Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Lee valley

Has free shipping until the 11th. Their website is right here

Purina sample

Get a sample of Purina cat food. CLICK HERE

Bingo Again

Still, the jackpot remains.
No winners amongst our little gang of players.

A few laughs, of course.
A housekeeping topic was discussed, mostly by one.

And how do you treat a small drippy of some sort on your bedclothes?
Do you....
1) immediately strip the bed, even if it's after midnight
2) wipe it and forget it
3) change the bed tomorrow.
4) wipe the spot, place a towel over it, and sleep on it

It was the fourth one which got us giggling.
I have zero input in this one. I'm just the blogger.

Cloud Computing

Hotshots in the Internet world talk about cloud computing. You hear of it more and more each day.

Cloud computing ? well it's kind of like using software without purchasing , or needing to download it. Examples are yahoo email. All you need is the Internet to use it. The server and email are on the Internet "cloud" and Yahoo is the "cloud"provider.
"Why buy the cow, if the milk is free?"

Cloud computing is big, and a cool word to use. Even better it can save a company dollars. You can access software and things only the biggest companies were able to in the past. Clouds can be public, like Amazon, or private.
One of the challenges, however, is security.
Now you know.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Firearm Safety DVD

I have to say that this is an interesting freebie. Its available to teachers or organizations wanting to teach gun safety. You can order various titles such as:
1. McGruff the Crime Dog on Gun Safety (grades K-6)
2. It's Your Call: Playing It Safe Around Guns (grades 6-9)
3. Firearms Safety Depends On You (general audience)

4 Bad fast food meals

Four Fast Food Meals, that you'll enjoy now, but will hurt you later.
1. McDonald’s Deluxe Breakfast…1220 calories, with 550 total fat (17 g. saturated fat).

2. Burger King’s Triple Whopper with Cheese 1230 calories with 82 g. fat (32 g. saturated fat).

3. Stuffed Crust Meat Lover’s Pie from Pizza Hut .Two slices alone contain 82 g. of fat (22 g. saturated fat) with 1,000 calories.

4. The Mashed Potato Bowl with Gravy from KFC has more fat than the fried chicken with 690 calories and 31 g. of fat (9 g. saturated fat).

Women's Discharge

. ~~Can food affect the smell of women's discharge?~~
There is evidence that the scents of certain foods -- like garlic, onions, and asparagus, can crop up in your most private areas.
When the food is being broken down, the smell comes through all glands of the body, including those glands down under.

I read that if you are looking to improve the scent "south of the border", eat pineapple, oranges, and other acidic fruit.

As mother nature intended, pubic hair holds scents, ....therefore if you are smelling like the produce aisle, or like a Glade Tropical Garden candle, you can figure it out.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Fricot for lunch ... WEDNESDAY

Wednesday at 11:30
The gang from the musee acadien will be serving up Fricot.
Price is $7.00, which includes your fricot, dessert, tea or coffee.
Take outs available.

It's all happening at the Red Cap however, since the museum is too small to handle this popular event ! What a great idea !

Come and bring a friend !

Listen for CJLS 11 to 1pm

The seat sale starts today June 28-29-30-
The Grand Dinner Theatre starts July 9 th on from Wed-Sat

CJLS will be at the Grand Hotel today- from 11-1 pm -you can win tickets for the show by answering the trivia contest quizes!!!

Show this year is called STAYIN' ALIVE--DISCO--music by Bee Gees, Abba, Donna Summer, Donna Morton, etc.

Indian Cooking

Do you like Indian Food ? Want to try new recipes? CLICK HERE for a free recipe booklet .

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Pope headwear

The hat he sports on "random" days is called a zucchetto. : the Pope's zucchetto is white, those worn by cardinals are red, and those of bishops are purple . The black ones are no longer authorized, and often found in the miscellaneous bin at Frenchys. (Well, not really, but it sounds good.)

For special occasions, such my Christmas dinner party, he wears a formal headdress called a miter.

(The only miter thing I own is a miter box. So simple, yet so great)

Magic Powers

Oh, my magic powers are just about Ka-Put .! I tried to entertain a few little girls at Mrs. Fields with my never-go-wrong trick. But my accomplice was tricking me. I was working with 3 objects and she was working with 4. Started to look more like a comedy show, than a magic trick. I'll really have to work on expanding my acts. Brown
Mrs Fields' got a nice pad over yonder. I'll be by again.

travel tips

Here's a great freebie for the many who are planning a trip.

