Friday, August 31, 2012

Caribou Lou!

 2 oz Malibu rum
1/2 oz 151
Fill with pineapple juice and a splash of grenadine!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Once in a Blue Moon Sale

Alice at Ouest-Ville perennials has a special sale on !
Friday, August 31st !
Only once in a Blue Moon she will have this sale!!
All our BLUE perennials 50% off, one day only!!!!

10am to 7pm !

In a Pickle Survey

Mustard Pickles won over relish/chow and bread and butter.  And the poor beet. Somewhat unloved by some, but not by me ! I love beets !

Ladies Fun "Day" on Monday

Monday at 12:00 we are having the last ladies fun night. 
Everyone is welcomed.
  It would be nice to know an approximate number so the club can prepare for the hamburger. Please indicate on the ladies FB site or let the club house know if you plan to attend. It will be an 18 hole scramble. You can bring a salads & dessert if you want. We don't need everyone to bring something, so don't feel like you have to bring anything except yourself.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Wharf Rat Rally

According to YASTA:
"A new partnership between the Wharf Rat Rally and Yarmouth and Acadian Shores is billed as the Wharf Rat Run, a multi-day event that encourages bikers to visit seven wharfs throughout the Yarmouth and Acadian Shores region.
At each wharf bikers should take a picture of themselves or their bike and email it to All who email will be entered into a draw to win a $500 gift certificate from Privateers Sou’West Harley-Davidson and a Harley-Davidson gift bucket.
The run can take place anytime between Aug. 29 and Sept. 2. The draw takes place Sunday, Sept. 2, at 9 p.m. during the closing ceremonies for the Wharf Rat Rally."
1. Belliveau Cove Wharf
2. Cape St. Mary Wharf
3. Sandford Wharf
4. John's Cove Wharf
5. Killam's Wharf
6. Camp Cove Wharf
7. Dennis Point Wharf

Where the Heck is Jules ?

Do you know where these smokin' boys are posing today ?
Click on the picture for a closer look.
Last week I had posted Jules eating seeds from Steven and Leah's birdfeeder.
After the picture, the household grew by one, as Leah gave birth to a baby boy.
Congrats !

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Fireworks in West Pubnico

Monday, September 3rd at 7 PM at the Village historique acadien. FREE ADMISSION
Music: Olen, Gary, Greg, Alan, Normand, Edouard and Vincent.
Canteen available $

Monday, August 27, 2012

Good boys

I was getting dressed up, and couldn't decide on the earrings I should wear. One was a silver starfish; the other a silver hoop.
I asked Luce and Son #2 if they would pause the XBox and give me their opinion.
"Oh mame!" exclaimed my child without looking. "We are busy, and who cares what earring you choose."
Before I could plead a bit more, Luce, with eyes glued to the screen said "I'll look if we pause the game". So they did and both said "Star".
I told them it was really a starfish, but appreciated their input.
Them two are gonna make good husbands someday .

Visitor in the night

58% think there's more chance of a ghost visiting them in the night, than an alien or God.
God with a message scored higher than a visiting alien.
This picture would be the conversation between God and I...

Monday's Sexual Post

Using aspirin as a contraceptive is the topic.
Of course, I don't mean swallowing the aspirin; I am talking about holding an aspirin between your knees as a means of contraception.
Your grandmother might have told you such a thing.
Well just think about it. Can you have sex with an aspirin between your knees?
I would say yes. I'm sure you can have plenty !
I read a story about a couple who did just that.
Using a larger "Tylenol" they discovered about 13 sex positions that worked well with the Tylenol between the knees. Spooning was the easiest and they had many laughs with the deep thrust position ( she on her back on the bed with legs up, and he standing on the side of bed) as his thrusts would cause the Tylenol to repeatedly fly out and onto her cleavage.
Getting into position and out of position was the hardest part.
And she claimed it wasn't much fun. Took too much concentration.
You should try it :)

A Reading by the author Nicole d’Entremont

at Musée des Acadiens des Pubnicos
On Tuesday August 28 at 7 pm , the author, Nicole d’Entremont will read from her novel A Generation of Leaves .
In February 1919, Elzear Boudreau came home from the war. One of his
first actions was to tear down the newsprint photo hung in his
parents’ parlor of Field Marshal Sir Douglas Haig, Commander-in-Chief
of the British Army in France and Belgium. Thus, begins Part 2 of the
novel A Generation of Leaves by Nicole d’Entremont. The novel, now
completed in rough draft form, is set in the Pubnico area during World
War 1 and is written in English with significant phrases in français.

