Thursday, September 30, 2010

Happy 50th to the Flintstones

Premiere was Sept 30, 1960.
The first intro song was this : CLICK HERE
The one I remember is HERE.
I once read that the flintstones show was one of the first to introduce the problem of infertility, and adoption solution. The Rubbles adopted Bam-Bam.

Willie Peppers

Thanks to the Cuter one, for sending me these cool pics. They'd be a great seller at Thursday's farm market.

Yes, you are here

Hi to Alice in Wonderland.
You have made it to my blog.

I've got the joy, joy, joy, joy, down in my heart !

What's for supper Walker?

Scrambled eggs ?

I checked my fridge and I have no eggs missing.
That doesn't exactly prove innocence, I know.

Pancake breakfast

Friday, October 1 · 7:00am - 11:00am
Location: Musée des Acadiens des Pubnicos
Pancakes with choice of syrup, fruit, juice, tea or coffee

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Nothing to report.
No laughing fits.
No spilled water.
No cleavage flashed.
No sassy remarks.
No jackpot won.
One leg cramp.
One hot flash.

Bra Bravery

Sunday, upon my return, I unloaded my suitcase at the washer like most women do. Just about everything needed to be washed. I looked down at the shirt I was wearing, took it off, and tossed in it the washer. Wearing my nice silk bra with criss cross lace, I picked up my empty suitcase and headed out of the laundry room.
"Hi ! Is son #2 around?"

Oh No. The little voice of a young boy startled me.

" Hi Luce, sorry I'm in my bra. He's upstairs. No doubt your mom parades around in her bra sometimes".

Hmm.... Not really. ...and we walked side by side up the staircase.

After putting on a clean top, I passed by my son's room. I overheard him say...
"you're mom has a shirt on now. She was in her bra when I came."

Son #2 moans sympathetically.... " Oh God."

Dog Food Sample

Purina has a free dog food sample for us.

Blog Reader Confesses

At the romaine lettuce section, Drysdale shares a bit of info.
Apparently at the Drysdale shack, they have actually read some blog tidbits of interest. They enjoyed knowing Mme Boat Shop was caught by police, and they also now know how to properly measure their penises. I hope there were no big disappointments.

Now I will defend that statement by saying that, of course, I am pretty sure there was no measuring done on site. And please refrain from sharing any measurements with me. Besides, I'm sure, like most facts heard inside the Drysdale shack, it would be exaggerated a bit.

I'm glad to know you men are into reading good, knowledgeable stuff. Keep it up ! (pardon the pun)

Breakfast meeting at the Red Cap

The Red Cap is hosting this morning's CAAE breakfast meeting .
Always a good sharing of info at round table.
Hope to see you there PRS.

Tonight at the Red Cap

Alexa and Lise Newell will be entertaining the patrons.
6 to 8 pm.
A chance to see them if you missed them earlier this summer.

Free kleenex sample

send a pack of kleenex to someone you know, or to yourself, or someone in your household.
Leave a space in your postal code.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Police Alert

Thanks Bert for the police warning today.
So kind of you.
I was also warned by my Father-in-law.
When I drove by the police were busy.
I did however, have a full unopened case in the back.
A full case of depends, that is.

Ginger Spice Girl

You can start now. Start baking cakes.
This year's upcoming Co-op baking contest is for the best cakes.
You gotta watch out for Mrs. Fields.
Not only does she make prize winning chocolate chip cookies, I heard that for her birthday she made her own cake 'cause it's the best.
Truthfully, I doubt you stand a chance.
It's just not your category.
Hopefully next year the glory will be all yours.
So sorry for the depressing news.

Free Pens !

Test drive three pens from the makers of Bic, uni-ball, expo, & sharpie. You must get your company's name imprinted on it. They'll only allow one order per household or IP address. Totally free, and only in Canada.


you and your cervix

Good morning to you and your cervix !
The cervix is at the end of your vagina, and as big as a quarter or a loonie. It's got a hole in the middle called an os. Cervix means neck in Latin. It's the bottleneck between your vagina and uterus. The normal cervix in this photo, is not mine.

