Saturday, September 29, 2012

At the Co-op

I breezed through there just before supper.
Ketchup is $2.99
1 litre pepsi product is $0.69
240 King Cole Tea for $ 8.99
and Weight Watcher Smart Ones are  2 for $ 5

Friday, September 28, 2012

Multi family YARD SALE

 Multi family YARD SALE in Lower Eel Brook, Hwy # 3,
8:30 am - 1:00 pm. 
End of the Season, great selection. 
Saturday, September 29th
 (Rain date Sun. Sept. 30th)

Thursday, September 27, 2012


Reuters reported that "Turkish rescue workers retrieved an inflatable sex doll from the Black Sea after police were notified by panicked residents who mistook it for a woman's body floating offshore, Milliyet newspaper reported on Sunday.
Police cordoned off a wide stretch of beach in northern Samsun province and sent a team of divers into the water to rescue what appeared to be a drowning woman, it said.
The team quickly discovered it was in fact a blow-up doll, which they deflated before throwing in the garbage. It was not clear where the blow-up doll had came from.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Bed survey

Most of us, 75% are sleeping double in a double or queen bed, and putting their cold feet on their partners. Or cold butts against them.
15% are in King beds and loving the extra room I bet.
2% are single all the way...
and 8% are doing as the song says" sleeping single in a double bed ".

New SportChek opening in Yarmouth

There will be a Job Fair for the new SportChek opening in Yarmouth (at the mall) this Tuesday September 25th and Wednesday September 26th from 10:00am until 6:00pm at the Mariner’s Centre at 31 Cottage Street.

* Please apply in person with a copy of your resume and have your references attached
Positions they are hiring for are:
Full Time Cash
Shipping Associate
Part Time Service Shop Technicians
Part Time Sales Associates
Part Time Cashiers

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

from the Electoral Boundry Commission Report

 • That the electoral district of Clare be merged with the remainder of the County of Digby to form a new constituency to be named Clare-Digby.
  • That the electoral district of Yarmouth be retained.
• That the electoral district of Argyle be merged with the district of Barrington, including Cape Sable
Island, to form a new constituency to be named Argyle-Barrington. The Argyle-Barrington eastern
boundary is the Clyde River.
• That the electoral district of Shelburne loses the municipal district of Barrington and be merged
with the County of Queens to form a new constituency to be named Queens-Shelburne.
• That the electoral district of Queens lose those parts of Lunenburg County currently in its area to
the electoral district of Lunenburg West and will expand northerly into Annapolis County to include
areas of Maitland Bridge and neighbouring communities. It is proposed that Queens will also merge
with Shelburne to the border of the Municipality of Barrington.

Monday, September 24, 2012

The new bra

As fads come and go, we as women, often will embark on the bus, and go along.
This was all about new bras. We went a whole group from work to get fitted.
They were uplifting to say the least. And very heavy material, and pricey !
The numbers and letters were not flattering. I was an " i " cup.  (I would say it in french, so it sounded better.)
The day came when my mom got hers. She put it on, and she looked a bit like madonna.
A rodeo bra, you could say... "round them up and point them out !"
She told the story the next day...  how she put on a tight fitting sweater, and walked into the living room, hoping to get a reaction from my father.
He looked at her and said...
" You look like the Cat ferry coming into the harbour!"


Dr Oz claims if you eat a cup of raspberries everyday with yogurt ( must have beneficial bacteria, or probiotics) ...  you will be able to poop with ease.

ye Olde Argyler Lodge

Last Taco Night of the season is tomorrow night! (Tuesday)
Get your fill of tacos tomorrow for only $7.95.

Craft Splash 2012, Thursday, September 27

At West Pubnico Museum
1:30 – 3:30 p.m. Acadian Craft Demonstrations . FREE
 Rug hooking- Dorothy Cameron, Rolande d`Entremont, Muriel Nickerson, Odette Rohland
Knitting – Carmelita d`Entremont, Annette d`Entremont
Quilting – Friends of the Museum
Crochet – Jean d`Eon
Tatting – Gloria d`Entremont
Candle wicking – Marie d`Entremont
Paper quilling – Sue Forman
Photo display – Wayne d’Entremont
Card making – Dot Newell
Display of Baskets – Arthur d`Entremont
Couverture crazy – Jeanne Amirault
Star Pot holder - Jeannine d`Eon
Jam – Gooseberry, yellow and red plums jams
Display of bags - Friends of the Museum
Red Work- Louise Belliveau
Display of English Paper piecing, Braided rugs, Crochet rugs, - etc
Quilting - Friends of the Musée
Also .....
 25 shore birds carvings by Richard d'Entremont as well as a video describing his talents, Musée des Acadiens des Pubnicos, (Hwy 103, Exit 31, # 898 Rte. 335), West Pubnico 902 762-3380 Monday, September 24 - to Friday, September 28 , 10 a.m. - 4 p.m


Black Sambuca over ice with a splash of white sambuca and cinnamon schnapps.

