Thursday, March 31, 2011

Motrin $5.00 off

Living Well has a great coupon. $5.00 off motrin liquid gels (60 or 72's) or the tablets (50, 60, 100, or 150's)
Print your own coupon HERE

Thomas and friends

CHECK out the Toys R Us website here.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas ( Revised)

Given the fact that tonight, the old homestead of Donald Belliveau is being consumed by fire as I write, I thought it was only fitting that I repost this story.

When I was a very young girl, I remember hearing of Grace a Fouin? (not sure the spelling)

I had heard my grandmother mentioned that she was a wonderful woman. I understood she had hardships but Grace was a very strong woman.

That Christmas, I went Christmas Caroling. (I'm assuming it was with the brownies?)

The ladies told us we were going to Grace a Fouin's to sing.

Finally ! I was going to see this remarkable woman of great strength and courage.

We drove for what seemed like an eternity on an unpaved road, to a small weather beaten house. It stood so bare alone in the dark. I had an eerie feeling. There was a faint light in the window.

I thought... This could never be the place ?

A tiny woman, with grey hair and a lines of hardships all over her face, came to the door, and opened it. She was smiling and she had tears in her eyes as we sang " Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas". A quiet song of troubles and encouragement to muddle through somehow.

Yes, it was indeed Grace !

A tiny package of courage and strength!

It was then I realized that one does not have to be big to be courageous, & strong.

To this day, I cannot listen to "Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas", without thinking of Grace.

Cape Mary

Although I don't know much about the fishing vessel Cape Mary, subject of a dinner theatre here in Pubnico; I do know that the large piece of wood that is my fireplace mantel comes from the Cape Mary. It was given to me by my late brother Craig.

Dinner Theatre at le Village Historique

Friday, April 1st - Saturday, April 2nd - 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm
A lively comedy, with entertaining dancing and great food! $25.00 (members $23.00)

Titled: Les aventures du Cape Mary.

Info or tickets call 762-2530

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The reply

Get on your knees and spew ye forth whatever positive energy you can manifest to the universal energy.

That was a reply to an email I sent today.
Oh Good Grief ! That BB is quite a gal.


This stand is on sale at sears for $9.94.

CLICK here to order it, or to at least get the item number to make your call. Great for a student or the den, or kids bedroom.

Tidy tuesday

Keeping a tidy home takes time...
But not that much time if you work at it everyday.
Tidy people recommend taking 30 minutes, and working against the clock, to tidy up.
If you have 30 minutes before your favorite show, get off facebook, put that book down, stop blogging, and try a 30 minute cleaning spree.
Start with the room you hate to tidy the most, and you'll feel better.
Make a game of it, move along, accomplish as much as possible.

I am currently working on getting rid of items that have somewhat a sentimental value. Trouble is, I no longer really like the item, or want it. So how do I let it go? Well, I haven't so far. I'm not as good at this as Sis. I did read an interesting line on just my problem:

Guilt Free: Don't feel obligated to keep everything you are given. Even if it is from someone special, if you can't use it or don't love it, it is just taking up space. It was the thought that counted not the item.

Monday, March 28, 2011

BOGO Aero Mint bar

Buy one get one free coupon for an Aero Mint bar.
Print it here.
Good until April 25th.

For you Curly

What do you know? Here you were at work today, dreaming and talking about Blizzard treats at DQ.
CLICK here and join their fan club . It's at the bottom of the website.
Join the club and get 6 coupons for buy one Blizzard, and get one free! ( Just don't bring them to work).
Enjoy them with Loran Fevens.

Good Looking Men

Don't you find the younger men, aged.... about... well almost 37, very good looking? It seems that men get better looking as they age.
They are mature looking, great build, and wonderful smiles. Whew! I saw one such male at the co-op tonight, looking for batteries. I could hardly concentrate.
So in 10 years, when I am 57, will the 47 year olds be the good looking ones, or will it still be 37 years olds?
I must seek and answer from someone who knows.
I will report, trust me.

Fibre plus cereal

For those of you who missed it, here's the link to the free sample of Kelloggs Fibre Plus cereal. I know some have received it, but not I. Not yet.

Monday's Sexual Post

Good Monday morning to you all. A special hello to the Bedford banker.
Today's' topic is Faking.

