Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Tidy Tuesday

Pillows are the topic. How often and how should we be washing the pillows on our bed ? Martha Stewart, queen of clean says we should wash them twice a year. She also says we should wash the pillowcover once a month, along with our mattress cover. (Once a month for the mattreess cover? Oops...) She says to dry those pillows using a low setting on the dryer with clean sneakers or tennis balls to help keep them fluffy.
Wash in cool water I read. Run them through the rinse cycle twice.
As for down filled pillows, you can hand wash them.
Keep wet down filled pillows out of the sun, but if they aren't down, hang them in the sun.
Well I have been doing it all wrong. I am paranoid about dust mites and stuff, and wash in fairly warm/hot water, with a splash of bleach. I dry them for a bit in a hot dryer, and toss them on my rack to finish drying.  
How do you wash your pillows?

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