Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Christmas Martian ... update

well I only found one clip...HERE

too bad it's not the smartie in the spaceship part... it's of a hockey game, and does not look familiar to me.

The Christmas martian

I found it ! While Mrs Little T. was doing hair the other day, she mentioned the movie she watched when she was young. It had a spaceship full of smarties in it.! It was the Christmas Martian, made in 1971. She claims to have watched it aux Club des Ambitieux building, in back of Marais' house. I think you are correct on that one ! I'll see what I can find for a clip !

Basement Guitarist

The basement guitarist has made his way out of the basement. About time, I'd say. Thanks so much for your entertainment tonight. It was wonderful. Loved the songs, the playing, and you have a great voice. I think all the old ladies will have sweeter dreams tonight !

Argyle Festival

August 2 to August 8th


New events:

Mackerel Toss on Thursday, August 5
The Car Rally/Scavenger Hunt is back! Friday, August 6
Argyle Abuptic Fun Run, Saturday, August 7
Bud's Barrel B-B-Q Chicken, Saturday, August 7
Bonfire at the Wharf, Saturday, August 7


The first day of school at Par En Bas, will be Friday Sept 3rd.

On Aug 31st, students wishing to change their courses, can do so from 9 to 12 noon.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Dr Hook

I thought of this song today...
Ahhhhhhhh ...... so very nice.

Bingo Again

A few bucks flying around me tonight, but none in my pocket. The avon lady did super, and so did this woman who won over $1100. But... the jackpot remains. Till next time.

Women and self esteem

It's really sad to see women who are unsure of themselves, and feel unworthy of happiness.
Being born a woman is a gift. Regardless of who you are, and what you do, and what you wear, we as women, are all worthy of love and happiness.
We are deserving of all good things. We are powerful. We are complex. We are all different. We are simply great. There is nothing we can't do.
There is nothing a woman can feel, or do, that hasn't been felt or done before. Yet, we worry when we don't excel as others, or when we feel a certain way. As women, we are so quick to judge ourselves. Be forgiving.

Love the person you are. Embrace your different ways. Don't expect to be perfect. Don't worry about how others perceive you. It's how you perceive yourself that matters. Be proud of who you are.

Tonight at the Red Cap

Dinner & Music

Tonight - 6pm
with Avery d'Entremont & Allan Doucette

Playing all the 60's, 70's & 80's classics!
Chef's Feature:
Pork Schnitzel served with a sage cream sauce,
basmati rice and sautéed fresh green beans.
Featured Appetizer: Homemade Bruchetta

Remembering Conrad

Conrad has been gone for 20 years, today. He was only 31 years old. Take a minute. Remember the Ti-Cotton from "tough street", remember his smile and his contagious laughter.

Little Joe and the Giggler

Good morning to you, my favs.

A portrait of innocence, laced with much mischievousness.... that's what you are.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

For Christmas I want...

...The autobiography of Mark Twain.
~~(excerpt from The Huffington Post follows) Mark Twain's autobiography will be published this November, 100 years after his death, per Twain's own dying wishes. A fear of being shunned for the shocking and controversial opinions that he voices in the document left Twain unwilling to release his autobiography until long after his death, but the time has come to unveil Twain's revelations about his own life. .
The book contains some shocking opinions which would have been extremely controversial in Twain's day, including a criticism of Christianity -- "Ours is a terrible religion" -- and of Teddy Roosevelt. It also reveals Twain's insights into his own writing process, such as a description of how he overcame writer's block while writing "Tom Sawyer."
The autobiography will be published in three volumes, the first of which will hit the shelves in November.~~

I am excited and need this book ... !!!!

For you Sailor

Free 28 page Lamb cookbook.
( Did you get that last one you ordered , cause I never did?)
Yours free. CLICK HERE

Where is the love?

Both boys were having supper at a friends so, as I was alone for supper, so I decided to go to the Red Cap. Kept my cell phone handy.
Had a great supper with my in-laws, and drove to my sister's for a coffee.

