Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Black Garlic

There's a new product out there. Black Garlic is also called aged garlic. It's really regular garlic that has been fermented for a month at low heat .
It supposedly is flavourful, taste~~ like garlic cooked with a tamarind-molasses-balsamic-soy sauce flavor. ~~

Those who like it, like it alot.


New studies show that they best way to pour champagne is with a tilt, like you would a beer. It will preserve the effervescence, and bubbles is what you want in champagne. .... and here I thought we poured beer on a tilt only to prevent a head on it. Apparently beer consumers like the effervescence too. The picture shows the wrong way to pour it. Maybe I'll buy a bottle for the White Point get together..... Cheers !

Blog Smog

My computer, and my laptop have gone to Buicks for a tune up. Wow. I miss them. Loverboy told Buick..it's an emergency, as she needs to blog ! Funny.

Yes I will blog about the golf game. We were par. Very good indeed. A great team we were: myself, LaLa, Lcutie, the Hostess, and Just-in-time. We all had bragging moments ....of course the Hostess had 3 unbelievable putts, and hits that new club like there's no tomorrow. On #8 LaLa hit her tee off further than I have ever seen anyone hit. Down the hill, and ran up the next one and out of sight. Just a chip needed. Amazing.

We talked of laundry, (washing sheets), and Christmas trees... and other unmentionable things. Hard to hit well when you are laughing so much.

CSAP must have gave a lot of thought when they decided that starting school on a Friday before a long weekend would be awesome. Go CSAP for being unique !

Moose and Goose.... sounds yummy.

Hasbro hasn't yet invented it, but I played the "Coming out of the Closet game" on Saturday. Oh the Cook... she has such cool friends !

Had cedar planked Salmon last night. Bought it at the Co-op in the frozen case. It was a beautiful thing.


Kitchen party at Sylvester's Lounge, at the West pubnico Fire Hall.
$5.oo per person
7:30pm - 9:30pm
Local Artists Philip et Wendell d'Eon -
Entertainment with storyteller Laurent d'Entremont
Tea, Coffee, Juice, and snack !

BINGO at 7pm at the legion

At the Red Cap...And if you like old rock and roll and country music , you may as well stop by for supper and to listen to musicians Alan Doucette and Carl Surette. Call 762-2112 to reserve.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Cool as a cucumber

I read this today, and thought I should share since today was such a hot day.
To keep as Cool as a cucumber! ~~Slice a thin piece of cold cucumber and stick it in the middle of your forehead~~ Supposedly this feels great and works.

It may not look too bright, but the cucumber slices on the eyes never looked very bright either.

Baby Club

Expecting? or have a baby under a year old?

Heinz has a great package for you when you join. Check it out HERE

Perianal color

Now here's a topic you don't read about every day.
Let's talk about perianal color.
Some researchers think that anal colour is due to too much coffee and soda drinking, and bad wiping habits. Others say that the colour of your perianal is genetic. Much like the colour of your nipples. Some are lighter, and some are darker. By the teens years, darker colour is usually noticeable.

If you are a porn star, or a stripper, or simply a housewife who is paranoid about that area, you can get a loan and get your area bleached. According to CBS news, anal bleaching is on the upswing, despite the fact that it doesn't last a long time and is costly.

~~Anal bleaching is banned in some countries, namely France and the UK, due to the cream's active ingredients, namely hydroquinone, a long suspected carcinogen. Mercury and other chemicals are also be used as active skin bleaching agents. ~~

I will not be held responsible for anyone reading this and getting a foolish idea such as using Javex near your anus.

