Monday, February 28, 2011

The neighbourhood kids

Front row: Our cousin Glendon, Noella, Erica, Ella, and Lois
Back row: Vaughn, Dawson, Aubrey, Conrad, Kevin, Preston, Nolan, and Craig


I was slightly embarrassed today as I "tried " to leave a nursing home where I had attended a meeting.
Initially I was so impressed that I remembered the code, as I repeated it with pride to my colleague.

Too bad I was entering it in another system's number pad, and not the door security number pad. Hopefully I didn't change the setting for anything important.

I wondered if I should just turn around and inquire about a room.


Mitaine, I met someone today who knows you well. She told me that of all the nicknames on here, Mitaine was the one she knew for sure.
You'll soon be more popular than Sylvester, or Garfield.

Purex 3-in-1 sheets

Yes, I know. You are getting tired of me posting this offer for a free Purex 3-in-1 sheets.
But what about the newer readers ? We gotta treat them nice too !

So here's the scoop ... CLICK HERE and order yourself a sample of Purex 3-in-1 sheet. Great for that college student, or for yourself !

Come on Mme M M ! you told me today at the Pharmasave that you are a blog reader, but you never do order... here's a great sample just for you !


Did you know that the Jonagold is the best apple to buy if you want an apple that won't brown very fast after it's sliced?
Well, now you know.

Free cereal sample

I love Kelloggs, and they have a new cereal. Fibre Plus.
And I need a sample.
All you have to do is CLICK HERE

Bear shot near restaurant

A Newfoundlander, working in Fort McMurray, shot and killed a bear hanging out near a local restaurant and posing as a potential threat to customers.

Monday's Sexual Health Post

Hello all bloggers. Also a special hi to those in the British Virgin Islands today. Nice and warm there, but here the topic is cold.
That's why we are talking about frigidity.
It's an old word, no longer used very much.
A woman who is frigid, is a woman who doesn't want to have sex. Not with her spouse, not even with Brad Pitt.
Of course the word frigid, means very cold.

Are you frigid if you cannot orgasm? No
Can women really be frigid? Well there's a lot of controversy about this. Some think, that no woman is frigid, and that with the right partner, a once frigid woman, can "cum" around.
An article in Time magazine once said that some women are truly frigid.
More than we would like to acknowledge.
These women have issues, mostly psychological, such as hang ups about sex, the possibility of pregnancy, being a gold digger, or being a nymphomaniac. (?) Hmm... that seems odd, that a nymphomaniac would be frigid? Guess that's another topic.
Often the symptoms are physical, and sadly the physical reasons get rarely expressed to the doctor.
How are they going to get help?
Sex is a natural thing.
Ask questions.
Get help.
You can never have a problem that is solely unique. You are never alone when it comes to the human sexual machine. There are too many makes and models out there.

Some no-longer-frigid women claim that frigidity can be overcome, with the help of the one who desires to have sex with you. A little more hugging, caressing, kissing, using affectionate terms, and making you feel loved, wanted, special, and cherished.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Free Sharpie

This one is different from the 3 pen offer we all received. But my free offer had a Sharpie marker pen in it, and I am totally in love with it. It never leaves my office.
Apparently you can another cool pen. Sharpie says " For a FREE Sample of Sharpie Liquid Pencil*,
email your name, company name, and mailing
address to:

*While supplies last, subject to a limited
number of samples. All requests must be
received by 6/30/2011.

Free Coffee

Starting Feb 28th, McDonald's will be giving out a free small coffee. No purchase required! Offer happening until March 6th.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Store tricks

Stores are smart aren't they?
They place food necessities, like milk, at the furthest corner from the door, so you will travel through their aisles and pick up something else. Not only do they layout their stores to "trick" us, they even plan their shelf placement to make us spend the most.

I read that the most expensive "brand" items are placed at eye level. Then, to the right, are the store brands, which are cheaper, but generates the most profit for the store.
And why are they placed to the right?
Because that is the direction our eye will instinctively travel if we are going to browse more products.

To save money, look down more, try new brands, and know that most stores with a sale on for multiple items, like a buy 4 for $5.00 sale, will sell you one for $1.25. No need to buy 4 if you don't want to.

Thursday, February 24, 2011


It was a Thursday night, 4 years ago, when I urgently traveled with my parents to the city. Eager to see my brother as his cancer was winning the game.
Eager is an understatement.
My father sat in the back, and the usually passive man, urged me to run red lights, pass vehicles, and drive through 4 way intersections that weren't busy.
At the hospital, I stood in awe as the same quiet man pounded on the hospital's closed entrance, and swore at the janitor who redirected us to another entrance.
" @#*&^*#! Let me in... my son is #*&$^# dying in there !"

