Saturday, December 31, 2011

Double Latte Factor

I came across a book today and thought I would share with you the story of the Double Latte factor. The book is called "Start Late, Finish Rich" by David Bach. I had brought the book to school last spring, and shared to the grade nine what the Double latte Factor meant. I was teaching a class called Junior Achievers.
In short, the Double Latte Factor represents money we can save everyday, by changing our ways. (By not having that Double latte, or coffee, or daily treat) Be honest: can you find $10 to spend everyday on something non-essential? If someone is selling tickets, can you find the money to buy? If so, David Bach explains that you can get out of debt AND save.
That $10 a day means $70 a week.
If you bank online, schedule a weekly payment to your self of just half of that. $35.00 a week ($5 a day) will get you over $1800 saved in one year. That's by using the double latte factor. Forgo something and save it. You obviously do have it.
What about the other $35? That's to reduce debt.
That's tomorrow's story.

Get a free exercise mat

From Specially marked boxes of special K !
Redeem 2 PIN codes from specially marked boxes of Kellogg’s Special K cereal OR
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Friday, December 30, 2011

9 weeks, post up, Lipoma excision

This picture was taken at 9 weeks, post-op. As you can see, the bottom of the scar has healed really nice. You can barely see the thin line which is the scar.
Two days after the last update (7 weeks post-op) I did return to see the surgeon who cut a bit and released a half litre of stuff from the cavity (serum & blood). I didn't watch, but my father who drove me in, did. My leg felt better immediately. It had to be done if it's going to heal. There was no need to freeze the site, as the scar is dumb. That made things pretty simple. I have been wearing a pressure bandage ever since, VON visit daily to assist in removing fluid and putting the dressing. The leg remains much smaller than before, and I walk with barely a limp most of the time. The leg is sore, mostly in the evenings, and the site does sting a lot.
Not shopping for mini-skirts yet.

Airmiles Changes

As of tomorrow, December 31, 2011, they will be changing.
1) As of December 31, 2011, Air Miles reward miles will have a stamp date of 5 years. In other words, your current account balance must be redeemed by December 31, 2016.
2) Reward miles earned after December 31, 2011 will have to be redeemed 5 years from when they were posted.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Being girl Sample Below

Has anyone been able to order it? Seems to be a code problem?
have you tried?

Free Samples

Always Pads and Tampax from Being Girl.
One sample per household.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Peeping Tom "Q"

What can I say? Getting these"Q" pictures was a royal pain. Last weeks "P" pics: Pierre, Paul, Pierre and Paul.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Red Solo Cup

Yes Sis, I watched it and it's very entertaining indeed ! And what a catchy tune !

Free Book Order

Order your Blood Glucose and Insulin Testing book !

Zellers 50% off one item

There's a great coupon out there.
It's printable .... and click here to open and print in pdf format.
Click here to open and print in facebook.
Expires Dec 31st !
Excludes Home Electronic section, tobacco, pharmacy prescriptions and codeine, lottery tickets, past purchases or special orders, HBC gift cards, point of sale activation cards, any license departments. Further exclusions may apply.

Free e-book

Over 20 recipes for Chili ! Free at the moment from amazon !

Tidy Tuesday

I'm a tad bit late today.
Let's talk about putting away those Christmas gifts.
One idea is decluttering as you put away those gifts. Put away one item, and get rid of two ( donate,toss, or recycle.) Such as DVD's. Put away the new one, and get rid of a couple older ones.
I read about White Elephant Parties (white elephant is a term used to describe a good gift, but invaluable to you ) Supposedly in North America these parties are popular. Six or more people gather, after Christmas, with a white elephant gift . The hostess must share the list of guests coming, as you don't want to be caught regifting a gift you've received from somebody who is there. It proceeds as a "Yankee swap". Hmmm.... tricky.
Keep an eye out for great gift boxes you may have received. They may be useful to store stuff such as ribbon, tea light candles, markers, thread, pennies, nail polish etc..
What about all those appliance and other boxes? Should we save the original packaging? Some claim you should save the original packaging until the store's return date has passed. Some claim you should simply save the sales slip. Others say keep the packaging until the warranty expires. I like to save the original box and the instructions if I think I will be selling it someday. Especially video systems. electronics, and games. It's nice to be able to sell on ebay and be able to offer original packaging.
Personally, I hate trying to keep things neat under the tree. When the boys were young, it was next to impossible. I am definitely guilty of putting things away very early.