It's a 151 travel tips booklet.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Lotto Max

Doesn't appear that we have won... none of the millions went to our province. The 50 million was won by two people.
The numbers are 5 -22-28-31-39-46-48 bonus 4 Tag 603244.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Jump Ball

Son # 1 in action... front page of the Coast Guard.
CLICK HERE to see the front page, and once there, just click once on the picture to get a closer look.

Purina Sample

Get your cat a free sample of Purina.

TS, I know you order everything regardless. This form asks for your cat's name. You can put "Jules" if you have no cat. I'll never tell.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Albino earwig?

Nope. We once stored a white earwig in a jar, and called Marais to show him. When he came the next day, it was brown. ~ ~Normally earwigs are brown in color but right after molting they are white for a short period of time while the color is manifested as the body fluids flow and their new skeleton hardens.
The common term, earwig, is derived from the Old English Δ“are, which means "ear", and wicga, which means "insect". The name may be related to the old wives' tale that earwigs burrowed into the brains of humans through the ear and laid their eggs there.~~ Ok, that is gross.

Wicga is in turn related to wiggle and ultimately to other words implying movement, including way and vehicle. That's interesting.

Give? Receive?

Some nice person once said it is better to give than to receive.
I guess it all depends.

It's so easy, and enjoyable to receive.
And we give mostly cause we are nice, or hoping to receive.

Giving and receiving simultaneously, can be a challenge.
It can take a lot of concentration, therefore making the giving, and the receiving not as great as could be.
So... maybe it's better to receive after all.

Saturday at the Red Cap

Dinner & Music
Singer ~ Songwriter
Yvette d'Entremont


As part of the 6th Annual Tern Festival in partnership with Le Musee Acadien.

Chef's Features: Lobster Thermidor & Fresh Steamed Lobsters
Reservations Highly Recommended 762-2112

(Pictured is Lobster Thermidor, from an Internet source, and not from Red Cap photos. Sure sounds yummy !)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Biore Deep Cleansing Cloths

~~They are giving away 40,000 free samples to Canadians. You will get a cleansing cloth and a daily scrub sample, as well as a $2.50 Biore coupon~~ right here

Lucky Charm

Hard to believe, but Loverboy joined me at Bingo tonight.

I thought maybe he'd bring luck, and he did. The Walker won twice, and a couple more at our table won. He was a good sport. Made a comment about the mid game snack. He thought we were all dieting. I told him that usually they sell carrot and celery sticks, but they were sold out tonight.

So next week, the walker may as well pick him up. He'll be ready at 6:35.

Oh Babe

Son #1 doesn't want me to say " goodnight babe" anymore. Last night he threatened to put me in a head lock if I did, so of course I did. I ran down the hall, and begged for forgiveness. When he returned to bed, I peeked in and said it again. He caught me, trying to get me into a head lock, laughing as I tried to sing Sonny and Cher's " I got you Babe".

I made it free, and ran into my bedroom, and hid. Quietly I sang...I got you babe. Another trip chased down the hall, and the Silent One was hollering up the staircase.


Then Son #2 reports loudly from his bed.
"C'est mame qui act up !"
Darn... caught again !

School's out

Bet Blondie has been singing this all day !
I know LCutie sure has !
School's out.... ALICE AND THE MUPPETS

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Today we had a royal visit at the local museum, Thanks Mrs. B.

There was so much to see ! The antique dolls were interesting, and interestingly, they never looked too scary, except for one.

We sat in the Tee pee and had a snack, and had a yarn. It was awesome ! The garden is growing, and we checked it out as well. Local artists have an abundance of framed art, and Mme Nager's brother's decoys are there for us to admire in amazement.

While we were there, I wondered about the Kewpie Doll. I remember the first time I heard the name Kewpie. It was my grandmere Delima, using it in reference to someone with such a nickname. I could be wrong. The storyteller will set me straight.

Back to the doll... ~~The Kewpie doll was noted for its impish smile and eyes that are turned to the side. They were called Kewpies because of the strong resemblance to pictures of Cupid.~~

Remember this bird?

Oh, I remember him dipping in a glass of water at my grand-grand mere Elise... and I seem to vaguely remember seeing one a la shoppe a Flouffe.