By 7:30 I decided to call the friends house, and to see if I can pick them up on the way by.
They weren't there. They had gone back home an hour ago. Called home twice, no answer.
Got home at 8, and there they were just hanging out with 7 friends outside.

Mom: When you got home the house all locked up, did you not wonder where I was?
Boys: No
Mom: You've been home for an hour and a half ? and have never thought...hmm? where is Mom?
Boys: No
Mom: Wow! You certainly dont think about me too much !
Boys: Well Mom, we don't care what you do.
Mom: well, I certainly don't feel too loved right now... (I said as I walked away)

There was silence for a minute. I was just about to walk in the house when #1 yells to the top of his lungs...

I LOVE YOU TOO !!! I yelled back.
and then there were plenty giggles.
I suppose it's the just the start .
Little boys turning into cool big boys....
Whew !

Reasons to drink wine

I was reading an article on wine.
I personally am not a wine lover. I have tried to enjoy, but just can't seem to do it. Oh, I can probably drink that Baby Champagne ... or Baby Duck. The cheaper the better.

Right KLS and the Stubborn Surette ?

Here are good reasons to have a little glass every day.
For your brain.... ~~Wine helps prevent clots and reduce blood vessel inflammation, both of which have been linked to cognitive decline and heart disease.
For the scale... seems as though ~~moderate wine drinkers have narrower waists and less abdominal fat than people who drink liquor. Alcohol may encourage your body to burn extra calories for as long as 90 minutes after you down a glass. Beer seems to have a similar effect.~~
(And here I thought the slender alcoholics of the community were slim because they had to walk all the way to the Head.)
For your body’s defenses.... ~~As little as half a glass may also guard against food poisoning caused by germs like salmonella when people are exposed to contaminated food, according to a Spanish study.~~
For your ovaries...~~ When Australian researchers recently compared women with ovarian cancer to cancer-free women, they found that roughly one glass of wine a day seemed to reduce the risk of the disease by as much as 50 percent. And in a recent University of Michigan study, a red wine compound helped kill ovarian cancer cells in a test tube.
For your bones... ~~Alcohol appears to boost estrogen levels; the hormone seems to slow the body’s destruction of old bone more than it slows the production of new bone.~~

Monday, July 26, 2010

Terry Stewart

Terry Stewart passed away yesterday.
Last year, I had the opportunity to meet him and have lunch with him, his wife, and Pete Luckett ( pete's Frootique) at a banquet of some sorts, celebrating Nova Scotians. I was never sure which man impressed me the most. This video of his life was shown and he received an award. It was very touching. And certainly is today. SEE VIDEO HERE

RIP Terry Stewart.

Free Honey Nut All Bran Bar

Have you ordered the free All Bran Bar sample? If not, here's your chance to. CLICK HERE

Free Golf Balls ?

~~Free Golf Ball Club is a new Canadian company. It is their goal to foster brand loyalty and brand marketing initiatives for major golf manufacturers. They are currently pre-registering members, and will begin shipping free sleeves of golf balls on September 1st, 2010.Visit and register to receive 1 free sleeve of golf balls each month at no cost. You will not be asked for a credit card, but you will receive special promotions direct from the manufacturers, local golf shops, and local golf courses.~~

Giving Fellatio

I was surprised when asked by this certain single woman, to research and blog about tips for giving fellatio. After much thought, I figured that these tips should likely come from men. In my opinion, I figure there is nothing you can do with your mouth, on his genitals, that he would not like. But, I promised to blog something. Here are my findings...

Fellatio comes from the Latin verb fellāre, meaning to suck.

I wondered why it is commonly called a Blow Job, when blowing is neither required or desired. I learned that a long time ago, in England, prostitutes were called Blowies, as the word blow, was slang for ejaculate. That's where it comes from.