It was the beginning of the end.

~~It's a long, long road
From which there is no return
While we're on the way to there
Why not share
And the load
Doesn't weigh me down at all
He ain't heavy, he's my brother

Miss you bro.


Here's a great printable coupon for Motrin Liquid gels .
$5.00 off ! Expires in July.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Useless knowledge

AT BINGO, we spoke of B13 and I tried to quickly share my useless knowledge of why the number 13 is believed to be bad luck.

There was a cool party for ancient Viking Gods. They invited 12 people, leaving out a trouble maker named Loki. Loki was surely pissed off, and decided to drive his new ferrari over to the party, and invited himself in. He was number 13.
What happened next was strange. Loki was able to easily convince another guy named Hod (maybe Hod had drank too much Wolf Blass wine) to throw a spear at Balder. Balder was a nice guy. Everyone loved him.
Too bad Hod's spear killed Balder instantly.

SO... the party ended early, someone called 911, and it was decided 13 is a bad number.


How have you been? Is your family treating you well ?
Are you getting enough to eat?
Are you staying inside where it's nice and warm?
It's giving rain Friday... best to hide under the bed.

Pyjama day

I was telling son #2 about an event we are going to do at work next week.
Pyjama day for residents and staff!

Me: So, what do you think? Pretty good idea eh?
Son #2: are you going to have pillow fights? .... one whack with the pillow and they're done !

I laughed so much I could hardly finish supper !

Great Swim

Had an absolutely lovely swim last night with friends at the Grand Hotel Pool. So warm and refreshing.
Why doesn't someone in our community invest in a nice indoor pool that is rentable ?
Thanks to all who came. See ya all next week !


The DeLatour Co-op in Lower West Pubnico has the absolute best oranges in the world, and they are still on sale today and tomorrow. 12/$3.99
I just thought you'd like to know.


Maybelline sample of FIt Me foundation.
Must have facebook. CLICK HERE

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Crown Royal Whiskey

Here's a very cool idea. Great for a gift !
This year, Crown Royal salutes 100 years of Naval history, therefore you can order a personalized label for the 750ml bottle !

What a nice gift idea ! Buy that special person a bottle and put his own label on it !

After you enter your date of birth, to ensure you are of drinking age, choose society of the crown on the following page.

Tidy Tuesdays

Tuesdays will no longer be called Turkey Tuesday, Trivia Tuesday or Toonies Tuesday. I shall call it Tidy Tuesday and on Tuesdays I'll share a "tidy" tip with my readers.
Today, I read an article on clutter. I thought is was very clever to think of clutter as the tide. It comes in everyday and brings us some clutter, in the form of purchases, notes, mail ,etc..
We need to make sure some goes out too, or at least gets organized.

There are 4 types of people: the collector, the concealer, the accumulator, and the tosser.

Hampers: great for the garage. Buy a plastic hamper to store balls, hockey sticks, and baseball bats.

Monday, February 21, 2011

LL Bean catalogs

Time to order your free catalog from LL Bean. There are 9 to choose from.... HERE

Monday's Sexual Health Post

Good Monday morning to everyone !
I am starting to feel a bit like Dr. Ruth Westheimer.
I was asked a "sex "question a couple weeks ago, and it is the topic of today's blog.
Do women watch porn?
I told him that we probably do, however, like masturbation; we hate to admit it.

Getting right to the answer: one third of the videos are bought by women. McGill University did a survey on porn, and took genital temperatures as women watched porn. They started to react in 30 seconds and reached their maximum arousal in 12 minutes. Men was 11 minutes. ( Who gets such a job ?)

I researched a bit and found that watching porn, especially with your main man, is very good indeed.

We all know men are the visual ones; the ones who get aroused simply by looking at something. We women are deeper, we take a bit longer, and our brains are usually used to excite us.

There are the trick words... "brains are usually used".
That may have been the case at one time, but not anymore.
Women have too much to think about. We are also aging. We have so much to do and think about, that our brains don't work as good as they should in preparing the playing field. We can certainly use a visual boost to get us excited.

I also read that is an online ordering site , sort of the amazon equivalent . Apparently there are "good" award winning productions to be had. Best actor, director, etc...

Do yourself a favor, have a date night, and skip the popcorn.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Rrrolll up the rim !