Monday's Sexual Health Post Part one

Well, I had a request for a post, however I was rather unsuccessful in finding any answers.
Lightning Crotch, as it is refer to, happens quite often in pregnancies, and I know many of you have had this shock down below, as you approached the end of your pregnancy.
Some, non-pregnant women, also have shocks down below, in the groin, in the stomach, the neck, the head, the chest, the breast, the leg, and anywhere else.
It's cause is vague, unless it's happening very often. If it happens once in awhile, it can simply be a sign to slow down, you may be tired, anxious, stressed, nerves are repairing themselves, and some people get this lightning jolt when withdrawing from nerve medications.
There were many diseases which cause electric jolts, one being MS. Fibromyalgia, and Lyme disease were mentioned as well.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Jello Shots

What a great idea if you are going to transport them to #5 hole at the golf course, on a boat, in your cooler, in your kayak...etc.
See how to make jello shots... HERE
Popular flavor combos are:
Margarita shot: Lime Jello,Triple Sec, Tequila.
Daiquiri shot:
Strawberry Jello, Rum.
Pina Colada shot: Pineapple Jello, Coconut Rum.
Mojito shot: Lime Jello, Light Rum, Fresh Mint, Sugar.
Lemon Drop shot: Lemon Jello, Vodka.
Mai Tai shot: Orange and pineapple Jello, Rum, Almond Extract.
Mimosa shot: Orange Jello, Orange Juice, Champagne.
Amaretto Sour shot: Lime Jello, Amaretto , Lemon Juice.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Metals in Lipstick

Does your favorite lipstick have toxic heavy metals in it? Lead isn't allowed in paint, and on toys, but we are wearing it on our lips. Back in 2007, these lipsticks made the lead free list: Avon's color rich, Body Shop's lipsticks, Clinique's Long Last, Dior Replenishing, Revlon superlustrous, Estee lauder, Revlon's Colorstay, Wet and Wild Mega Colours.
To test it:
1. put some of your lipstick on the shiny side of some aluminum foil
2. rub it in for about a min.
If it is black, there is toxic heavy metals in it

Friday, August 27, 2010

Stayin' ALive

The Stayin'Alive Dinner Theater is done on Aug 28, and was a very successful show this year ! Donna Summer wants to thank all the locals who supported them !

Thursday, August 26, 2010

School answering machine

Mrs L shared a video of an Australian school's answering machine.
Listen to it, it's good !

Your volume is working...it's starts off silent, but at 32 seconds, the phone rings and the message begins. LISTEN HERE


I read this today.
Non organic peaches were number one on the Dirty Dozen list in 2009. Meaning they have many pesticides on them when they are bought by us at the grocery store.

This year they ranked number two with only the residue of 62 pesticides on them.

Holy Hannah ! Can this be true ?

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Root awakening Sample

John Freida has a root awakening package for us. Free !

They ask for your phone number, but it's not required, and I would just leave it blank.

The Storyteller wants to know

just why did I want to go to Iceland? After my brother died, I realized that those things on my bucket list were not going to just happen. It was time to start crossing off some dreams. Life is short !

Iceland was a place that no one seemed to want to travel to very much. But it intrigued me. Voted the safest country in the world, with a population less than Halifax. The people must be nice ! A telephone book with only first names? The fire and ice. The Blue Lagoon. I wanted to see it all. Loverboy did not want to go, and gave me the OK to go. My first call was to BB, who took my call, but was on the other line. Quickly I asked her if she'd like to go to Iceland for a few days in July. Yes ! she said. Talk to you later. She hung up, and I remained, phone in hand, and stunned. And it was several days before she called back. Then the planning began....

Some of the travellers didn't even know each other prior to going. We sat at the airport, and the piano teacher, a real people magnet, attracted this very talkative woman. She asked where we were headed.
" Ohhh.... so you are all friends?"
" No" we answered, then chuckled cause it sounded funny.
But we certainly were friends by the end of the trip.
Louisiana is next on the list... and my Iceland friends are coming.

The Bingo Report

Well the Walker was back, and brought me good luck ! I won twice, enough to pay for a little more than 4 nights at BINGO.

And our table was very lucky indeed !
The hostess entertained us, and we wondered why we even sit with her. Must be the menthol smell . Mickey Mouse is now trained and save us our seats. Merci !

The Hostess had hard questions about some blog posts.... what kind of candles? Surely not birthday, or pillar candles.... and what about that sideways. It must be tiring?

And Curly stopped by to tell me she now officially reads my blog. Learned how to put the computer on, and find it. I'm so proud :)


JS wants to be a dragonfly.
Dragonflies are not really flies, they are some kind of insect species called oronata.