Let me add, that one can still get an STD from performing fellatio and that condoms and dental dams can be used to protect against STDs. ( I've never seen a dental dam, and I know nothing about it, so don't ask me at the post office)
Now let me sound like my mother or Dr. Ruth, and add: that sex, any kind of sex, is best between people who love one another.
In summary, what I read was that most men would like more oral, and they would like us to ...
*Go slow ( treat his organ like an ice cream that we hate to see end)
*Lend a hand, and explore other parts (thighs, testicles, and anything else) Remember, you're in no rush.
*They say, don't worry. There’s no need for you to take in all his penis . (I did read that some people use Chloraseptic Throat Spray or children's teething gel to numb the back of their throat and allow for easier deep throating and swallowing. What next? But then again, if you are earning a living this way, I suppose it's a small investment. Many of us buy cars and expensive dress clothes to do our jobs)
*Sound sexy, a little umm will do
*Pretend you like it
*No teeth please
* Lots of saliva is needed
* Straight men say that gay men give the best fellatio. (Does this line even make sense??)
*And lastly...~~plenty of guys really don't care, or don't even like, their lover swallowing their semen. Many more guys haven't even had the chance to find out the difference.
But for most guys, swallowing makes a (positive) difference. Spitting, or evading the ejaculation altogether, brings on a sense of rejection. ~~

No offense to the many men who read my blog. Men are wonderful ! But sometimes they're hard to understand. We women claim to feel acceptance in a relationship when we are first asked to meet his family. Men feel accepted when you give them fellatio. Sounds a bit shallow eh?

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Achooz Samples

Get a free sample of Achooz .
They are saline nose wipe thingys.
Comes in two flavours , or smells.

Chez Pierre

Exmoor Rabbit Pie‎
1 rabbit ( 2 if wild ones)
all the veggies cut up into about 1 inch chunks
2 potatoes
3 carrots
2 parsnips
2 leeks
2 celery ( grandma would not have had this and probably used a turnip)
2 cloves garlic
2 onions
generous pepper, onion salt, parsley, sage, thyme
1 can chicken broth
1/2 bottle red wine, any old plonk will do
put in a big pot and simmer for an hour, separate the meat from the bones ( could be longer than the hour)
The admiral's pie crust: 4 and 1/2 cups flour
1 and 1/4 cup very hot water
1 cup real lard
pie crust on the bottom
put the pot of bunny and veggies and juice in it
add the top
oven at 375ºF for about 45 minutes
Very, very, good

Free Map!

Equinix would like to offer you a limited edition 2010 TeleGeography Submarine Cable and Equinix Data Center map. ORDER HERE
I ordered one. Hope it comes, sure to be interesting.


Taint is the area scientifically called a perineum. It's a slang word that I just learned. (Thank you AL)

The taint is the area between the anus, and your vagina, (or the base of your penis, if you have a penis). It comes from the word "it ain't". (It ain't your anus, and it ain't your vagina, it's the soft space in between.)

I read that in men, massaging the perineum spot is a preventive practice to combat prostate cancer. And it is very pleasurable when he is an aroused state. A good place to rub, or gnaw on.
His taint is about twice as long as our taint.

It should be common knowledge that if you are constipated, and use your fingers to firmly push in on the area of your taint, you will be relieved of the pain and pressure of the bowel movement, and should have an easier movement.
Now you can't say I don't know shit...hehe

Better fast food choices

Wendy's Ultimate Chicken Grill Sandwich
Calories: 340 Fat: 7 grams (shown here)

Subway Roast Beef Sub
Calories: 330 Fat: 4.5 grams

Taco Bell Grilled Steak Soft Tacos
Calories: 320 (2 tacos) Fat: 4.5 grams
Soft flour tacos have less fat than hard-shell tacos. Just skip the extra cheese and sour cream.

Speed Cleaning the bathroom

Having guests over in a minute? The one room you need to have clean is the bathroom they will use.

First, flush the toilet, add some bleach, or cleaner. Brush around the sides and under the rim. Then move on to the next task.
Give things a quick shine. I have 3 spray bottles with equal parts water and white vinegar in my house. It's great for a quick shine up. Spritz onto paper towels or a microfiber cloth, and do your mirrors first, then get the soap drips, and toothpaste on faucets, countertops, and in the sink. That's the best thing about the vinegar and water solution, you can clean it all !
Wipe the back of your dusty toilet tank with the same paper towel, and over, under, and around the toilet seat. Flush the toilet now that is has had time to freshen.
Throw away your paper towel, and pick up the garbage.
Hang a clean towel & check the toilet tissue, and floor... and you're good.