It's usually pink, but for most pregnant women, it can be bluer due to increased blood supply. During your pap test, the doc takes a few cells from your os for the lab testing. The size and shape varies depending on you, the hormones, vaginal birth, etc... but it doesn't really matter. Most of us don't try to peek, but it is possible with the right equipment.

Mucus coming out of the os or covering the cervix is for sure normal. There are many different discharge colours and textures due to the time in your cycle. The pasty white discharge is when you are not fertile, and the egg white sticky mucus, happens when you are fertile.

The cervix builds a mucous plug for an entire pregnacny. It's other job is to act the same every month, until your period comes around. During your period the cervix opens slightly to bleed and this opening process can cause cramping. Menstrual cramps. Many women have less cramps after one vaginal childbirth because the os opens a little easier.
Some scientists believe that during your orgasm, the cervix does some kind of convulsing and the os opens a bit, all to allow sperm easier access into the amazing race zone. This it isn't really proven.

I once spoke of the cervix, and it getting poked by your partners penis during deep penetration sex . A slight grazing can be pleasurable, but a good poke might not feel so great.

Give your cervix the love it deserves. Have your PAP test soon !

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sand, surf, and bunnies

Had an amazing time with my Iceland friends. We spent a few nights at White Point. As BB said, if laughter is indeed the best medicine, we should be topped up for awhile. We laughed so much. ( Aunt Rain.... thanks for the tenjooberrymuds joke. It was priceless and had us rolling on the floor. )
BB learned how to work on a puzzle. She was in charge of the cat. Her conversation at Charlotte's Lane made our jaws drop and definately lightened us up.....pardon the pun.

The cuter one showed us her competitive side at cards, and another side we won't mention.

Tit Nat was stunned to learn that jails have better recreation programs than nursing homes. She makes great scallops. She has tough feet.

The piano lady played us a note or two and she loves sleeping under the stars. Her Chinese salad was scrumptious ! She likes wine and hot tubs and reminiscing about Ellenwood.

VON likes footwear, and isn't into "shrooms" yet.

And I...tried to slow down the cuter one, made a candle lit luncheon, forced them to eat jello, sang "Lay Down Sally", and was scent free.

And the lesson we learned, was to leave footwear on the deck in case at night you get locked out easily and have a long walk to get help.

6 women, all locked out, all barefoot. At least we were all dressed !

Friday, September 24, 2010


Jeggings... most of you already know what the word means. Part jean, part leggings.
A great skinny jean for JS perhaps.

AVON has jeggings. They have tons of stuff.
CHECK out the catalogs here. Call 762-3364 (Rose) if you want to order something.
Order going out Sunday.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Can't you see

I was listening to Matt Minglewood yesterday while making supper. Of course, I love the song "Can't you see". I love his little rant before the song begins.

I also listened to Marshall Tucker Band, and their shorter version RIGHT HERE.
And another great song of MTB is " HEARD IT IN A LOVE SONG" ... I wish Son# 1 would learn this :)

And speaking of music.. and I have mentioned this tune before.. guaranteed to make you wake up... the first lines are : Well I don't mind, waistin' my time on this crazy afternoon
I got sunshine and red wine, a friend-o-mine, takin' it easy .
DO you know it? It's Linda put the coffee on...come'on listen to it here ! Crank it up!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Polyp farm

This may look like the land of the aliens.
In fact, it's the land of stomach polyps.
A little farm.


I don't use Softlips, I use that stuff with lead in it that last all day.
But if you'd like a coupon mailed to you for Softlips ( great stocking stuffer) CLICK HERE
Only in Canada eh?

Bingo Report

Jackpot remains.
Mickey Mouse and the walker each won.
The hostess said her pussy was dead.
No water was spilled tonight.

I liked Oliver... he was a cute cat.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

September Stuff

Saw the storyteller walking with a walking stick. It appeared to be the walking stick belonging to Mr. R&R. Hope I am wrong. Maybe you have your own :)

I bet Mitaine is glad school's back in.

