Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Monday's Sexual Post

This is reposted for the women at the Christmas Dinner Party this afternoon. 

Good Monday morning to all of you out there! A special hello to the men who read my blog faithfully, only on Mondays. And a special thanks to the two men whom I casually interviewed.
It's all about men and their packages today.

What side do most penises naturally lay? .... think about it... picture it .... the answer is left . Masturbating with your right hand has zero affect on determining what side your penis lays when at rest.
Where do you park your penis for the best comfort? I understand it has to do with the underwear. A bit more downward in boxers seems to be the norm... and upward to the left for tightie whities. As for the speedo swim trunks .... somewhere to the side or downward between the testicles.
What about the testicles? Aren't they bothersome? And we women are wondering if you really have to reposition them so often? Apparently yes. When sitting you may want to lift them slightly. You don't want to squish them. Sometimes in sticky weather you may get the "bag stuck to leg syndrome".

Why do the testicles draw up? They draw up before ejaculation, or when they get cold, as the temp of the testicles is about one degree less than your body temperature, so if they get colder than that, they draw up for some warming up. Ingenious ! During strenuous activity, or working, they may also draw up. It's nature's way of protecting them from getting pounded around.

Sometimes one testicle, or maybe both, may fully enter the body and have to be forced out with a push on the groin. Is this normal ? Yes, it sure is. It simply has to do with that small muscle that's responsible for drawing them up. It simply spasmed excessively. Drag Queens purposely push their testicles up there for a smoother look.

Why do they sometimes cause some discomfort when they are up? It's a tight space for such a tender nut.

What about bike riding? It's no problem, I understood. They fit nicely on top of the seat.
Lastly....What about the fly on your underwear. Do you use it? Or is it just ornamental ? One man I spoke to said it was more like a seasonal thing. If it's cold, and you are bundled up, or hunting, or skidooing, it may get used.

So tell us men ( anonymously, of course) ... please comment.... do you use the fly on your underwear?


Charlene L. said...

I received one comment via email... he said the underwear fly is a nuisance. He just fully opens his pants, and and pushes down his underwear to underneath his balls to prepare to urinate. And he does this in one swift motion, and with one hand ! Men from the Tusket area are so talented. Thanks for the input.

Anonymous said...

never use it

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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