** A few facts, and a very sad one indeed.***
They hang around water as they lay eggs on water.
They are territorial, so when you see two chasing each other through the air, it is often one male chasing another from its territory.
Dragonflies are not born with wings. They spend lots of time in the larva stage ( up to 3 years) and when you see a winged dragonfly, you know it's toward the end of its lifespan.

Still want to be a dragonfly?

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Free Purina Cat food

If you haven't already ordered a sample. If you can't remember, they will tell you.
I wonder if anyone is feeding Mitaine?

Free Correction Pen

Make mistakes? I do.
Here's a free corrrection pen from Ringtonica.

Free Protein Shake

From Whey Gourmet. A sample of a 120 calorie protein shake.

Dream a little dream

Here's a live link to iceland's

And a live link to REYKJAVIK.

Looking forward to soon spending a few days with my "Iceland" friends. SKal !

Monday, August 23, 2010

Wine and Cheese

On Wednesday Aug 25 th...
All are welcomed to a wine and cheese and viewing of the paint exhibit .
It all happens at the Acadian Museum & Research centre, across from the fire hall in West Pubnico
Start Time: 7:00 p.m.
Refreshment served.
For more information contact the Museum at 902-762-3380


Tonight, as I was doing laundry, I was thinking.
Years ago, people washed and changed their clothes once a week.
Was that really such a bad idea???

Tombstone Index

Ted d'Eon photo

It's just amazing. It's a wonderful idea.

The Acadian Museum has just finished a wonderful project.
Cemetery Liz compiled all individual tombstones in West Pubnico Cemetery, sorted them alphabetically, took their picture, and their GPS coordinates.

And it's all available for the world to find with ease. Just awesome. Great Job Cemetary Liz ! !
CHECK IT OUT scroll over the small picture on the bottom, and you will see the name.

Free Stayfree

Free 18 count package of Stayfree Ultra thin.
Click here and scroll down and choose Stayfree, and anything else that may interest you.

They'll mail you a coupon for the free package asap.


Good Monday Morning. Cunnilingus is the topic. Looks like it may be a wet one ( pardon the pun). It is giving showers.

Cunnilingus comes from two Latin words : cunnus ( a not so nice word for vulva) and lingua (which means tongue) The word cunnus is considered vulgar, and in my opinion, so is another word derived from it .....a word we hear in America that starts with c and has 4 letters.

How old is the art of cunnilingus? Old. As old as fellatio. As old as the hills. ~~Even Napoleon referred, it would seem, to cunnilingus in letters to Jos├ęphine early in his career. He said, "I kiss your heart, and then a little lower, and then much lower still."~~
Do all women like receiving oral sex? Nope. The biggest reason is shyness. Having a partner so close to your privates, can be uncomfortable. Some worry about smelling nice. Men aren't so worried, so lighten up. Some claim the 69 position is overrated, as some women worry about having their butt at his nose, and many find it difficult to concentrate on receiving while giving.
So what do we women like? According to various sources, we like to receive on our backs, we like a gentle, warm tongue, licking & sucking . And there's not much need to venture further down south , or worry very much about the vagina ( unless you plan to arouse it with a finger or other). A clitoris being licked sideways, rather than up and down, has been documented as very pleasurable.
What do we not like? There wasn't much we don't like. Two things I found. Teeth was one thing. The second thing: women don't like it when you are at a great spot and you move away in the height of it all. In a good relationship, I think we women should be able to tell you where to stay, verbally or physically. And on the other side of the coin, you men should be in tuned to our bodies, and know when you are being a star performer.
Is it sinful? Well that depends. You see, some religions believe it to be sinful for the following reason: sex is meant to reproduce, and because you cannot get pregnant through oral sex, they feel it's unnatural. In my belief system, what makes you happy, and your partner happy, is perfectly ok. If you are wondering if it's sinful, ask your religious leader and please don't give him my blog address. Haha !

I feel compelled to inform anyone reading, that oral sex and sexually transmitted diseases are no joke. Unfortunately, some don't feel that oral sex is sex, but it certainly is, and it has its own risks.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Eat Pray Love

Last night I sat with the "Gails" and we spoke of a few things. One was the fact that Loverboy doesn't read my blog, and was wondering why people have been calling him Loverboy.... and another topic was the movie Eat Pray Love, which I went to see this afternoon with mom.