Love on the rocks. Sex on the beach. Causeway beach.

It appears that Mme S may be getting private golf lessons. She's golfing mighty good these days. Hope to see more of her next season.

Epilating get togethers. Not a bad idea.

I have now been using cruise control on the west side. Even M-pet-pet passed me by.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Corned Beef Hash

I was reading an article about corned beef hash. I read that corned beef is treated with saltpeter and it's usually imported from Argentina, Brazil, or Uruguay.
You should consider making some. It's good !
Potatoes, onions fried in butter, salt & pepper, and of course, a tin of corned beef.
Did you know that there is a national corn beef hash day ?
It's next Monday!
Mary Mike would be proud !!

Free Reusable Bag

The men standing in the cranberry bog have something for us today.
Order a free reusable bag here.

I know Barbie and I both received one in the past. It was great for the purse, as it rolls up and clips. Never forgotten at home or in your car!
I filled out the form and it seemed to work.

Octane Auto Sales

Octane Auto has a great new website.!
Lots of inventory and their website makes it so simple to search for that special vehicle .
I went under Contact Us.. and checked out their staff ! Impressive !
Check them out.

Dumb and Dumber

I have been so forgetful lately. So dumb. I thought it was a new thing, until this morning.
This morning I found Easter candy, that had hidden away in the spring.

To sharpen your brain and memory...

1. Indulge in Caffeine and Chocolate...~~Memory experts say consuming a little caffeine and chocolate each day may help you remember information better.Strive to get your caffeine from black or green tea. When you buy chocolate, choose dark varieties made with at least 60 percent cocoa.~~
2. Sleep on It... Get a good night's sleep.(eight hours )
3. Work It Out....~~Aerobic exercise improves your memory. When you exercise, your brain receives a larger-than-usual supply of blood more blood means your brain gets more nutrients and oxygen.~~
4. Eat the right fats... like salmon and sardines 4 times a week

Mi-careme en septembre

An acadian french comedy, with music and dance.
Presented by the Acadian Village in Lower West Pubnico.
It will be at the amphitheatre.
Tomorrow, Sept 21st, at 1:30pm.
Admission is $5 (includes a small luncheon of tea, biscuits, jams & jellies)

So, are Frenchmen really better lovers?

So, are Frenchmen really better lovers?
Sorry to
French men are romantic, and even like to write love notes. Women love this. ( I didn't say acadian french...hehe) I think things such as French kissing, french maids, menage-a-trois, and Paris itself, has done great things in promoting the french as
wonderful lovers.
But in between the sheets, they aren't #1.

You'll bring him to your apartment, and make passionate love. He'll spoon you all night, and kiss your hair gently in the morning. After another romp in the sheets, he'll sit and share a croissant with you, while wrapped in your crisp white sheet. On the way out, he'll gather a couple flowers from your own window box, and pass them to you with a wink.
And that's it. He goes.
Unlike our world, french can have sex, and not expect to be stalked.
No one is sitting by the phone. Yes, this is a quality of great lover ~~The French treat sex like they treat their drinking habits: "More lightly, as a game, something to be enjoyed." ~~
But we are talking about sex and performance, are we not ?
Caribbean men, who have been brought up in a world of dance and hip movements, are supposedly good lovers. I just knew it!
A physically fit man, who has good circulation, and therefore a good erection, is supposedly a good lover.
Here are some of the things we women think makes a good lover.Men who tease you in bed, who vary in speeds during a love session (slowly savoring to a fast hungering for you), who are interested in your pleasure. Also mentioned is variety in positions and places, so we won't get bored.
Spain has the best lovers according to a poll. Their sexual confidence, whether they are good or not, makes them very appealing to women and leaves us chicks very satisfied.
Confidence will carry you a long way.
Listed in the post below, are the best and the worst lovers.


