Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Tonight was the final 2012 SARMU concert.
Hard to wind down after two hours of beaming with pride.
Proud, not just of my son's performance on the piano, but of every one else's child up on that stage.
It was an awesome concert !
Too many good songs to really pick favorites, but RSCutie did win my heart with her song " Something's Gotta Hold On Me ", an Etta James tune. Son # 1 said it was his favorite to play, and he
 wished he was playing again tomorrow night.
And Arielle's Meatloaf tune " I would do anything for love" was super, Dimples just breezed with ease through her song, ....  TeddyBear was a pick me up, and the group songs.,  etc ...

It was a simply a powerhouse !