Those who have seen the movie "Hall Pass", know that fake chow means pretending to be performing oral sex on a female, but instead your rubbing her vagina/clitoris with a finger, while making noises as if you are actually performing oral sex.
The concept really isn't so funny. At least not to us women. So don't even try it. Be man, and step up to the plate.

What was very funny in the movie was the part where he was very anxious for the children to fall asleep so they could finally have sex. When the last child finally fell asleep, so was his wife.
But in fact she was faking being asleep in order to avoid the whole thing.
I thought it was funny, as we women can likely relate to having done just so, at least once.

So exactly who is faking?
Sharon Stone once said" women can fake orgasms, but men can fake the entire relationship."
99% of women have faked an orgasm.
100% feel he never knew better.
100% will never tell him.
Keep quiet. Studies show that admitting to faking the past twenty years is not good for a relationship.
Top reasons for faking:
1) doesn't want her man disappointed
2.) she's tired. She just wants it over with.
3.) She's afraid she's taking too long
4.) She wasn't in the mood to begin with, but wanted to go along cause she loves you.
5.) You don't turn her on so she just tries to get through it as quickly as possible.
6.) She's mad at you, but not mad enough to tell you about it.

16% of men have faked an orgasm.

One man faked an orgasm with a woman he was planning to dump. Once she fell asleep, he ejaculated in her purse. It was their last date.

One woman was mad at her boyfriend and thus faked falling asleep during sex. He continued any way, and once done, he wiped himself, and even wiped some semen from her. What a gentleman! But she was very upset and felt "raped" by him. But we know men, they don't like to stop midstream. As for her, she no longer fakes anything.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

For you Hostess.. Air new Zealand

Watch Air New Zealand's emergency debriefing.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

$6.00 off dishwasher detergent

click HERE for a $6.00 coupon off off Quantum finish dishwasher detergent. It's a printable coupon.

Say it !

Sis was so funny this week.
She said it happened to her, as it happens to all parents of children around ages 5 or 6.
Her son came home with a question for her.
He quizzed her" Mom? Do you know what a seal is in french?"
Sis: " yes, I do ! Do you?
He: " Yes, I do. You say it Mom! Say the word for seal in french."

So I thought it was spring

Before spring officially came, it was looking like spring.
I even saw the first sign of spring : The storyteller in his antique model A.
I was feeling great.
Had my new bike out.
Walked around the yard looking for peeking tulips and crocuses.
My legs and bikini line were smooth.
I even moved a couple wooden chairs around the fire pit.
Now this.
I am so disappointed.
I didn't even make my Saturday morning coffee.

Musée des Acadiens des Pubnicos et Centre de recherche

Take a few minutes and checkout the wonderful, informative video about our community's Acadian musueum. You'll be impressed........

Friday, March 25, 2011

Earth Hour

Maria the goose

This story is priceless.
Maria and Dominic.

"How do you solve a problem like Maria?"

Printable coupons

Click on the link to print it.... I have never really heard of them.

Dissolving Listerine Whitening strips..$3.00 off

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Tie a Yellow Ribbon

Heard this song today. Really enjoyed it.

Tie A Yellow Ribbon Round The Ole Oak Tree

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Have a Coke and a smile

In my search for a picture of a Coke bottle for the previous post, I came across this, and thought I would share. I am assuming rectum?

Aqua Globes

Yes, more on those aqua globes. I read an article tonight where one lady uses glass "coke bottles" in her outside planters as you would an aqua globe. Another woman uses plastic bottles with the end cut off. She waters the plants' soil, and then easily fills the upside down pop bottle since the end is cut off. It acts as a great water reservoir.

Free e-book

Here's yet another book for your kindle. It's called The Simple Dollar.
Info is HERE.

Radiation Doses

Here's a very cool chart with various levels of radiation that we are exposed to everyday. My friend the Tern man, had it posted on facebook. Even the banana, which I eat everyday, is on the chart.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Grocery costs

Yes, the grocery costs are high these days.

Why JS was saying they spent over $300 at the grocery store. It's difficult to eat healthy, as the healthy foods are often the higher priced.

In a story I read about grocery shopping, it said to buy only food at the grocery stores, and buy "supplies" such as toilet paper at other stores, such as Walmart. These stores have cheaper prices on non-food.

They also suggest to shop from your own freezer. Check it out & plan meals from there.

Better yet, take the flyer, and plan menus for the week. Study shows that those who do, save a great deal.

Don't waste money on water, and water related foods, such as jello-gels, applesauce, broth, & popsicles.