World’s Worst Lovers
1. Germany – too smelly
2. England – too lazy, let women do the work
3. Sweden – too quick
4. Holland – too dominating
5. America – too rough
6. Greece – too lovey-dovey
7. Wales – too selfish
8. Scotland – too loud
9. Turkey – too sweaty
10.Russia – too hairy

World’s Best Lovers
1. Spain
2. Brazil
3. Italy
4. France
5. Ireland
6. South Africa
7. Australia
8. New Zealand
9. Denmark

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Chicken Tale

When I was a young girl with a drivers license, I was sent to Liverpool's IGA for some chicken. Our family was camping nearby.
Mom had a note written, and it said 1 2-3 lb chicken

I bought the chicken and when I returned, mom was asking for her change.
CHANGE? are you crazy? I had to use some of my own money to pay for it.

I had bought twelve 3 lb chickens.
She wanted one 2 to 3 lb chicken.

They sold the chickens to campers.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Great freebie for young girls

What a nice "kit" for young girls who have started, or are soon going to start menstruating.
It comes with samples, information , and a nice tin case.


Friday, September 17, 2010

Hospital Horror

Brought one of my ladies to Kentville today. She was having daysurgery there.
Needless to stay I spent a fair amount of time hanging around.

I couldn't wait for my chance to get a new magazine or two to read, but much to my surprize, they don't sell any?
None. Nada.
No newspaper, no gossip paper, nothing.
I didin't realize how much I like to read. I had to find something to read !

So I read all the brochures on all the daysurgery procedures.
I'm ready for whatever procedure you may need, from sinus to anus ( to quote someone I know).

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Ok ! I stand corrected !

It's not celibate... it's a celebrate Fall retreat !

Yes ! That's right.

What an idiot I have become.

I was blonde as a kid, and I think it's showing. Guess I need a vacation !

Thanks BB for setting me straight ! I am relieved.

Good grief.

Celibate Fall Retreat

That is quite a name for a retreat that I am going to.
I thought celibate retreats are held for people who are trying to decide if celibacy is the way for them.

For me it means a three night/four day break from being a mother, employer, and wife.
Time to relax, swim, paddle, laugh, nap, daydream, sing, eat good food, and think about the opposite sex.
The celibacy part will no doubt be short lived.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Bingo Report

Rose in the Dress looked for us again tonight. How kind!
Well, Mickey Mouse was absent yet another week, and it was decided that things hardly seem the same without her on the end. The Hillbilly sat in her seat, and spilled a gallon of water on the Walkers bingo cards. Nice !
The Hostess, which I joke never gets up, had a dishcloth in record time.
Up-north-Char was there, and she is a newbie at Bingo. She thought it was a lot of work. When I was a very young girl, and went to Creasers with my Dad, she was working in town and buying her coffee there. How old is she anyway?
Nobody won.

I had to pee twice. Peeing during bingo is hard to do. I tried to hold it until two people won, and that would extend my pee time, but I couldn't wait. Maybe a Pharmasave brand depend would be better. I know all about them. They are our favorite ones.

Willie Snipe

Ooops ! I mean Wilson's Snipe.

Last night Loverboy and I were at the shore when a bird zoomed past us.
Whew ! What was that?
Loverboy said , it was a snipe. Then he chuckled,,,, Maybe a Wilson snipe?
I laughed, and said "maybe so."
then he proceeded to tell me about the Wilson's snipe.

There is a Wilson's Snipe bird.

Well, what the heck do I know about snipes and nicknames !
I suppose there's Richard's Owl too?

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Manon, a real little sweetheart, is having her big surgery day on Thursday at IWK.
"This operation consists primarily of rerouting a vein that goes from her liver to her heart in a such a way that the blood flows directly to her lungs."

Please keep her and her family in your prayers.

Keep up-to-date on her progress through their blog.

Photo from her grandmother, Jeanelle.

Free from Cottonelle

Cottonelle Fresh Flushable Wipes. Sounds nice. Order a sample here.
It appears that one should refer a friend to get it. If you hate to bug anyone with referrals, you can refer me, I don't mind.