What a great Christmas gift for all my family and friends ! Smartie pants always tells me I choose the best gifts. He'll be surprised when I get him a dippy bird for his new desk.


I was reading about tea. You should never buy more tea than you can drink in a six month peroid. And old tea bags can be used in your freezer to absorb odours, much like our friend, Mr. Baking Soda.

I love tea, and can drink just about any kind. My favorite is orange pekoe, and peppermint is very good indeed.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Alice Cooper

Growing up my brothers played a lot of Alice Cooper, and my cousin Mike had many of his albums. I have always liked many of his tunes. Especially some of the slower tunes like ...How you gonna see me now, Only women bleed, You and Me, and I never cry. Of course I'll soon be playing School's Out for the kids !
I also liked Be My Lover, although I haven't heard it in years. Here it is on good old youtube !


Get a free toilet paper roll extender ( to make those larger rolls fit better)

June Bugs

Ah, June.

It's been nice out, and we are all sick of school.
A week's vacation for me is right around the corner. Can't wait !

Played golf for the first time this year. I hit well, suffered from dehydration, got sunburned, got sore toes, and bit by a horsefly. Came into the storage area, and threw my golf shoes in the trash. It was a fun game! I learned that you can wear a walmart outfit and pull a Spalding bag, and golf better than opponents dressed in coordinating Nike from head to toe, pulling a Nike golf bag.

I am always eager to compromise.
Our bed now has a cotton fitted, and a flannel flat sheet. So far, so good.

Teeth and a job. Hard requirements to meet sometimes. Maybe you should lower your standards.

BB and the Sailor were looking for entertainment I hear. Calling me with the speaker phone, for me to enlighten them. Telling me that I can say it so much nicer. Ooohh ! I'll tell T.N. on you !

Been feeling lazy and don't know what to cook. I've been really hungry for something good, just not sure what it is. I looked at some cook books for ideas, and had to laugh. Looking through the Slow Cooked Dinners... and thinking that all my meals are slow cooked lately.

Mussels from Rudders would be good.

I would try that starfish position, but I have the giggles every time I want to mention it. Loverboy was being silly and his starfish impersonation still cracks me up. I may as well go to bed with Patrick, SpongeBob Squarepants' friend .

Next week... doggie style positions and variations.

That was a joke..
Yes Sis, I know. A very poor joke ! Hehe !
(Hope RoJo and the weight club aren't disappointed. Good luck tonight !)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Tylenol gelcaps

Here's a great coupon. $3.00 off Tylenol rapid release gelcaps. Print your coupon here.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

6th annual "Tern Festival” June 25, 26 and 27, 2010

The 6th annual "Tern Festival” starts Friday June 25, 26 and 27, 2010

I have never participated, and am not "a birder", but you'll agree they have a great weekend planned. I was amazed. Guest speakers, storytellers, many , many opportunities to visit areas of interest. And so inexpensive.

For Sale

It's really quite something. The Roman Catholic church is selling some land in northern NS to help pay for sexual abuse settlements . Selling for $15 million.
Do you suppose they will eventually have yard sales? To sell off stuff they aren't using? Similar to a going -out-of-business sale? I love some of the light fixtures, and I'm always interested in fancy looking dishes. Even a statue for the backyard would be ok. .... and stained glass is so nice.

A Halifax church once provided refuge for a homeless woman. Maybe they could be a back packers hostel, when no one is preaching. Lots of room for sleeping bags. Plenty reading material. Serving bread and wine for breakfast. What a great source of income !

Friday, June 18, 2010

Missionary Position 3

Just one more thing, I learned in my missionary quest for answers.
The starfish position is a missionary position. I can't say I ever knew this postion was called starfish. Male on top, & when he inserts his penis into the vagina, she squeezes her legs closed and has him place his legs outside hers. This can create friction from the penis and lead to a clitoral orgasm.
And that's all she wrote.

Corn Info, as requested

As for the removal, there are hundreds of suggestions.

One was : To remove stubborn corns in 3 weeks, tape a piece of raw onion over it each night. I don't know what Mr "Nager" would think of that.

Almost every site I read did suggest soaking your feet for 20 minutes, then using a pumice stone to "sand " the skin. If you don't have a pumice stone, you can use a piece of 40 grit sand paper. I'm serious. Home hardware should have some. And do not scrub hard, and do not remove too much skin.

