Monday, May 14, 2012

Monday's Sexual Post

I often get asked "where the heck do you get all your ideas".
Well Friday night, I decided on today's post. Loverboy and I were at a hotel, and after some lovemaking, we were sleeping nicely. I started to hear a few noises, every now and then. The noises escalated and I started to wonder if  there was a fight next door. No voices but some banging noise. At 1:54 I awoke to major headboard banging and a woman's voice. The banging was unreal, and it even shook my lampshade a couple times.  As I laid in bed, I reached up to check our own headboard. Thankfully it was well secured. The banging and Ooh and Ahh's were very synchronized indeed, and went on until 2:22. Whew ! After several minutes of quiet time, ( she must of had a mouthful) , she began once more. No banging but a constant chatter. I told Loverboy she is saying " _ _ _ _ it." I don't know if it starts with an S, L, or an F?
I decided then that today's topic will be about bedroom conversation/noises.
Cosmopolitan says that according to a survey, this is the one line that really turns men on  in bed:  "I'm coming".  Plain and simple, eh?
Secondly, they like their women to express how good "that feels"...  whether its caressing her breasts, or kissing her neck.
Moaning and groaning and breathing hard near your lovers face, is sure to excite. We all agree.
It has been proven, however, that we women make less noise when approaching orgasm from oral sex, than we do during intercourse.
97% of women purposely make more vocal sounds/sexy talk during intercourse, especially when he is nearing his orgasm. We do it because we are nice.
It excites him, boosts his self-esteem, and helps brings him to orgasm.
It's a secret we have.
Don't tell the men.