Starts Monday the 21st !

The Maple Man

Yes. This is he.
Argyle's Maple Man.

Once again he's in a sticky situation.

Tidy weekend

There's nothing like visiting a clutter free home to inspire you to clear spaces throughout your own home. And that's what happened to me Friday night. Visited a very clutter free home, and on Saturday morning, I decided It was time to throw, give, or store stuff I had hanging around. Just how many frames can one girl have? And what about those trinkets that mean a little something? Some things are simply hard to part with.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Free Organix

Organix Shampoo and Conditioner will be sent to 1000 people who submit a form. Will it be you? I hope so !! It looks really good ! ENTER HERE

Friday, February 18, 2011

Febreeze Noticeables

Here's all the scoop you need HERE... to buy a Febreeze Noticeable Scented Oil Warmer 1-Pack or ONE Febreze Noticeable Scented Oil Warmer with decorative cover and get your money back with a rebate for the full price.

Offer good until June 30th.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Wet Synergy

Here's a free sample for wet synergy.
It's a personal lubricant.

Save on grocery bills

I read an article on saving money on your grocery bill, and it reminded me of someone out there who said she spends too much on groceries.
This article had a different view on shopping. Every once in a awhile, shop from your own freezer, and cupboards. Look around in there, and with a pen and pad, figure out what meals are possible. What ingredients do you need to complete this meal? Write that down, and shop for those ingredients. Not only do you save money by buying less that week, you are using stuff you already have. It's a good Martha Stewart would say.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

another book for the Kindle

The Choice is the book, and right now it's free on Amazon. It's especially for the Kindle .

Bingo report

Send me away... I must have a BINGO addiction.
Went to Bingo late, and played the second half of the night.
Even bought a new dauber.
Glad I contributed a dollar to the looney Jar, as the one full of Hope won 600 bucks !
The hostess won a game, and the hillbilly literally lost her horseshoe.
Jackpot remains.
I saw Mme C on the way out and she told me to keep blogging. She said she's not modern as us young gals, but she manages to get this BINGO Report.
I think she has her eye on a volunteer that works there.
Handsome man, about her age.
I sense some chemistry between them.

Bonne bell Skin Musk

Yap... it was a bottle like this one... right RoseM ?

Scents of my youth

Remember wearing Love's Baby Soft?
and Charlie perfume , which I treasured so much. I also had a bottle of musk...not sure of the name.
Kept it all on my little glass tray, next to my 10-0-6 face cleanser made by Bonne Bell.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Another e-book

This one's a Romance... called Rear View Mirror.
All the info is here

Le Chateau

Print a coupon for $25 off when you spend $150.
Print it HERE
Good until March 1st.

Monday, February 14, 2011

A free e-Book

Hey Nat & Todd... here's a free ebook for you !

Called " Freedom, Money, Time, and the key to creative success "

Monday's Sexual Health Post

Happy Valentine's Day !
I thought kissing would be an appropriate topic.
After all, kissing in very universal. No matter where you are in the world, a kiss is usually understood.
Kissing has health benefits as well. I read that those who kiss their spouses goodbye every morning, live 5 years longer than those who don't; and kissing is a tension release, and helps reduce anxiety.
There are kisses galore !
Closed lip kiss... like you would give your uncle
Open lip kissing.. a nice kiss, with open lips, and plenty time. It's a popular kiss.
French kissing...using tongue to tease and play
Suck kissing.. gently sucking on his bottom lip
Nip kissing ... during a suck kiss, add just a little, ever so gentle, bite on his lip
And there are forehead kisses, neck kisses, spiderman kisses (when you kiss upside down, both taking in the bottom lip). There's the talking kiss (when you kiss and speak at the same time) the shoulder kiss (one of my faves), the Eskimo kiss, the cheek kiss, the quickie kiss ( sometimes ends up on the nose as he heads out the door), and many more.

So for your Valentine homework, try the Romantic kiss. I found the instructions... ~~Look at your partner with passion, then gently move in for a kiss with your lips half open. As soon as you make contact, close your lips slowly. Open and close your lips three times then move away. ~~

"To kiss a miss is not unlawful
But to miss a kiss is simply awful
Kissing spreads germs it is so stated
So kiss me baby, I'm vaccinated
" ... author unknown

Sunday, February 13, 2011


Whooping cranes are going to be re-introduced to Louisiana this year. They have been extinct from the state for 60 years now. This is the 4th attempt to bring them back, but they feel it'll work at "white lake".
Biologists have been studying the enclosed pen area for the past year, to make sure predators are a problem, and the wetland isn't a big hatching ground for black flies. They are going to place 10 whooping cranes for now, and introduce more every year for the next 10 years, if all goes well.