Monday, December 26, 2011

New years Eve at the Red Cap

65th Anniversary
New Year’s Eve Celebration of Local Food,
Wine & Live Piano Music

Ruisseau Oysters ~ Eel Lake Oyster Farm
Broiled with lemon herb butter served with garnish salad and balsamic vinaigrette
Paired with Grand Pre L’Acadie Blanc

Borsch ~ Riverview Farm(Beet Soup)
Paired with Grand Pre Castel
Turkey Galantine ~ Thousand Hills Farm
Served with squash risotto and fresh vegetables
Paired with Grand Pre Ortega
Local Pear & Grand Pre Vidal Icewine
Orange & Grand Marnier Chiffon Cheesecake
Chocolate Sauce
Tea & Coffee
39.95 without wine
Tax & Gratuity not included
5:30pm or 7:00pm
Call to purchase your tickets and reserve your dinner time...762-2112

Monday's Sexual Post

The Christmas Cracker

Get him to sit down on the floor or bed, using his arms for balance.

You sit astride him with your knees bent and then lean back resting on your hands.

Now you both need to thrust while leaning back at the same time.

You get to control the pace and should hit your g-spot.
Your arms need to be quite strong to keep going.

Great for building up a sweat .

You might feel like you're at one of Carla's classes!

Jingle Balls
He lies down on his back with his legs slightly apart.

Then you slide down onto him facing his legs.

You can then control the pace and also jingle his balls while you move.

Good workout for the thighs !

Sunday, December 25, 2011


I've been slacking off with the casseroles this past week or two. Loverboy has been home and doing all the cooking. I'll soon be back at it!

Merry Christmas

A special wish for a Merry Christmas to all friends & blog readers, from all over the world.
It's the best morning of the year. Loverboy is cooking breakfast, and the boys are delighted with their new things from under the tree. I am enjoying my coffee, and taking in all the sights and sounds. Thinking about last evening with friends and family, and remembering my brother Craig on this special day. Somehow, he doesn't feel very far away....

The way you spend Christmas is far more important than how much.--Henry David Thoreau

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Day 12, of the 12 days

The quality of this picture is very poor. It was the final picture taken the night we went out and took the 12 pictures. I wanted to take a couple more this week, but I had an unwilling wiseman who wouldn't wear a Medieval Times crown and present a wrapped gift to Mary & Joseph in the church manger. And he wouldn't dress in camo and bring a chain saw to Dolores and Danny's deer.
He said "this was a one shot deal".
I even asked his brother to be a wiseman. He said he was wise, but not that crazy.
I'll be prepared next year !

Friday, December 23, 2011

Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Worst Thing

I thought it funny how Son#1 thought listening to radio Bingo was the worst thing about his job.
Today I decided what was the worst thing about mine.
It's the emotional attachment you develop over the years.
Last night, one of our residents made a permanent move. An unexpected move to heaven.
She had been living with us for 24 years.
Indeed I did love her, and she loved all of us.
I will miss her wit, that grin, her thank you speeches, her little dance, and her laugh.
She was a permanent fixture, and my own sons fondly expressed how they had known her all their lives.
Like a mother who wishes she could shelter her child from harm, I wished I could have changed the outcome.
But last night, I was not in charge.
I learned from her that happiness is always in reach. We, as grown adults, are responsible for making it hard to grasp.
Rest in Peace Bernadette.

Day 10, of the 12 days

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Who ever thought

We'd wait in long lines in our cars for a coffee.
We'd buy water.
Stubble would be in style.
Jeans with holes would be ok and costly.