Biore Pore Strip

Biore nose strips.... get a sample. Great for easy blackhead removal.

Set your alarm

Laurent will be talking about La Tatane at Acadian Village... Wednesday 6:15 am on CBC's Info Morning with Don Connolly .
This super picture was taken by Mary Ella d'Entremont.
Great job ME !

Wednesday at the Red Cap

Let Floyd d'Entremont entertain you.
Wednesday, Sept. 15th @ 6pm
He'll be performing for the first time at the Red Cap.
Plays 70's & 80's Easy Listening Music
...Reserve your table today 762-2112

(He's the "Basement Guitarist" on this blog.
We had him play for us at the Home. He was wonderful, and all the ladies and staff mesmerized.) This wonderful picture was taken by none other than Ronnie d'Entremont.

Paint Exposition

Starting tomorrow, Sept 15th until the 22nd, there will be a very interesting paint exhibit at the Acadian Village. They are featuring paintings by "less recognized artists".
They'll be set up in the amphitheatre, but seniors and those with a mobility handicaps need not worry about the walk down, as they have transportation available to and from the exhibit.

You'll be surprised how many locals paint for their own pleasure !
My mom is one of those artists ! Go mom !

Daily Sept 15 to 22nd from 10am to 4pm

Monday, September 13, 2010


I am no expert on hoarders.
While I am married to Loverboy I have no hope of becoming one.
I do watch it on TV. It does 3 things: makes me sad, educates me on hoarding, and makes me feel like my house is clean.

The one thing I don't know about, is the relationship with hoarders and pets.
None of the hoarders are ever pet-free. They can barely find a place to feed the pets. They are usually indoor pets and have no litter box. And they die and disaappear among the stuff.

My oh my !

New addiction

Last week I volunteered my time at the Farmers Market. It was a busy place !
I worked at the Red Cap booth selling some of their grab and go's (coleslaw, pasta salad, tea biscuits, Caesar dressing, raspberry vinaigrette, and their house dressing) Mrs Roper was by for some house dressing. She told me that she just can't get enough of it. She loves the stuff and has it on salad, as a dip, on her wraps, etc.

So I brought some home & have been having some everyday as a dip with my fresh baby carrots. Yes, I'm addicted ! It's simply marvelous !

Stop by the Red Cap for some of their Grab and Go items ! So easy, and so good !

Anterless Deer Results

CLICK HERE to see if you've won the anterless deer draw.

Loverboy did !

Sunday, September 12, 2010

What goes around

What goes around , comes around !
Today I drove past the RCMP check point, I glanced at the car they had stopped.

Well, what do you know? it was Mme Boat Shop. She gave me a big smile as she sat there, waiting for her ticket.

An hour or so later, as I sat waiting for my own ticket, guess who drives by with a big smile for me.
None other than Mme Boat Shop.

I spoke to her later, and like me, she knew they were there, but it slipped her mind.
Another thing that slipped her mind, was her seat belt. Glad I had mine :)


Heavy foot?
Yes, according to that radar gun they pointed at me.

Heavy price?
Yes, according to my speeding ticket.

We share a birthday, he told me as he handed me the ticket with a reduced fine.

Funny I thought, he doesn't seem to have any of my fun loving qualities.

Pumpkins to spare?

The Acadian museum is looking for some pumpkins, any size.

Do you have any to give away?? let them know.


Little Grey One

Thanks for taking that hockey gear off my hands !
And have a great visit in Iceland. When you're on Laugavegur street, (the main shopping street).. think of me ! That's where we stayed. We visited Perlan, which you will no doubt visit, and the food at Tabasco's (in the downtown area) was great ! I had lamb every day, and it was all scrumptious. In Iceland, they have food inspectors that inspect restaurants for the taste and appearance of the dishes being served. Therefore, there is no bad food ! What a great concept !
Enjoy a shot of Iceland's Brennivin "Black death"... it's quite tasty, and better than it sounds.