Tuesday, July 31, 2012

To fart or not to fart survey

Well a whopping 81% of the people do release gas when in the company of their spouses or partners.
11% only do if they have no other option.
And 3% of the people put up with the gas pain. They will not let it out. They will let that gas bubble get to the rectum, and turn around and make it's way back into the bowels until the coast is clear.
I had a note from the masseuse who was requesting to make public those who do not fart in company. They would make a good partner, she thinks.

Quilt Show

Quite spectacular!
 I was there last year, and will be making a visit this year as well ! I suggest you make the time to visit as well.

August 1 & 2 :  10am to 5pm and 6 to 8pm
August 3rd: 10 to 5pm

Monday, July 30, 2012

Nice idea

The family tree ( Build.com)

Monday's Sexual Post

Hotel room sex is the topic.
Most agree the sex behind the hotel door is usually pretty hot!
Some men say they should install numbers on their bedroom door at home, or get a siding door key, to create the excitement. Maybe even an elevator !  So what does create the excitement? Experts claim:
  • new atmosphere
  • plenty time to play
  • no need to change the sheets
  • no distractions
  • no inhibitions as you both know you'll soon be having great sex
  • no fear of being heard
  • sexier lingerie than our normal nightwear
I read about a hotel in England who has special room service.  ~~ Items featured in kits include massage oil, lubricating gel, two condoms and a vibrating ring. Guests can also request additional toys for special occasions. Those wanting a can request a kit containing a mask, a whip, and bondage tape. For those looking for  romance, on the other hand, a special kit containing alcohol and nuts can also be requested.~~
How many times in a 24hour period do you usually have sex, when away on holiday with your lover?
That's tomorrow's poll question. Think about it.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

$2 off Stayfree

Ultrathin  regular with wings.
Print your own coupon.

Keji Pedi

I spent the past week in Kejimkujik Park. Lots of biking, swimming, and kayaking. Even got pampered by the Keji Pedi team. The singer and the horse rider did a great job, and I even got served tea ! Thanks girls !

Where the heck is Jules? Comments allowed.

Last week Jules was at Monsieur Brian Bourque's .

Sorry about that. Posted this Wednesday and was away until today before I fixed it.
 So, where is he?
I know Virgo knows.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Cute Idea

Friday, July 27, 2012

Abuptic Festival

will soon be upon us.
The parade "25 years of Abuptic" will be Wednesday at 6:30 followed by the lobster boil meet and greet !
Fireworks will be Friday the 10th, at dusk !
Click here to see the schedule

Thursday, July 26, 2012


Nova Scotia Boat Racers Association will be back in Argyle this year.
Date: Aug 4th at 2pm.
Camp Cove Wharf
I was there last year, and it was quite impressive and loud :)

Monday, July 23, 2012

Monday's Sexual Post

No sex today  :)  

Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Skinny Dipping Poll

Here's the skinny on the skinny dipping poll.
Half the voters have been in a lake/ocean with no clothes on.
37% never have and never will.
9% have in a swimming pool, and there's a handful who are considering it.
I skinny dipped in a lake somewhere behind Bear's Den. I can't recall the lake's name, but would know the area it if I was to pass by. I don't recall the water temperature, but it must have been warm as I am as wimpy as it gets, when it comes to getting into the water.

On Marriage

Last night as I drove home I listened to a song by Jo Dee Messina called  Stand Beside Me. In the lyrics she says she wants a man to "stand beside me, not in front, or behind me." I recalled a story on Dr Phil at suppertime, where the wife definitely stood behind. Then I remembered that our wedding anniversary was Saturday (today).
 I got thinking about the lyrics.
After 17 years, he still stands beside me, ........  not in front, or behind me.

Friday, July 20, 2012


Roses are red
My neighbour is funny
He performed a hand stand
Without a bet for money

Scooby Snack!

 2 oz coconut rum
1 oz melon liqueur
4 oz pineapple juice
Top with whipped cream. Stir up everything and enjoy!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

HBC points

Get a whopping 35,000 points when you spend 50 dollars or more at Zellers, or the Bay.
Click here to get the coupon you need to print.