They also mention aspirin . Crushing five or six aspirin tablets into a powder. Mix into a paste with a half teaspoon each of water and lemon juice. Apply this to the hard-skin spots on your foot, then put your foot into a plastic bag and wrap a warm towel around everything. The combination of the plastic and the warm towel will make the paste penetrate the hard skin. Sit still for at least 10 minutes. Then unwrap your foot and scrub the area with a pumice stone. All that dead, hard, callused skin should come loose and flake away easily.

As for corn pads, I read that you should avoid medicated ones. They pose more risk for an infection. And you should not use oval pads. ( aren't they all oval?)

"You research it, and I'll read it"... to quote Mme Nager, resident of West Pubnico, and corn sufferer.

Oh yeah

Loverboy must be mellowing in his old age. Last evening he dug 9 holes with pick and shovel, and never swore or complained once. And helped me plant some new shrubs. He even had the tape measure out to ensure it was all even.

Wow, talk about foreplay ! It had a better effect than vacuuming in boxers.

Charley the Horse

Yes, I had a visit from Mr. Charley Horse in the night. Right in my calf. Wow ! That hurts.
And I still feel it, like I got kicked in the leg. The best way to make it ease, is to flex your muscle, massage it, get up and walk. HA ! That's a farce. I couldn't get up, it really hurts.
The causes ( and there are more than I thought):
** straining a muscle
**the result of an electrolyte or mineral imbalance in the body.
**In some of the cases, a signal of the onset of a vascular disease.
**Low levels of minerals, such as potassium or calcium,
** in the neck area, might be the result of taking too much stress.
** pointing your toes
** kidney dialysis

And why is it called Charley? Ma, no one really is sure but ~~there was a horse named Charley that used to work at Comiskey Park, the Chicago White Sox's baseball stadium. In those days, an old, retired horse was often called "Charlie."~~

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Missionary Position 2

Can I elaborate on the previous post? Don't worry, I won't go on as I did with the scrotums. I did read something of interest that I wanted to share.

It appears that the missionary position, with a little variation (her legs on his shoulders), is still considered missionary position as he is above her. Of course this position allows for very deep penetration, and poking the cervix can be uncomfortable for she... however... grazing the cervix, is very pleasurable indeed. So, if you've been in such a position, and things are feeling intensely pleasurable.... your cervix is getting grazed just right.

Now ain't that cool ?

Cake Parade

And it's a good day to Bake !

There is an upcoming Cake Parade
for David B. Nickerson - who was injured in a motorbike crash.
Date: Saturday, June 19, 2010
Time: Doors open at 1pm and the cake parade draw starts at 2:00pm
Location: West Pubnico Fire Hall

Food donations may be dropped off at the hall after 10am.

And that same day , at the West Pubnico Golf Course - there will be a Dance from 9pm to 1am. DJ - Kenneth d'Eon - Donation at the door. Door prizes etc.

The Missionary position

Although the bible does not talk about sexual positions, Christians felt the man on top position was the normal, or right way to have sex, due to gravity and the flow of semen. They saw animals having sex, and therefore decided "doggy style" was unhuman.

The ancient Chinese also preferred male-on-top because of their belief that males are born face down and women face up. The Chinese emperors were obviously not hanging out in the delivery rooms.

According to Redbook, not the bible, women like this position mostly for the fact that you can see and kiss your partner. And that's' about all it's good for.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Twins are born

Sirloin twins that is... at A&W. They have 2 mini sirloin burgers for $3.49. Of course, it's for a limited time.

I know someone who had 4 momma burgers, fries, and large pop, and banana bread, and then wondered why he didn't feel so well. Maybe this little deal would be good for him.

Leo the Lion

~~Face the western sky just after it gets dark and you can easily find the moon, poised silently near Regulus, while Mars stands a few degrees to the south of the star. Don’t confuse Mars, which shines with a steady yellowish or orangish light, with bluish and potentially twinkling Regulus.~~

Regulus and the moon may seem to be pretty close to each other in distance, but don't be fooled. ~~A trip to the moon at 50 miles per hour, it would take more than 6 and 1/2 months but a trip to Regulus at 50 mph would take about one billion years!~~


I am so sick and tired of hearing the vuvuzelas. How about you?
When watching the world soccer games, have you noticed the noise? No, it's not your TV, it's vuvuzelas, being played by happy spectators. Many spectators.. like tens of thousands.