A section of Part 2 will be read at the Musee, Tuesday 28th of August at 7 p.m.
A display of research material of World War 1 will be on display .

Friday, August 24, 2012

ATM Survey

57% of voters use the RBC ATM machine.
15%  use the one at credit union, and 15% use none at all.
and the other 13% use both.

Laurent's latest

The Twin Islands, tiny islands about one mile, or less, from Lower West Pubnico (to the west) are also known as ‘The Brothers’ or in French ‘Les Isles-a-Vert.’ Today they are protected as the nesting place of many sea birds, mostly the rare colony of roseate terns.
During my boyhood days of the 1950’s we would visit the ‘Twins’ every summer. This was over 50 years ago. The last time I had set foot on the ‘Twins’ was in 1958 and I was long overdue for a visit. Expressing my wish to Ted d’Eon – our bard of birding, – I reasoned, would be my sailing ticket to the nearby islands. Ted d’Eon has worked very hard in cooperation with the Canadian Wildlife Service and the Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources towards the cause of preserving the endangered Roseate Terns. Ted graciously agreed to take me on a return visit, along with my brother Remi and Aldric d’Entremont, our municipal warden, as crew.
Unlike the old days when it took us several hours to row a long fishing dory there and back, Ted’s 30-foot fiberglass boat, powered by a 150-horse-power motor, took us to our destination in a matter of minutes. We landed on the Northern Brother and immediately I realized how much the island had shrunk and eroded away since I had been there last.
In a matter of time, strong winds and hurricanes will reduce the Twin Islands to mere rocky ledges. Another change was the lack of seagulls. The island had tern nests all over the place, mostly, on the gravel beach; one had to be careful not to walk on tern chicks or un-hatched eggs. It was feeding time and the mother terns, carrying small herring in their beak, were trying to land to feed their young. I could almost hear them saying, “If these intruders would only leave”.
It was an educational, plus fun, visit and Ted kept pointing out: “That one is a roseate tern, the other one is a common tern,” etc.
Of course to me, who can barely tell the difference between a Plymouth Rock hen and an ostrich, all terns did look the same.Not so with our learned birder. D’Eon knows his terns and I was honored to be trusted to hold a roseate chick while he took a picture.
My island visit brought many memories and I cannot resist turning back the pages of time to my boyhood days. Often some of us boys would go with Clifford d’Entremont and his brother Hector and sail ‘The Red Sack,’ a long double-ender fishing dory that had been used for lobster fishing by their father and his cousin, Robbie.

The aging dory was now retired but Hector, the innovative son, kept it in top-notch condition and christened it the colorful moniker of ‘The Red Sack.’ Taking turns on the oars we would row to the Twin Islands, always visiting in early summer when the gulls and terns were still in the process of hatching their young. As soon as we set foot on the island beach we would see a variety of sea birds, terns and gulls being the most plentiful. There were dozens of other birds, many of which we could not identify.
The noise from their incessant cry was almost deafening as they protected their nests, which were scattered on the small rocks or gravel patches along the upper beach. The morning sun helped with the hatching process.

The gull’s nests were easy to identify – often they had grayish to olive brown eggs, with chocolate-colored spots scattered all over the surface for camouflage. The tern’s nests were not really nests at all; it was only a small depression scraped out of the sand or gravel, with a few feathers and such for a lining.
The eggs, usually three, were very small compared with gull’s eggs, and were sort of olive-green or brown and marked with dark brown blotches. The terns, like the gulls, were constantly flying overhead, with frequent cries and deep dives to warn us it was their island and we were the intruders.