Monday's Sexual Post

Vaginas are the topic.
Vaginas after child birth, to be specific.
As I once explained, the vagina is modeled after those deflated pleated balloons, the durable kind, that you get at the Ex, and it too can take a pounding.
It's pleats, like a closed umbrella, allow for room. Lots of room. Room enough for a baby to be delivered.
So after delivery, how does that deflated balloon hold up?
It's walls hold up really good, but to be honest, the vagina opening does stretch, sometimes beyond its maximum.
A vagina opening after childbirth, will usually be wider. Anywhere from 1 to 4 centimeters.
But exercises will firm up those walls, and will make things feel less roomier.
If you had an episiotomy (a cut made to ease delivery) and your doc was a super seamstress, you may end up with a better vaginal opening than before.
And there is always vaginal reconstruction, known as perineoplasty or vaginoplasty, to lift and firm tissues at the opening.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Shower vs Bath survey

Most people, 55% do as I do, and have a bath at night.
42% prefer the morning shower.
Quite a few shower at night, and only a handful take a bath in the morning.
Seems as though the bath is meant for night, and relaxation..
The shower perks us up.

Mile Long Yard Sale

Yes, I did browse through the many vendors at the mile long yard sale. Didn't spend much but saw many friendly faces, and that, for me, is the best part.

Blog break

I appear to be on a blog break. Should be blogging again by Monday night.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Penis and sex position survey

50% claim that when they switch sex positions in bed, they do so by removing and reinserting the penis, and 42% claim that they do the same, for most of the time.
The few remaining either had no clue, and one person claims they always switch without interruption in coitus.
I was one who had no clue. I kind of knew, but my husband was away for 6 days. I awaited his return, and during sex, rather than enjoying it fully; I focused on "it".
Now that I have a clue,  I think I am with the 42%.
And that's enough info.

Free gerber drink sample

One per household while quantities last.
Click here

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Open mic Saturday at West Pubnico Legion

Open mic is for all musicians and singers 19 and over who like to hear and perform with local talent..Admission is $5.00 per person ,doors open at 8 pm

Monday, September 17, 2012

Municipal/ CSAP elections update:

You will soon get a letter in the mail from the municipality. It has your PIN number (as well as all the info you need to know). to vote.
 Don`t lose it as you need it to vote.
You can vote by computer, by phone or at a designated place in your comunity.
Voting dates: October 12th to 20th

Next year's beach project

1st Place Apple Pie

Congrats to my sister, on winning 1st place in the apple pie contest at the East Pubnico Community Picnic.
And she always tells me that I make the best pie.
Obviously not any more.

Monday's Sexual Post

The four most common positions are :  the missionary position, doggy style, straddling and standing up.
According to surveys in both Marie Claire and Esquire magazines,  men prefer doggy style,  while women prefer missionary.

Lorna's Kwikway

Yes, sure we will miss it. 55% said so.
For 25% it's no big deal, and the other voters are not affected.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Bluenose II relaunches Sept 29th

~~Nova Scotia's sailing ambassador, Bluenose II, will officially relaunch in Lunenburg on Saturday, Sept. 29, during an all-day celebration for Nova Scotians, Canadians and international visitors.~~
Here's the  webcam link of the bluenose at the shipyard.

More HBC Points

Ends September 30th: receive a bonus 20,000 HBC Rewards points when you spend $40 or more before taxes.
Click here to print.

20ct Finish Quantum

Buy a 20 count box of Finish dishwasher tabs between Sept 17 (tomorrow) and Oct 12th, and you can get your money refunded.
You have to mail the rebate form by Nov 12th.
Click here to print it !