Motrin Sample

Get a free sample of Motrin ! CLICK HERE

Time for Sex Survey

So 58% feel the most like having sex  after 8. Next is the morning with 34% (must have been the men) Next was 20%, for 4 to 8pm. And 12% choose between 12 and 4pm.
According to experts women may be awake from 6 to 8am,  but we aren't really ready. Our melatonin levels are still high.
From 8 to 10am, we are easily excited as it's our peak hour for endorphins.
Noon to 2pm, is the worst time for both sexes.
2 to 4pm is the best time to make a baby. Semen production is super near 4pm. ( Do we really believe that?)
4 to 8pm is best for satisfying food appetites, and not sex appetites. I beg to differ. What's a bigger turn on than having your husband doing dishes, or cooking.
8 to 10pm is the best for both.
And after 10 we women feel more romantic than actually wanting to do any sexual work. Cuddling works ! Haha ! Men just love that word.
But if you suffer from restless legs, having sex between 10 and 12am is the best time.
It's too hot right now to think of any sex ...  well maybe Randy Raft would be OK.

Where the heck is Jules

This wasn't the picture we had planned; he never got to pose infront of the house. It's not the safest place to stop. We made a quick and clean getaway.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Woolite Sample

CLICK HERE  and order your sample.
Offer good until Aug 4th, I think.
Easy form, and the form doesn't want a space in the postal code.

Wednesday at the Red Cap

LIVE MUSIC with Alexa d'Entremont & Lise Newell
Wed. July 18th @ 6 pm

Chocolate Frosty

Found this great frosty recipe ( Gluten free) on Budget Savy Diva.
 They claim it taste like Wendy's Frosty.

1 Cup of 2% Milk
2 Tablespoons of Chocolate Instant Pudding Mix
1 Teaspoon of Vanilla
2 Tablespoons of Cool Whip
 8 Ice Cubes

Place all ingredients in a blender – blend till smooth
Place in freezer till it has the frosty consistency.

Tidy Tuesday

Storing summer stuff is the topic.
Summer:  the season for beach,camping and for soccer games.
Instead of forever packing your trunk with folding chairs, towels, blankets, sunscreen and sand toys, why not consider packing it all in a laundry basket and storing it there until the season ends.
It's much easier, if you have the room to do so.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Monday's Sexual Post 2

We know what 69 is, but now there's a "good-for she" sex position called 77.
 According to cosmopolitan, here's how to do it:
 Lie on your side with your guy behind you so that you're both facing the same direction. Wrap your legs around his top leg and pull him close, pushing your butt toward him as he enters you. Once he's inside, straighten your legs in tandem with his so they're tightly sandwiched together, toes pointed. Stay connected as you simultaneously bend at your waists, while extending your legs at a 45-degree angle away from your bodies. "Folding over and assuming the 77 in this maneuver changes the angle of penetration, creating a direct penile pathway to the front vaginal wall where your G-spot is located.
Let me know how it works ! 


There's a nice article on the Chronicle Herald. I think it was today's paper. It's about friends.
We make most relationships with friends in high school, college and when starting a new job. After 30, we make less "best friends" . And it gets harder as we get older. People are busy, and we don't want to feel pushy. They spoke of a woman with over 800 facebook friends and 500 followers on Twitter, who had trouble filling a guest list for her 39th birthday.
I always say that there are so many kind of friends.The real  "BFF", some close friends, and some casual friends. Friends we make when we are growing up, especially neighbours, always carry a special place in our hearts, and a sort of sadness I find, to realize and accept that we drift apart over the years. Then there are the friends we acquire through our children's friends as they grow up.
There are also friends who really cause us to wonder why we even consider them friends. They leave us feeling less than good, yet we often keep them.
We also have friends who share something with us;  biking friends, swimming friends, camping friends, work friends, travel friends.
In the article it mentioned that true friends become known when we have a crisis, and we all know that.
In short, we should never be afraid of befriending anyone, regardless of their age.
All friends are good for our soul.