We never disturbed any of the nesting areas and always sailed for home with many good memories. Those were the days. How well I remember.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Sweetened Condensed Milk

I never knew there was a sustitute for condensed miilk.
I read that you can use the following to replace one cup of condensed milk.

Heat 1/3 cup of evaporated milk, 3/4 cup of sugar, and 2 tablespoons of butter until dissolved.

Pedometer and Green House Gas Emissions

Here's very interesting info.
If you walk a lot and keep track of the number of steps (i.e. using a pedometer) you might be interested in determining how much Green House Gas Emissions you save. The GHG emissions calculation should be the same whether running or cycling the kilometers traveled.

# steps divided by 1320 (steps per kilometer) = kilometers walked

 Kilometers walked x 0.2076 = Green House Gas emissions saved in Kilograms
So if you walk your 10,000 steps a day as you should, you will have saved a whopping 1.57kg in GHG emissions.
Keep doing your part...  good advice from Stubborn Surette. Thanks for sharing !

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Friggin' pinterest. They are so smart.
I read about assigning pictures to your phone contacts that have none.
SO easy to just take a picture of their picture on facebook, and then simply choose to "assign it to contact." Then you can crop it and assign it.
Man, that was so easy.

Old Navy? Laptop carrier?

Here's a step by step look at Old Navy's idea of how to use your Old Navy hoodie to make a carrier for your laptop. No sewing needed! Just fold and go ! Check it out !

Herbamare Sea Salt

It's a unique sea salt blend. Has sea salt, vegetable and herbs!
Easy form and I understand it does actually arrive :)

Nestle Bundle

Do you know someone who is expecting, or are you expecting?
Click here to sign up with Nestle, and get a whole bunch of goodies ($110 worth!)


Swiss Army has more than just knives. They have a men's fragrance.
And there's a popular fragrance available as a sample.
Click here for the easy form.

Cascade and Dawn samples

If you have facebook, click here and follow the directions and you'll request 
samples of Cascade and Dawn

Downy Unstopables

Downy gives samples of their "Unstopables" every day for 12 weeks. Obviously I missed it today.
Click here everyday to see if they are available.

Where the heck is Jules ?

This house is south of the church. I could give a hint involving their son, but it would make it too easy for you.

Last week he was Danny's house. He's the number one Habs fan, he told me ! And he was at the Dairy Treat !

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Wednesday at the Red Cap

Avery, Normand, and Alan will be playing ! Call now as they pack the house !

Monday, August 20, 2012

Sex ?

Oh dear ! It's Monday and I never gave it any thought.
Maybe tonight .

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Dairy vs Creamy Treat Survey

Well I was one of the two-thirds who voted "Dairy Treat" ! I just can't seem to call it Creamy Treat, it's real business name. SO someone tell us... How long has it been since the  real "Dairy Treat" occupied that space?

Acadian Lovers

Male Acadian lovers beware. Almost 50% of women who voted think the englishmen are more romantic than you. Time to brush up on your romance skills. Take in the movie Hope Springs before you are married 31 years and suffering a major "lull".

Friday, August 17, 2012

Long Island Iced Tea!

 Equal amounts of gin, rum, tequila, vodka, triple sec and lemon juice. Add lots of ice and top off with cola and iced tea

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Church Pews

Soon we won't need church pews at all.
I'm not talking about the small congregation.
I'm talking about the amount of time spent standing up during mass. I noticed awhile ago that the time spent standing has increased. It's much much longer than before, am I right?
And what happened to kneeling and having a nice moment to yourself after communion ?
Why do we now we stand rather than kneel after receiving the body of Christ ?
This has got to be difficult for seniors.
Comments allowed.

Happy Acadian Day (amended)

I was at the celebrations today at the Acadian museum in West Pubnico, along with 122 others. A nice time indeed !

Happy Birthday Smarty Pants !

I lit a candle at church today for my awesome nephew who is 24 years old today ! and also for his father, who keeps close tabs on us from heaven.