Christmas Lights

I took the residents out for a drive tonight. Here are the honorable mentions according to them...
Paul Saulnier ( bright and well decorated)
Vernon a Barou (lots of nice lights)
Toddie and Dun (lots of nice trees )
Red Morton (nice multicoloured tree)
Aubrey Spinney ( Nice lit stuff on the fence)
Larkin House on East side ( candoliers in windows, decor on front porch)
Huskins household ( every nice, even the shed, glad we dont pay his power bill)
Marjorie Cunningham (lots of lights)
Ward Cunningham (big blue star)
Joe Nickerson ( lots to see, even a Santa by chimney)
The Martells ( always nice)
Barry Goodwin ( Oh my... some blink, and there is so much)
John Pothier ( nice candy canes)
Elaine and Brian (nice lighted garland and bows on fence)
George and Pauline ( neat and nice)
Carol Anne and jimmy (nice red lamp post)
Rowena and Lindsay ( nice angels with RED letters)
Pere maurice ( always nice)

Peeping Tom "P"

Last week's "O" windows included Olivia a Jean Robert, Odette a Louis, Odette a Wesley, and Odille d'Eon. Son #1 reported to me that I was seen a Odette a Wesley. Their daughter told him I had parked at the road and had a camera. I was seen at Olivia's as well. Even entered the house to say hi.

Day 9, of the 12 days

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Weiner Wrap

Weiner wrap a dog
Make it roll over
Teach an old dog
(whistle part)
A new trick
I have been singing this, and the kids were asking me what it's from. Well it's from Pillsbury. Not sure what year. Does anyone else remember this TV advertisement? Tried to find it on youtube, but was unable to.

Tom Petty (Repost from June 2010)

Tom Petty is awesome. I love his music, especially "Don't do me Like That".

And of course there is "Don't Come Around Here No More"
listen to it here (live performance, not music video)
It's not my favorite tune but I do like the fact that it's for Alice from the book Alice's Adventures in Wonderland ... Guess he feels she should not come around here no more. Petty dresses as the Mad Hatter in the music video, mocking and chasing Alice. In the live youtube video on here, he does make reference to Alice, and does wear the Mad Hatter's Hat.

~~Tom Petty was born and raised in Gainesville, Florida . At age 10 when he met Elvis ,as his uncle was working on the set of a Presley's film . But Petty said that he knew he wanted to be in a band the moment he saw The Beatles on The Ed Sullivan Show. One of his first guitar teachers was Don Felder, who would later join The Eagles. As a young man, Petty worked briefly on the grounds crew for the University of Florida, but never attended as a student. An Ogeechee lime tree that he planted while employed at the University is now called the Tom Petty tree.

Petty also overcame a difficult relationship with his father, who found it hard to accept that his son was "a mild-mannered kid who was interested in the arts" and subjected him to verbal and physical abuse on a regular basis. ~~

Tidy Tuesday

So we have been busy and we may not feel our house is“company clean”.
Here's the important stuff ...

The entrance. Vacuum the floors/mats and dust it. Get rid of your own coats to make room for others. That's where your guests will make their first impression.

The bathroom: needs to be very clean. Chances are they will all visit it during the night. Empty the garbage, make sure there's plenty soap, a clean towel and toilet tissue. If needed, hang a new roll, and your guests won't have to hunt for and change the roll.

Family Room:Windex, dust and vacuum.

Kitchen: Run the dishwasher and empty the dishwasher before guests arrive. You'll be glad you did. Empty garbage.

Dining Room: if you light any candles on the table, make sure they are unscented.

Only concentrate on the areas that your guests will be in.

Day 8, of the 12 days

Monday, December 19, 2011

The worst thing

Son # 1 came home tonight after work. He has a little job at the neighborhood grocery store, in the hardware department.
I had to chuckle at him...
" Mom. Do you know what is the worst part of working there on Monday nights?"
Nope, I replied.
" It's the Monday radio BINGO, and plus Santa's workshop and letters!!"

Guess that's pretty good, if that's his major complaint !

Monday's Sexual Post

It's only fitting that with the holiday season upon us, that we talk about "Blue Balls".
No not the type on the tree. I am refering to a condition that can happen to men.

So, what is blue balls? It's a very real condition that results from a prolonged state of sexual arousal. If he doesn't ejaculate, there is a lot of pressure. The pain can range from mild to worse-than-getting-kicked-in-the-crotch pain. It isn't dangerous, so don't be fooled by any man and his lame excuse to need to orgasm or he'll soon have a case of blue balls. He can give himself a helping hand or wait it out. Things will relax and dissappear.