If they can sustain themselves and produce chicks that survive, it should be a success.


Got any Dempster products in the house? Enter two different UPC codes and you can get a free cookbook. Check their list of products .. I see they have Ben's Smart tortillas listed...hmmm?

And I found a bag of freezer burnt Dempsters Pita Pockets and I have some fresh Ben's Smart tortillas! Yahoo ! 2 UPC codes !
I love cookbooks.

Saturday, February 12, 2011


Yes, been sneezing and coughing past few days. The biggest pain however, is missing the annual curling game and potluck/karaoke at Mme E.
Next year I'll dose up on vitamin c weeks before.
Looks like the leBlancs, and the Shaws have both lucked out on an evening out tonight.
I hear they have canceled their dance plans.
Poor Cupcake.
Better luck next time.

Weight Watchers

I know many friends are following weight watchers.
Here's a nice sounding recipe, thought I would share. Sorry I couldn't find a picture of it.

Mexican Chicken Breasts

1 pkg Taco seasoning
4 (4 oz) chicken breasts
1 cup salsa
1/4 cup non-fat sour cream

Put chicken & taco seasoning in plastic bag; shake and coat well. Place in
sprayed (nonstick cooking spray) casserole dish. Bake 30 minutes in a
375 degree oven. Top with salsa about 5 minutes before done, then top with sour cream.

Serves 4; 4 pts each.

Purex 3-in-1 sheets

They are offering samples of Purex 3 in 1 sheets.
I have posted this before, and we all ordered and received them. They were great !
I ordered this one in Loverboys name , so he can do his own laundry, hassle free. Maybe I'll save it for his Father's Day gift... that and the homemade dishcloth I am crocheting.

Order yours today... LINK IS HERE

Tonight !

Here's a couple things going on tonight...
A valentine's dance at the Golf Course from 9 to 1
Cost $10. It's a hockey fundraiser ( Peewee A and bantam A teams)

and also a folk night at the Legion.
Love songs is the theme. Starts at 8pm.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Creamed Lobster Dinner

Looking for somewhere special to eat Sunday Night?

Creamed Lobster Supper

Wedgeport Legion
Sunday, February 13, 2011
4:30 pm

Adults $15 per ticket
Children 10 and under $10 per ticket

Advanced tickets may be purchased at the Wedgeport Tuna Museum, 57 Tuna Wharf Road, or may be ordered by phoning: Kathy 881-2470 (evenings)
(Limited seating available)

For more information please phone from 9am – 4pm: 663-4345

LED lights

Changing to LED lights is very interesting and energy efficient depending where you are going to put them.
At my house, we have two flood lights above our kitchen island which are on a lot. My guess is about 8 hours a day ( sounds like a lot, but from 4 to 10pm, they are always on, and that's 6 hours in itself)
I figured out that my two 65 watt flood lights costs about $44 dollars a year. I know it doesn't sound like much, but it is $3.60 a month, or $7.20 on your power bill if you get it every two months. And that's just for 2 lights.

Walmart has a wide variety of LED bulbs.The cost of the LED flood lights are roughly $25 a piece. Smaller ones for your chandelier, or lamps, costs from about $9 to 21.

They have two choices: warm white light, or the bright light (has a blue "LED" look to them.) The warm light looks great. These LED lights produce no heat, have no mercury in them, will last a long time and produce instant light.
I bought two 9 watt recessed flood bulbs. These bulbs have 405 lumens, and are comparable to the flood lights I had there.
Doing the math... these bulbs will cost me $6.21 cents per year to run, or 51 cents a month.

Although saving money with the kitchen flood lights was my priority, my chandelier, on for one hour a day, will now cost me 38 cents per year to run with my six new 1.5 watt LED bulbs.

THE MATH: the wattage multiplied by the hrs used ; then divided by 1000; then multiplied by 0.116 (which is the price of electricity in NS ) = the cost

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Funny but true

I brought some kids to the dance tonight.
The conversation was priceless, and SO true...

Son # 2...( the little angel) " Yah ! Wait till I tell my friends at the dance that my Mom is banned from posting on Facebook ?"

....What ! No way ?!!!...

Son #2 ... "Yes ! Can you imagine if it happened to me ? Mom would be asking so many questions, and she'd be sooo pissed"