Shopping in the city

Starting next month, I'll be posting deals for back to school shopping in the city, for clothing. Don't leave for the city without a deal in your purse.


Who invented the yummy breadsticks.? There are two stoiries
1) In 1675, the young duke of the House of Savoy, Vittorio Amedeo II di Savoia, was nine years old and sickly. The physician suggested bread, “well leavened, well baked with little crumb and very crisp.” ~~The duke recovered, his build improved and he became the first Piedmont king, in 1713. The breadstick became the preferred bread in the Savoia household, and thus became known and appreciated by all visiting royalty and aristocrats of the time.~~

2)According to records,~~ in 1643, 32 years earlier, a Florentine abbot found a novelty bread “with a bizarre shape, that is a bread loaf an arm long and thin like dead bones” in a town outside of Turin. Going back further in time, a reference can be found to a special type of bread called pane barotellatus—in the dialect of Piedmont, barot means stick.~~

Laurent's Latest ... Seal Island

Recently, when Doris Amirault phoned me to say her husband, Daryl, was planning a trip to Seal Island with their lobster boat, “Bailey Marie,” and a crew of about 25 local tourists, including children, I was quick to add my name to the list.After an absence of 34 years, I just had to visit the island. The last time I had been there was as a census taker with Mike McDonough, the Yarmouth census commissioner during the big census of June 1976. Some of the islands, including Seal, fell in his district. During that trip, we had interviewed 87-year-old Winnifred Crowell Hamilton, whose family roots ran deep on Seal Island. (Mrs. Hamilton, who lived on the island for 93 years, died in February of 1982.)This historical island is situated about 14 miles southwest of my Yarmouth County home, and the island is no stranger to many of our Annapolis Valley readers - especially those who spend a lot of their time birding. This sometimes includes students from Valley universities who work on special projects while living their summers on the island. Veteran renowned birder, the late Robie W.Tufts of Wolfville, devoted lots of time to the Yarmouth County island and wrote about it in many of his books.For a bit of history: 400 years ago, in 1604 to be exact, French explorer Samuel de Champlain and his entourage, on their way to Isle Sainte Croix, Port Royal and world history; visited the place and saw hundred of seals. They named it Isles Aux Loup Marins (Seal Island). The first French sailors were impressed by the beauty of the place- the abundance of fish, seals, game birds- plus the charm of the surrounding islands. Seal, about four or five miles long, is the biggest of this island group; the others are Mud, Flat, Round and Nuddy - very descriptive names. Collectively, they are known as the Seal Islands by writers, tourists and fishermen. They are an extension of the Tusket Islands.Some fishermen from Shelburne County still have homes on the island and live there during the lobster season. A small community exist there, with several dozens houses, fish sheds - or shanties, a big lighthouse with a beam that can be seen for miles; they even have a church, which has survived many storms. At one time they had a small general store, post office and a school. There are lots of sheep running wild on the island, and legend has it they were put there many years ago stranded sailors would not die of starvation, as early shipwrecked victims had done.

Unlike sailors of days gone by, our group in a modern boat made it to the island in less than two hours. There were two reasons why I wanted to visit this island. I had enjoyed my earlier visit as a census taker and always felt I should return to see what changes had transpired during the last 30 years. The second reason was my grandfather had fished east, west and at both ends of Seal Island during the days of sail, and had told stories about it a hundred times or more.We landed on the west side of the island and, from the boat, we could see most of the community, houses scattered here and there; fish sheds and the Seal Island Church situated on higher ground. A few people could be seen going about their business, sheep were still running loose (same as last time I was there). Vegetables gardens had fenced enclosures to keep the animals away.The properties were well kept, but what impressed me most was the little church had been completely restored; fundraising, donations and a bit of government money had paid for the work. The church, with a tall steeple, was built many years ago with money raised by Caroline Crowell (Mrs. Hamilton’s mother). This was accomplished the old fashion way: quilting bees, community suppers, donations etc. They never had a resident minister; services, including Sunday school, were conducted by mainland preachers who often visited the island community.Our group spent three hours on the island. We walked the length of the community- about a mile or more- visited the light station, the kids had fun on the sandy beach - and it was a learning experience for all of us. I hope to return, but I can no longer afford to wait another 34 years.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Saturday and Sunday at the Red Cap

Chef's Feature: Poached Scallops served with a creamed spinach sauce, basmati rice and roasted vegetables.
Wow, this sure sounds yummy !