Grow your own produce.

And lastly, it says to cook. Yup, cook the meal, don't buy ready to serve. A can of beans, and a bag of beans maybe only be a dime in price difference, but the can has 2 cups, and the bag makes many meals.

Kids say the darndest things

Son # 2 was working on his laptop, and the wireless printer would not communicate.
As I made pizza, we had this conversation:
Son #2: mame, the printer says Copy
Me: well it shouldn't if you asked it to print
Son # 2: well let me resend it... Oh no ! Wait! It's starting up
Me: what does it say now
Son #2: It still says "copy"
Me: That's weird
Son #2: Ah, here is comes out now...
Me: And is it your project?

Tidy Tuesday

No matter who we are, our homes all have one thing in common.
There's a place, somewhere, that gathers stuff.
It's usually close to a door or the phone. It's the place you drop your keys, your mail, your stuff. And we have more than one of these places in our homes.
I'm going to refer to these places as launching pads.
We drop stuff there, with the intention of launching the stuff where it belongs. Trouble is sometimes we are slow at launching and it looks like clutter.
It's OK that you have several launching pads in your household. No doubt your kids even have one.
Acknowledge that, and add a nice basket to hold it all. Maybe a nice plate, or a silver or crystal dish. There are even step baskets available.
I have a launching basket near my desk, and I have one in the laundry room ( mittens, flashlight, the odd clothespin, shin pads... never yet been launched). I also have a nice crystal one on my nightstand ( for the earrings I forget to take off, chap stick, and a pen for those late night blog ideas)
Launching pads... it's a good thing.
Failure to launch, not so great.

Monday, March 21, 2011

homemade powdered detergent

2 cups soap (finely grated) – you use can Ivory or Sunlight, or anything not too perfumey
1 cup Washing Soda
1 cup Borax

Mix well and store in an airtight plastic container.

Use 2 tablespoons per full load

Free 3D glasses

I don't know why you would want a pair... maybe you have a 3D movie you could watch.
Anyways... get your free pair HERE

Great Octane Coupons

Time is running out !!!
Make the best of these March coupons !

(902) 881-AUTO (2886)
(902) 742-8243 (Fax)
42 Starrs Road
Yarmouth, Nova Scotia

Half price on your vehicle inspection ! and $30 off on undercoating !
and there's more.... check them out here.

Good till the end of March !

$2.00 off Stayfree Ultra Thin

Here's a printable coupon for Stayfree.
$2.00 off.... pretty good deal. Good until June 30.

I, of course, am a menstrual cup user, and it must be six months since I last said how much I adore my menstrual cup! I haven't bought feminine protection for over 3 years ! Some day soon, I'll tell you all about it... again.

Monday's Sexual Topic

Today we're talking water. Having intercourse in the water can be tricky and a work out.
The others in the pool might not appreciate your actions, so be discreet.
While sex on the beach sounds like fun, sand is not everyone's friend . It may feel good between your toes, but your privates will not appreciate sand. As for water, it washes out much of our natural lubrication.
Hot tubs and latex condoms, are not a good combo. The heat and the chemicals break down the latex. Getting hot in a bacteria laden hot tub can also leave us women with a vaginal infection.
But if you insist... here are some positions for you.

Especially good for the woman, is the hot tub hug.

This Bubbly Back Float loooks nice, and something we could try at aquasize if we became co-ed.

Called the Randy Raft, this position has the man in total control. He should be grabbing your thighs as if handling a wheelbarrow.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Slow Cooker yogurt

I have never tried this, but I may someday.
The basic steps are ~
1) pour 8 cups regular whole milk into slow cooker,

2) heat on low for 2.5 hours,

3) turn off slow cooker and cool for 3 hours with lid on,

4) take out 2 cups warm"ish" milk and mix with 1/2 cup plain yogurt with pro-biotics,

5) pour milk/yogurt mix back into slow cooker and mix well

6) cover with towels and leave for 8-12 hours
7) refrigerate for 8 hours

Then of course, to your serving , add your berries, peaches, pineapple, banana, vanilla, or whatever you desire.