Hmmm... and just what should we learn from this movie. In my opinion, alot of it had to do with regrets and forgiving.

I always liked the saying" never regret anything that made you smile". And if you truly believe that, it'll free your soul of a lot of stuff . It'll lighten you load. You maybe shouldn't have done that, but you did, and it's all part of life. It's part of learning. Learn from it, forget it and don't regret anything that made you smile.

Missing a relationship, either a good or bad one, is normal. Give it time. It will pass.

Maybe the moral of the story is that you can't truly handle anything when you are bogged down with regret and the need to forgive and let go. Not just forgiving others. Forgiving yourself as well. We can be tough on ourselves.

Turtle report

OK, we were getting impatient with the baby turtles, and dug up the ground to see if they were still there. we found 5 eggs, and cracked one open. Inside we found a yolk and "fetus", all very fresh. Ok, now I feel bad.
We reburied them.

Now we'd like to incubate them.
I read some stuff that said they can take longer, depending on temperatures, and on their sex.
Does anyone have an incubator?

Tern man? can you help?

Lady Di Got Hitched

Yes, it was a whirlwind wedding. Beautiful, and lighthearted, and so Diane-ish !
I just loved the exit song they chose as the left the church. They stood on the steps together, and a love song began. Just when I got thinking, why are they not coming down the aisle? The slow music stopped, and a lively tune began, and the bride and groom happily trotted down to " I will follow him". When I turned back to look, the bride had her bouquet in the air, as much to say...Yahoo !

The groom, had a wonderful speech, enough to make some tender hearted tear up. He thanked everyone for the wonderful gift he received.

A good time was had by all !

Saturday, August 21, 2010


won in Yarmouth County on Lotto Max's Twist.

Thirteen of you had 6 out of seven shaded numbers, and shared the prize. $1070 each.

The numbers were :

Friday, August 20, 2010

The Expendables

A good movie, action packed, a little humour too, and a lot of brutal violence.
So much violence, that when we were leaving and walking through the parking lot, I told Loverboy I felt unsafe, afraid we were going to be jumped or gunned down. Needless to say, I had avoidance paruresis during the show. I wouldn't have went to pee, if you paid me to go.

Free lighting magazine

Looks really good ! CLICK HERE

Reactine sample

there's still some left. Act quickly. CLICK HERE

Avoidant Paruresis

It's a cool name for those who can't seem to pee anywhere but at home.
Most people with avoidant paruresis look for empty restrooms, think of water, and run the tap the help. Some are simply afraid to be heard peeing.

The Cook is not a sufferer of avoidant paruresis. While on the phone with her the other day, she interrupts and says

" Oh by the way Tante, I'm peeing, ....if you hear water"
Me: Oh . OK then...
Cook: it's not everyone I let hear me when I pee, so consider yourself special.

And believe me, in some strange way, I do.
Love ya Cook !

Ol El Paso

There's a great deal out with a Ol El Paso Taco kits...

Buy one of their kits and get a free 2L of coke.

Look for the newer product packaging on the shelves.

Skincare packette

The people at Shiseido are giving away a skin care packette. A three step skin care sample. Order yours here. Offer good until Sept 18th.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Heartburn and hair

I always thought it was an old wives tale, that a lot of heartburn during pregnancy meant the baby would have lots of hair.
Today I read: "researchers from Johns Hopkins University, say there is a correlation between the severity of heartburn in pregnancy with the amount of hair your baby has at birth. While the study was small, it may be that the same hormones that control the basics of heartburn also correspond to hair growth of the fetus."

Canada Cup

I stand corrected.
LaLa told me tonight, that my "provisional ball" story was wrong. The ball not a titleist. It was a Canada Cup golf ball that the Hostess had played.

Thanks for setting me straight ! And thanks for the ride home as well.

Y & R

I bought Nivea cream today, giving up on the Oil of Olay. I'm combating wrinkles, and fine lines. Trying to age gracefully like the Rodgersons. Wish me luck, as I have a lot of Cesaire in me. Big boobs, thin lips, & no butt.