And it never stops.

~~Tests conducted late last month in a sound-proof studio, found the vuvuzela emitted 127 decibels, more than the air horn -- 123.5 decibels .

Hear the World said extended exposure to 85 decibels risked permanent hearing loss and urged fans to use protection, such as ear plugs and ear muffs.
FIFA President Sepp Blatter has defended it, though, saying it as as much a part of local soccer as bongo drums and chanting in other countries.
The study found that it was not only trumpets, drums and horns that can hurt your ears, two excited supporters cheering a goal on either side of you can produce 121.6 decibels, also drowning out a chainsaw at just 100 decibels. ~~

National Fudge Day

Today is national Fudge day. As I understand, fudge isn't really that old. Born in 1880, or close by. The origin of the word fudge, is very cute indeed. Someone was making this candy, and messed it up, causing a disaster product, and exclaimed "oh Fudge !"
Here's a Fudge-Making Tip: Always use a wooden spoon for stirring.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

O.B. Tampons

Get free OB tampons and this tiny discreet case.
OB has never been a favorite of mine, but I do carry the little case, just in case.
ORDER YOURS HERE if you haven't ordered lately.

Public Toilets

I went to a very important meeting today, and after a trip to the bathroom, we got into a different conversation. The bathroom was like no other. You could call it a two-holer. Imagine the picture to the left, without the privacy walls. That's right. One open bathroom, with two toilets.

I used the toilet in the far corner. It was cozier, and I felt secure on that seat. It was also across from the sink, and seemed to be the best, and easy choice. I assumed everyone would. BB went to the bathroom, and she chose the other toilet, the first one she saw. Toilet was ok, but there was no toilet tissue, which is unhandy, "since we can't shake."... to quote her. I couldn't believe her choice. Made no sense to me.
I researched this and : in a public bathroom, with several toilet stalls : some choose the first stall , because they are lazy, or they feel it is the cleanest, thinking the rest of the world uses the others. Some choose the middle stalls, as they feel more secure in the middle, and think the rest are choosing the firsts, or the last stalls. Some go right to the end stalls, because they feel people don't travel way over there, and it is the cleanest.

I use middle stalls myself. Never the first, and rarely the last.

And you??

June 15th

Happy 53rd Anniversary Mom and Dad !

If you're thinking Mom deserves a medal, you'll be relieved to know she actually got one three years ago. While relaxing in Quinan, mom and I were having tea, and watching Dad walking over from a visit with the neighbours. There were several young men and women following him in a single file. They were all very quiet. Dad had something in his hand. He presented mom with a medal for staying married to him for 50 years. As for the crowd of supporters? They were not there for support... they were there to make sure he didn't slip it over his own head, and change the story around!

Happy Anniversary !

Monday, June 14, 2010

The War of Jenkins Ear ?

SO, the sailor has me intrigued. I have learned of all kinds of wars in history, but don't remember being taught about the War of Jenkins Ear. Who the heck was Jenkins, and what about his ear?

~~Robert Jenkins, owner of said 'ear', was an English Sea Captain whose ear was said to have been cut-off by Spanish Coast Guards who boarded and searched his ship 'Rebecca'.
When Jenkins returned to England, with his ear pickled in a bottle, it had tremendous effect on the country.
The House of Commons summoned Jenkins to appear before them, and told to produce the 'ear', which he duly did.
Jenkins' 'ear' caught the country's imagination and the power of this shrivelled object was immense and became a symbol of English pride.
The attitude of the English people was that the Spanish must be taught a lesson, they cannot be allowed to cut-off Englishmen ears!
(But, had it really been cut-off by the Spanish or had he 'lost' it in a pub brawl? )
We shall never know, but the 'ear' was to start a war between Spain and England in 1739, to 1741.~~

The War of Jenkins' Ear is commemorated every year, the last Saturday of May, at Wormsloe Plantation in Savannah Georgia.


I'm always reading stuff, and the other day I was reading about a big event in Florida. And you could even order a vacation planner to organize your trip. I was of course interested in their tours and prices. They have tons of members, and the president is a hunk. Then I thought... Just what does IGLTA stand for?
International Gay & Lesbian Tour Association.
Ohhh... wrong bus.