Simple Living

I'm always reading stuff. This caught my attention. It was about simple living. How it is a process. It all starts with cleaning closets, and ends with happiness and fulfillment. Here's how it works .....
  • Cleaning out your closets –> leads to utilizing a smaller wardrobe more effectively
  • Using a smaller wardrobe more effectively –> leads to making fewer purchases
  • Making fewer purchases –> leads to saving more of your money
  • Saving more of your money –> leads to getting out of debt
  • Getting out of debt –> leads to less financial stress
  • Less financial stress –> leads to greater personal freedom
  • Greater personal freedom –> leads to more time to pursue your dreams
  • Time to pursue your dreams –> leads to increased happiness and personal fulfillment.

Meet your Farmer

or shall I say "farmers".
Congrats to my neighbourhood playmate Leroy and his better half Mary !
They are the Meet your Farmer farmers of the month.
Check it out here!
Growing up Leroy and I used to play together, as our older siblings had gone to school, and our mothers would get together for tea. The 'cottons" had a small metal garage to play with, the kind you could roll your car up and down a level. It was awesome. But No... we never played with it. Leroy insisted we play farm. And we did. He bossed me around and we did farming chores. I don't think he ever changed.
Poor Mary.

Friday, March 18, 2011

New book is out

Dr Loveridge's new Cruising Guide to Nova Scotia is complete !
Details here .....

Saint Patrick's day Kitchen party

This Saturday from 7 to 10pm
Come live it up at the Saint Patrick's day Kitchen party at the East Pubnico Community Centre! 19 and over !

Irish Music by talented musicians Gary Greene and Friends
Doors open at 7, band starts at 7:30
Open Bar and Canteen
fries, onion rings, wings
Try your at the Luck O' the Irish loonie jar
Happy hour from 7-8
Cost: $5.00

All proceeds go to East Pubnico Community Centre for maintenance.

Thursday, March 17, 2011


I discovered three great products at Dollarama.
For $2 you can buy a car charger for your iPod touch, and it works !
They have Jobes food spikes ( for your houseplants).
And I bought a box of two aqua globes. The box of 2 was $2.00.
The are the short ones, much shorter than pictured here . ( They do have larger ones) and although I always felt they were a little gaudy looking, they do look better than a drying up house plant. They are a good thing ! My Mom will be pleased ! She always waters my dying plants!
One box has 2 green ones, and the other has a blue and a green glass globe.

Retro Charity Dance

19 years and over

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Country Style Coffee

The folks at Country Style are so cute. They have a "sorry try again" promotion where you bring in their competitors "try again" coffee cup, and they give you a free coffee.
Isn't that sweet !
Try again cups aren't hard to find. They're rolling around in every parking lot, and under gym bleachers. Even employees at Investor's Group have some kicking around.
The closest location to us: Halifax shopping centre.
Starts March 21st.

Living Rich by Spending Smart

It's another free ebook for the Kindle.
On amazon.

Won in Yarmouth

So far at Tim Hortons....... three $100 cards , and one bicycle.

And the Rock Road golfer won a coffee. (Yes, I realize some of you have won coffee...but she seems so excited about it, I though I'd share !)

Big Feet

RScutie: Why do you have big feet?
Youngest White Chick: well... my mom always said it's because we used to step in chicken shit...

AT the Red Cap Restaurant

Dinner & Music with The Greenes & Friends
St. Patrick's Day
Thurs. Mar. 17 @ 6pm
Reserve your table early - 762-2112
Chef's Feature - Beef Stew

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Squash at the Gibbs

Tonight we talked about squash. Telling our secrets to Mrs Gibb.
I always microwave my whole squash before peeling. Just 2-3 minutes for a whole squash, and you'll be amazed at how easy it can be cut, and peeled.

Lady Di cooks her entire squash and uses an ice cream scoop to dish out scoops onto a cookie sheet. She freezes them, and then gathers them up and bags them into a ziploc bag, and keeps them in the freezer until she wants a scoop. Great idea for a household like mine.. where the love for squash has not yet been acquired by anyone but me ! It'll come.

Tidy Tuesday

Need extra space among your house cleaning supplies, laundry supplies or in the garage?
Loverboy has oodles of squirt "trigger" bottles in the garage for cleaning vehicles and whatever else. Stuff like spray nine, tire cleaner. etc...
Hang a slim, cheap, towel bar and hang some bottles by the trigger part. It'll free up lots of space wherever you install it.
I can't seem to find a picture of one in use. I'll post a snapshot of it someday.
Looking back at an older post, we did install a shelf in my staircase leading to the basement. It has a rail around it and is perfectly safe for any stampede going downstairs. It now holds the lantern, flashlight, and emergency radio/light.