Yesterday I had the TV on while cooking supper. Victor Newman was on there with his long face.

Son #2: OMG... are you watching the Young and Restless ?

Me: Yup. And they are just that, young and restless.

Son #2: they may be restless but they don't look young. Gosh ! They have more wrinkles than you Mom!

Me: thanks... i think.

Seafood Guides

Here's a link for free seafood guides from Monterey Bay. You can choose from numerous different guides, from Hawaiian, west coast, east coast, etc... and there is even a sushi one for the Cook ! They are listed on the bottom half of the page when it open up.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Belly Button Lint

Seems as though people think Belly button lint comes from your shirt, but studies prove it travels upward, comes from your underwear, picks up some stray shirt fibres, a few dead skin cells, and some hair. How nice !

If you wear a variety of colours , you will end up with fluff of a grayish blue colour similar to the lint found in the dryers lint screen.

The hairier you are, the more lint you'll collect, and outies don't collect lint. Women don't collect much lint, and are not usually impresed with belly button lint.

One man has been saving his lint, and his collection is pictured here.

BINGO report

Well, the jackpot remains.

I came home with empty pockets, and so did Mom.

The place was packed, even KLS and the Tshirt Hanger were there with their daughters.

We had a laugh, when the Hostess said to the Avon Lady....

" Well, remember what I said last week?"

A.L. replied:" How can I remember something you said last week, when you never stop talking ??"

And a moment later, the Hostess had BINGO, and her voice echoed throughout the land.

Tans, Sun, Sunscreen, & Cancer

Up until the early parts of the 1900's.. like 1920-1929.... a person with no tan was considered lucky. They must have worked inside, at a good job, and had fashionable clothing and hats which protected them from the sun. It was prestigious to be fair skinned.
Then it was decided that the tan was far better. Then skin cancers were 1 in 33, or close to that.

Fast forward to now, skin cancers are 1 in 55, and we are slapping on the sunscreen.

Now they claim " Some sunscreens, like Panama Jack Naturals Baby Sunblock SPF 50 contain oxybenzone. Oxybenzone is used because it blocks UVA and UVB but it gets absorbed into the skin, acting as a photosensitizer. Because of this it is believed to be a likely photocarcinogen. As if that weren't enough, oxybenzone is also a hormone disruptor that has been found in the urine of 97% of Americans over the age of six ."

Here's a link to find your sunscreen and it's safety rating. Best sunscreens are listed here, and the worst as well.

I love Hawaiian tropic, mostly because of the smell... reminds me when I was young..hehe. It doesn't rate too great !

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Wednesday at the Red Cap

Avery d'Entremont & Allan Doucette from 6 to 9pm
Playing your favorite 70's, 80's, & 90's music
Reserve your table today - 762-2112

Dollars for Gold in Yarmouth

Went to Dollars for Gold today. They will be there Wednesday as well. They are in the Digby room at the Grand Hotel. They check your gold with a magnet, then check to see how many carats your pieces are, using an eye piece, and sometimes another machine. Your 10k gold is weighed, and so is your 14k, 18k, etc.
Then they tell you how much they will give you, depending on the weights and price per ounce.

I got paid $60 for a several single gold earrings, two broken rings, an old ring I didn't want, a piece of chain, and a broken anchor Loverboy used to wear. At least the stuff is gone from my jewelry box, where it did nothing.

I did come back with two rings I decided to keep, and a gold bangle an old boyfriend had given me. They "ultrasounded it" and told me it was gold plated . So, that's gone to the trash... hehe !

Survivor Nicaragua

................................I'm a survivor fan, & the new series starts on Wednesday Sept 15th.
It'll be a battle of ages... over 40s against under 30s.
There is a new twist, something called Medallion of Power. If the team plays it they get an advantage such as a clue, or a head start.
The oldest gal is Jane Hammett-Bright at 56. She's a dog trainer.
The oldest man is Jimmy Johnson, an NFL broadcaster for Fox Sports and a former pro football coach. He's 67.

Sears Outlet online

Check out the Sears outlet online store, and use these valuable coupons codes for even more savings.