Star Acadie 2012

La date limite pour s'inscrire à Star Acadie 2012 est ce vendredi (le 20 juillet)!
Les participants à ce concours annuel Star Acadie seront divisés en deux catégories : les 10-14 ans et les 15-19 ans. Plus de 2 000 $ de prix en argent seront offerts comme suit dans chacune des deux catégories :
1er prix 500 $,
2e  prix 250 $,
vote du public 100 $,
chanson originale 200 $ et mention spéciale choix des juges 100 $.
Tous les jeunes de 10 à 19 ans qui sont soit résidents de la Municipalité d’Argyle ou qui fréquent une école en Argyle ou qui ont gradué au secondaire d’une école en Argyle sont admissibles au concours.

Parks Canada Day

Parks Canada is having a Park Day !
It will be Saturday July 21st.
Special festivities going on in our parks.
Click here for more info !

Happy 50th !

Sometimes you come across a picture that just makes you smile !
This is one of them.
Happy Belated 50th !

Monday's Sexual post

According to GalTime, here's the top 5 things women wish men knew:

  1. Never,ever forget a birthday or anniversary.
  2. Give us a compliment once in awhile,and mean it
  3. If you ask us, we will tell you what makes us melt sexually
  4. Listen to us
  5. We are all suckers for romance. Flowers, a surprize night out, a card for no reason .. anything

Friday, July 13, 2012

Picture perfect poll

Lower West Piubnico was voted to be the most picturesque of the West Pubnicos and Pubnico Head. Myself, I like Middle West. I like the trees.

Taco Bowls

From the Garden Pantry....
If you ever wanted taco bowls, turn your muffin pan upside down, spray with cooking oil and bake tortillas for 10 minutes at 375F or 180C. Perfect

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Face & Fesse Survey

Just as I thought, most people, 51%, wash their face and fesse about the same number of time in the run of a day. Chances are we freshen up both.
32% wash their face more often, and 16% wash their behind more frequently. Its all good :)

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Co-op Sale

DeLatour Co-op in Lower West Pubnico has a great sale on shortening this week.  99 cents.

Tusket Market

Has new hours this year ! 3 to 7 pm

Monday, July 09, 2012

Face versus Fesse Survey

Lots of conversation with this poll.
44% would choose to wash their face if only allowed to wash face or fesse, and 55% chose their fesse. Right away I figured my answer would be fesse. After all, everyone likes a clean bottom. But, as I stood at the sink in the morning...  I decided that if I had to,  I could actually put on my panties, and leave the house ...  but I NEED to wash my face in the morning. Can't do without.
The masseuse commented that fesse can get stinky, but you can always pick at the sleep seeds in your eyes. She couldn't believe anyone actually chose face.
I am ready for bed now,sporting clean fesse and a clean face. Bonsoir

Sunday, July 08, 2012

Pink Panther!

 2 oz vodka, ice and pink lemonade. Cheers!

Thursday, July 05, 2012

Summer Fun Gourmet Night

At Ye Olde Argyler
Friday July 13th 7pm~9pm
$37 without Wine
$55 Each course paired with a Nova Scotian Wine

... Spinach Salad with Strawberries, Toasted Almonds, & Lemon Vinaigrette
Summer Gazpacho
Scallop Ceviche with Pickled Red Onion
Grilled Halibut with Mango Salsa and Pickled Radish
Lemon Zabaglione with Fresh Summer Berries

*Entertainment by Aldric Robicheau*

Call 643-2500

Motrin Sample

Order yours here

Spearmint Tea

Twice lately, I have come across an article about spearmint tea.
It's good for many things, including hair removal.
A Turkish study published the following ~~

Waxing, plucking and shaving are some of the ways many women get rid of unwanted hair on their faces, breasts, and stomachs, but new research suggests two cups of spearmint tea might be a good natural alternative.~~

It also decreases libido in men.
So if you have a few chin hairs, and an overly frisky man, you might want to brew some for breakfast.

I'm Back

blogging tonight