Coffee Sample

Gano Excel makes coffee. And they are willing to send us a sample.
HERE'S THE LINK (They will ask how you found out about the sample. Please choose internet search site, easier than putting referred by a friend, as they ask the name of the friend.)
Denco and I were discussing coffee, over a cup of coffee, yesterday. I never used to drink much coffee, but when I have time to really sit and savor it, I do like it. I use my plunger coffee carafe that sis bought me a couple years ago. Add the loose coffee, and boiling water, let steep, and plunge down the coffee grinds. Works great! I really like to make coffee when I am camping, and am the first one up. It's the best. I think I like making coffee as much as I like drinking it.

Gilles memorial Golf Tournament

It's the BIG G Classic !
This year there will be a grand prize draw for an AIRLINE FLIGHT FOR 2 ANYWHERE
West Pubnico Golf & Country Club
Friday, August 13, 2010
Entry Fee: $15 per person
Registration: 12:30pm
Shotgun Start: 1:00pm
Meal Included!
Please Register in advance at the Golf Club.
To register call: 762-2007

Anterless Deer Draw

They are starting to receive entries for the draw on Monday July 26th.
and save it to your favorites !

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Tag... you're it

What do all those tags or extensions mean?

JPG stands for Joint Photographic Group and it's a graphics file type or extension, which simply means it's used in a computer file or program that has a picture.

TIFF stands for tagged image file format. Its used for storing images, it is a type of file format. It is used for pictures needing the best quality of all.

GIF.... Graphics Interchange Format are pictures that are compacted, and use little space on a computer. They are composed from a 24 colour palette, therefore are great for something such as a company's logo, or anything with limited color.

BMP ... stands for Bitmap. They are uncompressed images and are everywhere, and you can resize them easily. You use them when adding a wreath on your holiday greeting card, or when making a yard sale sign. Because they are made of pixels, resizing them does not always do a great job. It can get distorted. I use many Bitmap pictures, or random JPG on my blog.

Oxy Clinical Sample

Get on the road to clear, healthy skin ! That's what they say !... great for teens, or those with acne.

Free Recipe Booklet

CLICK HERE for your copy of Healthy Cooking with Stock. Has over 50 recipes.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Bingo report

No money won
Discussed the temperature at the legion in the winter, so we'll know how to dress.
Entertained the thought of coming at 5:50 for a game of cards first, then we worried we'd be so dedicated we'd end up bringing a lunch box for our supper.
Someone mentioned the lady with the phelgmy cough was not there. Hope she's not ill.

Men and their phases

Today BB and I went to a meeting. On the way back, we travelled the old roads, had no rush, and spoke of many things. Since it was my anniversary, we spoke about marriage and men.
She told me that one of the best insights she heard on men, and dealing with a husband, came from the cuter one. She should know, after all she's been married more than twice as long as I.

Men have three phases they go through.
There is the lover phase, where everything is great and he can't get enough of you.
Then there is the husband phase,where he really focuses on the household and being a good husband.
Then comes the prick phase, where he is a acting like one.

If you don't like one of the phases he's in, you wait it out, and he will go into the next phase.
This phase rotation never stops. So she has this all figured out.

But what she says she can't figure out, is how one minute we are so angry at him, and the next minute we have his penis in our hand.

HST was born

Sample from Vichy

Vichy wants us to order a sample of Vichy Aqualia Thermal SPF 30 moisturizer.


Today is our 15th wedding anniversary. The song that was popular when we first dated, in 1993 was the Proclaimers I'm Gonna Be (500 miles). You could call it "our song". It always makes me crack a smile. Our first date was in August 1993, when we were partners in a husband and wife tournament. Afterwards LaLa and "honey" brought us across the lake, fly fishing, and for a picture on la roche a fesse, and to supper.
Here are a few of my favorite love songs, and my favorite lyrics..