Use the code 941612130 if using your Sears Mastercard or Sears Card (Recieve 30% off)

Use the code 941612129 if you don’t have a Sears Mastercard or Sears Card (Receive 25% off)

Makes a pretty good deal, as the things in the outlet are already reduced.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Birds and Breasts

When speaking of birds, such as Boobies, and Tits, .... they seem to have a breast meaning. But they don't really.
Actually, the Great Tit, Siberian Tit, Yellow Tit, and many other tit birds... come from the Scandinavian word "tita", which means small. ( Likely our french word ~petit~ comes from there too. It's just my educated guess)

Boobies likely comes from the word bobo which means "dunce". Boobies (plural of Booby)are pretty tame birds, and pretty dumb also. If you remember Captain Bligh of the Bounty , they ate boobies, as the birds would land on the ship, and were easily caught and ate.

(The word Tit, the slang one for breast, comes from the word teat, which means a nipple, either on the body, or on a baby bottle.)

For you men, who were dissapointed in my muffin picture on todays nipple post, here is a better picture.
It's one of a Great Tit.
Surely to be appreciated by at least the Tern Man.

30% off printable GAP etc..

For August 26 to 29th. for GAP, Banana Rebublic, and Old Navy.
Use this coupon. It does says US only, but Gap claims they will honor it in Canada.

Monday's Sexual Health Post

The nipple is today's topic, by request.
Of course there are all sizes and varieties, and problems.
But its main purpose is to deliver milk.

So why are they on men? Because they are leftover. Remember the fetus, who gets either a split, or a fused line in the scrotum? Well the nipples are all formed before this gender stuff is decided. So we all have nipples, and they all are the same, with all the same components.

Do men want their nipples played with? It appears most do, but some don't ( one man said "there is a real hotline between the nipples and the penis")

Do men favor a certain type of female nipple? Nope, they like them all. They like the surprise !

The erection of nipples is caused by the pilomotor reflex, the same reflex that causes goose bumps. As you know, cold, and sexual arousal, will also cause the nipple to harden, in both males and females.
And for some people, male and female, the sexual arousal of the nipple only, can become intense enough to cause an orgasm. Pretty powerful eh?
Actually you can use nipple stimulation to induce labor (but do only if your cervix is effaced).

Boys going through puberty have all kinds of hormones, and estrogen can cause their nipples to swell a bit, looking somewhat like a female nipple, and tender. Thankfully, it all goes away.

Breast reconstruction, involves a breast mound, and usually has no nipple for a few months as it heals. Tattooed areoles and peel and stick nipples are sometimes both used for short and long term periods. Some fancy stitches can recreate the nipple part, and painless tattooing will create the colour of the areole. ~~Nipples created in this way will not have the physical sensitivity of your original nipple, since they won't have the same nerves and blood supply as a real nipple.~~

As for augmentations of breasts, or reductions: less than 3% of patients lose their nipple sensitivity. After surgery, for a few months, some complain of increased sensitivity.

Mammograms and implants?I read that yes, implants can interfere with detection of cancer. But supposedly its still an effective way to detect. The technician must know of the implants. And depending on your implants, there is a chance that they could bust during the squishing.

Nipple hair? perfectly normal, to have a few. Hormones are the cause. We all experience it. However, see a doctor if it is excessive, or especially if you have a hair growing on your actual nipple itself. I wasn't surprised to read that the tweezer is the best way to get rid of it.

Sunday, August 15, 2010


Spent six nights at Keji. Was a wonderful time.
A beautiful week vacation with absolutely gorgeous weather.
Rode 10k to Merrymakedge, and lived to talk about it. It was hard and hot, and somewhere near my taint, things felt a little sore.
We were in good company, with Lancette Armstrong in the lead, and the Rock Road Jock in the back of the pack, tending to broken down bikes, and a fast crash ( Nothing really broken but your pride. Right Tit Nat?) Had a coffee ritual by day two, with the Stubborn Surette.

Swam, biked, & kayaked, and saw much wildlife.
We had many laughs and even more important, the kids had a blast.

Had a small delay in leaving as I locked the truck keys inside. It gave us enough time to have dinner and a quick swim while waiting for Road Side Assistance. Hehe!