Sunday, April 29, 2012

Golf woes

I went golfing with Son #1 today.
As I watched him hit ball after ball into the deep woods, I thought of my mother and my late brother Craig. They had went golfing when he was around 16 years old as well.
He had no patience and when he started throwing and slamming down his club, my mother told him:" You stay here ! I am going to hit and play this hole by myself, and do not start until you no longer see me !"
Well things weren't that bad today, but on #15, he hit 20 balls. I just kept tossing them to him. Ball after ball, he hit it into the far woods on the left. I tried to correct him. I suggested he aim way right... for #14 tee off. And he did, and the ball likely made it there. He never did get one on that fairway a country mile wide.
Only after #17, when he slowed down his swing, did he stay straight.
We left with a smile... that's all that counts.