I love this picture !


So now the penny is staying until Feb 3, 2013.
 Just too hard to make the adjustment before the holiday season.

Where the heck is Jules ?

Last week Jules was at Lee and Lise S.  And he got caught by Caroline as he sat in Benny's chair at the garage and he stopped and gave Mr Pwell a hand with carpentry at Etta's.
This week's should be easy, given the hint, and supposedly he is threatening to moon me in the second photo.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

August 15, 2012

August 15, 2012
Acadian National Day Activities

Musée des Acadiens des Pubnicos & Centre de recherche, West Pubnico
 Start Time: 1:00 p.m. 

Acadian Garden Party with horticululist Alice d`Entremont

Cake followed by Acadian Music by Simon LeBlanc and Singsong.

Romantic Survey

Got lots of comments during this survey. Romance, I was told, doesn't have to include sex. Him being thoughtful was the main idea when women talked of romantic men.
21% had romantic spouses.
and 19% rated a big fat zero in the romance department.
and 60 % are only romantic once in a blue moon, or when pressured by us. Thats almost 80% who suck in the romance department !
 A blue moon happens about once every two and a half years. Just so happens that Aug 31st will be a blue moon. (two full moons in one calendar month).
What a  great time for romance !

Monday, August 13, 2012

Wednesday at the Red Cap

Wed. Aug. 15th @ 6pm
Dakota Scott-Digout
A grade 12 student from Barrington that has been playing piano since he was 6 years old
and plays many genres of classical music.
Seats are limited reserve your today!....762-2112

Monday's Sexual Post

Weather and Sex.
That's the topic.
I read about hot weather and it's effect on sex lives and I was surprised to read that hot weather often leads to sex. People do more outdoor activities and with a healthy mind and an energized body, they often feel like having sex. Another reason was sweat. Supposedly being sweaty makes you feel sexier.
I don't believe a bit of it !
They didn't mention humidity, and maybe that's more like what I am thinking of.
These days, being sticky, hot, and sweaty, doesn't really make me feel like undressing for any reason other than cooling off.
In another article I read that rainy weather was great for sex romps in the sack.
Now that I do believe. A bit of rolling thunder, and the scenario gets even better.
Cosmopolitan has a position called the "bedspread", which is good for days when it's too hot to fool around. When you get into position, leave your feet on the ground until he enters you. Then have him lift your legs and hold them.
A good ceiling fan might be good too.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Play Safe in London

~~The London Olympic organizers, LOCOG, have provided 150,000 free condoms in dispensers for the 10,800 athletes at the Games. They are supplied by Durex, part of British consumer goods group Reckitt Benckiser, which paid for the supply rights.~~

HBC Points

Print this coupon. Spend $40 and get 25,000 HBC points.

Good until the end of August.

Natural Spider killer

Funny I would post this eh?

1 cup vinegar
1 cup cayenne pepper
1 teaspoon oil
1 teaspoon liquid soap
Dilute it with water until it's squirtable.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Remembering Craig

Today would have been his 54th birthday.
God I miss him.

Freeway Turbine design

Just in the Wind

Nice site from Kings Journalism regarding wind turbines.
Many familiar faces in there as well.
Have a look !

Friday, August 10, 2012

Saving Survey

Well the good news is 65% of people do manage to save money.
18% can't right now, and 16% never ever did.

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Where the Heck is Jules ?

Well I got a hold of him this afternoon, and I explained he owed us a few pictures.
Here's three ... 

and last week Corrine was at her sister Gladys' house, and also sitting on a chair infront of Lynn and Gordon's house.

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Festival Survey

More than half of voters said that their favorite part of the festival was the evening on the hill. A quarter loved the Family Feud.  7 % preferred the wharf activities and a couple people liked something else.

World's Best Cat Litter

I don't know much about cat litter, but if you buy this brand, you can get a rebate.
Check it Out here.


Livingwell has some great coupons, including $3 off any Children's or Infant Tylenol.
Click and Print your own.
You'll find them here.