Eric Clapton's Wonderful Tonight ... ( super live video) Oh my darlin', you were wonderful tonight.
Sara Evans' I could not ask for more .... here with you, here with me
CLimaxx Blues band's I love you .... got what it takes, so I made you my wife
John Denver's Perhaps Love ... (awesome video) my memories of love will be of you

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

On vacation

I've been on vacation since Friday. It has been great ! At work our clocks must turn slower, cause time really flies when I am home. Yesterday was a good day to kill spiders in the garage, and I massacred and baited earwigs. Tossed out stuff, washed, swept and worked outdoors all day. I had an outdoor "to do" list, and the kids were very eager to help. That was nice !
I made homemade lemonade which I shared with the neighbour. ( dissolved 1.5 cups sugar in 1 cup hot water, added 1.5 cups lemon juice, and 6 cups cold water.)

Last night I got groceries and the school supplies. They are ready to go ! Hate to sound too overly eager ...haha ! Many claim that the school bus is the nicest vehicle on the road.

Now, if Loverboy could soon come home.... where is he? It seems like ages since we touched. I'm starting to sound overly eager again...

Monday, July 19, 2010

Tues and Wed at the Red Cap

Chef's Feature for Tuesday July 20th - Chicken Alfredo served with garlic bread.
Wednesday from 6 to 8 pm, Yvette d'Entremont will be entertaining.


This is for the Rock Road golfer. I hear you are having a maggot problem. We recently learned of a great product. It's called Ortho Home Defence, kills flies and mosquitoes (therefore eliminating maggots). You hang it inside your green cart, by attaching it to the middle of the lid. You must secure it well, or else it will go with your garbage when they empty your cart.

Avery has some at Del's Home hardware, go see him. Good for 4 months. Cost less than $15. The Red Cap uses it with success. We have just bought some for home and business use.

The Walrus

The Walrus, a Canadian intellectual magazine, is giving two free samples. They publish 10 times a year. After month #2, they send an invoice for $23 or 24 dollars. If you want more, you pay, and if not you write cancel and mail back. I know, what a frig !

You can order yours HERE. The city space will only allow 13 spaces, they told me twice after I pressed submit. So if you are from Middle or Lower, shorten it up to Lr. W. or M.W.

Labia majora

It's Monday morning, time for my sexual health segment. It's only fitting that I write about the labia majora, since I already covered it's partner labia minora. ( It would be like discussing the little dipper, and not the big dipper. Agreed?)

Labia majora is the larger outside pair of labia (lips) of the our external genitalia. I already wrote about the line on the man's scrotum, and it's relation to the female line, or formation of these lips. So we all know why they are formed.

These lips swell when we get excited, just like the labia minora does. Like the men, blood pools in the pelvic region and this swelling causes the lips to open and expose the vaginal opening a bit more.
After sex, the swelling should subside. I did learn that sometimes the swelling may last a couple hours or more, and this can be due to the lack of orgasm. Kind of equivalent to a man's case of 'blue balls". It will go away eventually. Take a cold shower.

These outer lips can vary in size, have pubic hair and they work as the security guard. They entirely hide, or partially hide, the treasure that lies within, protecting it from dirt and bacteria. If you shave your labia majora, you will know why that little Vajayjay visor I blogged about a couple months ago, would be a great thing. Little Joe: hopefully I can find us a sample or even a supplier. There is always a stray hair or two on the majora that seems to be living on the edge and it takes an awful lot of caution to get rid of it with that razor, or other method.

The labia majora contains numerous sweat glands, oil glands and nerve endings.
After menopause, the labia majora starts to go to pot, and things flatten out, as they lose most of the fatty tissue that gave them shape. They no longer swell like they did before menopause. SO you gotta love 'em.