Do all males experience blue balls? Nope, not all do.

~~In case you were wondering, it's called blue balls because the blood that's been in the scrotum for a while loses oxygen and can give the appearance of a bluish tinge ~~

Women can also experience aching and a swollen genitals if we have been excitied for sometime, and haven't had an orgasm. We just don't complain about it as the men do. We just "feel" blue.

Day 7, of the 12 days

Sunday, December 18, 2011

$10 off Tylenol Back Pain

$10 off a 40 tablet container?
Just how expensive are these?

Print your own coupon from Livingwell

Free Skating

Sponsored by our friends at Tim Hortons.

I see Yarmouth's is Dec 22 & 27 at 6:30pm.

Barrington is Dec 29th at 4pm.

Free Coffee

I don't know too much about those Keurig and Tassimo machines. But they are popular. Here's a BIG offer from Timothy's coffee: two 24-count boxes of Timothy's® Perfectly Pumpkin and two 24-count boxes of Timothy's® Decaf Colombian K-Cup® pack coffees. For free !

Day 6, of the 12 days

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Energy ?

I am headed to bed early. Hoping to awaken with energy galore. Sorry I have been blogging so little...

Day 5, of the 12 days

Friday, December 16, 2011

Thursday, December 15, 2011

13 Santas of Iceland

Their names have varied in different locales and have changed over the centuries, but here's a roster of Iceland's Yulemen and their bad habits, in the order by which the Yulemen arrive:

1. Sheep-Cot Clod - Sneaks into the sheep cot (pen) and harasses the sheep.

2. Gully Gawk - Tries to milk cows because he loves heavy froth on milk.

3. Shorty - Hovers in the kitchen, waiting for the chance to snatch a roast.

4. Ladle Licker - So thin he resembles the utensil he loves to lick.

5. Pot Scraper - Snatches dirty pots and pans and scrapes the burned-on food by hand.

6. Bowl Licker - Like the puppy of the house, he's adept at licking bowls clean.

7. Door Slammer - Out of sight, late at night, doors go bang in the night.

8. Skyr Gobbler - Skyr is the Icelandic term for yogurt, which he has a penchant for.

9. Sausage Snatcher - Skilled at clambering into rafters, where the sausages are hung to smoke.

10. Window Peeper - A very ugly guy, who can be a fright to see peering through windows.

11. Door Sniffer - Leave the door to the kitchen ajar and he'll stick his big nose into it, looking for food to steal.

12. Meat Hook - Down your chimney comes his long pole with a hook on the end, aimed at snatching meat that may be hanging from your rafters.

13. Candle Beggar - Steals Christmas candles when no one is looking.

Charlie Brown Christmas

It's so sad, when Charlie Brown picks out the tree.
I could cry.
And my period isn't even close.

Good grief.

Rebecca Black

Rebecca Black.
Wow. Those were the most searched words on Google in 2011.
Sad. She has that annoying song "Friday".
I am not going to post a link to it, and if you want to hear it, go to Google and type it in.

Crosby's Molasses Recipe Book

Order yours right here !
They'll ask you to write down 3 recipes your interested in trying from the website. I wrote down, cookies, meatballs, and chicken wings.

Day 3, of the 12 days

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Play Ball

The calendar features more than 200 Argylers who have made up ball teams in the Municipality from 1912 to 1997.

Price: $10

Calendars are available at the Archives in Tusket or at the following retail locations:

Pubnico: Tit Paul’s Petro-Can; Tusket: Archives, Carl’s Store, the Ultramart; and the Municipal Office Wedgeport: Credit Union Yarmouth: Frames on James, James St.
Dayton: At the Sign of the Whale

Tidy Tuesday

Shoes ! And lots of them ! are the topic.
How do you keep them from collecting near the entrance of your house?
Boots, rubber boots or shitboots like I call them, don't belong inside the house. The garage, the basement, or the porch, is a better place.
Special shoes, that you don't wear often, should be moved elsewhere. Perhaps your bedroom closet . Consider keeping them in the orginal box (may want to label the box, or tape a picture of the shoes on it)
Summer shoes, should be stored away.
Old shoes should be tossed out.
What remains can be organized on a shoe rack.
Do you have any ideas to share?