of the agreement included supplying Ruth with all of the chocolate she could use for the rest of her life). In 1939, they introduced Nestlé Toll House Real Semi-Sweet Chocolate Morsels. ~~

Hmm? Now that was interesting!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Shave School

If you never ordered that wonderful Venus Embrace razor, here's your last chance. I understand the offer still stands. GET YOURS HERE
And VirGo.. you are welcomed for the opportunity to get that free razor ! Always good to hear from a blog reader.