If you don't like the appearance of your labia, well you can have labiaplasty. Surgeons can modify it's appearance. And if your labia majora is too flat, a surgeon can inject fat and make those lips a bit more plump. Right now, if I had money to throw around on any surgery, changing my labia would be last item on my to fix list. The only lips I would like more plump are the ones right under my nose. (Then I would look more like you sis...xo)

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Temple Grandin

Thanks to the "teacher who tracks four kids" , I just listened to an online chat with Temple Grandin. It was awesome. Temple was voted one of Time Magazines Most Influential People Of The Year. Also the HBO movie "Temple Grandin - Thinking in Pictures" is up for 15 Emmy nominations.
The interview was an hour long, and she took calls. I really enjoyed listening to her talking about her own life, and how she managed travel, work, and her free time.

I ran into a very excited woman the other day at Sobeys. I'll call her the "blond boat builder". She wanted to tell me she was a blog reader, and that she was excited to see me blog about Temple Grandin. Oh BBB, you really missed out on a great interview !
She plans to be at the Emmy awards, and she's got a great new shirt picked out for it !

The Tern man

He was by and checked out our birds. A red eyed vireo is hanging around I understand. I hear him today. He's not the loud mouth that drove us nuts... I listened to his song online. Thanks for coming, and if it gets bad again, I will call you.

Kitchen cabinets

Thought I would share some stuff I read on cleaning kitchen cabinets. My sis is the expert on this and always taught me to store stuff that I don't always use, and it will free up space for the things I do use frequently.
~~Working on one cabinet at a time, pull everything out and give it a cleaning. Now assess what you've pulled out of the cabinet.

Check out your stuff: should go somewhere else? Do you use it once a year?
Does the cabinet have a lot of extra room ?
I am a big fan of serving spoons and large forks, of all kinds. They do however, take up lots of room. For years I had an extra cutlery tray in my dining room "dresser". Last winter I moved it to a kitchen cupboard, since I was always travelling to it. Made sense.
Get rid of equipment and appliances you never use.
Maybe if it's old enough and you can sell it to Pep or the "old lady" at the mile long yard sale.
Larger items such as mixing bowls, waffle irons, and baking trays generally go in undercounter cabinets. But if those cabinets are crowded, they suggest to consider hanging pots, pans, and any other equipment with handles or loops. (Not my suggestion)
Dry goods: Bags of staples like dried beans, rice, and sugar are odd shapes for shelf storage. It's more space-efficient to store these in labeled see-through plastic bins or storage containers.
Pots and pans: When you're dealing with pots and pans, the biggest challenge is likely that of storing their lids. A simple bin can serve the purpose of collecting pot lids in one place, or you can buy a wire pot lid rack that will keep them in a neat row. I bought one from Regal about 15 years ago, and it's still going strong.
As for Tupperware... they had no suggestions listed. In my kitchen, I think the cupboard with plastic containers, and small tupperware, is the most disorganized. Apart from the plastic colander I have hung on the inside on that cupboard door, the rest never stays neat. I'm on vacation this week, and must look over it.


Available once more are samples of K-Y® Brand TOUCH MASSAGE® 2-in-1 WARMING™ body massage and personal lubricant. The request form is here
The free sample is 15ml in size. Delivery is about 6 – 8 weeks.
Tip: Don’t put a space in your postal code.


Saturday was so eventful, I don't know where to start.
Wharf activities, and the Piano Teacher's birthday party in sunny Belleville. What a party ! Glad I went for a bit !

Then Stag time rolled around. So much fun, and laughter ! One of the single ladies had a blog suggestion... I'll see about that it a couple weeks. ( The drunken conversation in the van was an eye opener ... sorry no details, only memories) The dance was awesome and hot. Security was short but tight even though I tried to distract him with my white feathered BOA. Saw Smartie pants, Tante N, and the Windy One. Met many good looking young men, half my age. One was practically a neighbour. Even bought a couple of them a drink, after I replenished my pocket with the 50/50 draw winnings !

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Saturday and Sunday at the Red Cap

Pork Picatta - Pork loin breaded in a egg and parmesan cheese mix, pan fried until golden brown and served over fettuccine with a tomato sauce. Includes garlic bread.
I have had this before. Very good indeed !