Body Shop Online

Now until tomorrow, September 17th , shop the Body Shop online, and enter FALL20 to save $20 when you spend $60 or more. Besides it's free shipping if you spend $75+.
Enter their site

Cell vs Internet

Yes, I am with 65 % of you. I'd much rather do without my cellphone than the internet.

DIY Sun and Moon Jars

I watched this video and thought of the Cook.
Looks like your solar lights.

Sears Days

Save up to 50% off on Bed & Bath, women’s and men’s fashions, footwear, kitchen items, and appliances!
Click here
Sale on until Thursday the 20th

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Dirty Gas

Add equal amounts of vodka, lemonade and Sprite. Then add a splash of Jagermeister!
This is what you drink to cope with the dirty gas prices :'(

Giant Yard Sale this morning

at Virginia and Paul's in Lower West Pubnico.
Not sure of their civic address, ( 14_ _ ) but it's on the right, next the Lower West Pubnico sign.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Vermont-style Ham

President's choice has a Vermont-Style Ham with Maple Syrup It's a beautiful thing.
50 calories for 2 slices

Hair vs hairless chests

Most women, over 50%, prefer a hairless chest.
Actually I like a hairy chest and remember how nice it feels to run your fingers through it.
Loverboy has 21 hairs in total, and I like his chest as well.
A quarter of voters preferred a hairy chest, and the other quarter say any chest will do.

The Mile Long yard Sale !

Saturday Sept 22, 2012
Over 200 vendors.
Bring your own table. Cost $5.00 per vendor.
Proceeds to pay expenses and St Vincent De Paul church charity.

Photo: Vanguard

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Nights are getting chilly

Motrin Sample

Get a sample of Motrin.... Here

Tanya Shields Photography

She apparently does beautiful work;  have a look.
Pictures of the recent 1920 themed wedding in West Pubnico.
Click Here

Canning Lid Pumpkin

Mail Survey

Sadly for Canada Post, 56% of us mail personal stuff only a few times a month and 43% less than that. That's a whopping 98% ! Technology is no doubt to blame as we can communicate, and pay bills online. There was one voter who mails stuff everyday, and one who mails stuff a few times a week.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Link worth sharing

Here's a link to many free templates and ideas for halloween pumpkin carving.

Tante Sophie

Tante Sophie stopped into work today for a visit. I always get a real big hug and kiss from her.
She's not really my Aunt, but sister to my Godfather Simon and an aunt to Darlene Belliveau.
Darlene and I, and many other girlfriends, spent many nights at tante Sophie's when we were young.
You see, she's a loving caring woman, who always looked out for us girls from Pubnico.
She lives in Yarmouth, and that made the perfect place to crash after the Red Knight.
On Saturday night, she would get our rooms ready. Clean bedding, a lamp on, and even pyjamas folded neatly on the bed. What more could you ask for?  Well, breakfast, and sometimes dinner.
We spoke of those great days today, and recalled the night Darlene had been left a really dark brown, almost black, pair of pyjamas. She put them on, and just had to go into Tante Sophie's room and have a chat. She told Albert and Sophie that they must be hoping that she become a nun ! Look at the black pyjamas you left for me. She talked and talked, and finally Albert said " Ok Darlene, shut up and go to bed."  
We still laugh about it today !
Thanks Tante Sophie, for looking out for us girls, and having nothing but patience and love for us !

Candidates for the 2012 Argyle municipal election

District 1
Alan Doucette
Virginia Doucette
Greg Foster
Daniel (Danny) Muise
Norman Pottier

District 2
Wayne Donaldson
Pierre W Muise
Roderick Murphy Jr. (incumbent)
Ada O'Connell

District 3
Lucien LeBlanc
Clinton Saulnier

District 4
Craig Corporon
Guy Surette (incumbent)

District 5
Nicole Albright
Malcolm Madden (incumbent)

District 6
Richard Donaldson, by acclamation

District 7
Kathy Bourque, by acclamation

District 8
Aldric B. d'Entremont (incumbent)
Blair d'Entremont

District 9
Calvin d'Entremont, by acclamation

Tri County Regional School Board
Ron Hines, by acclamation

Conseil scolaire acadien provincial (3 to be elected)
Jeanelle Marie d'Entremont (incumbent)
J. Donald Doucette (incumbent)
Donald W. Jacquard (incumbent)
Marcel Muise

Sex position Survey

A whopping 77% of us are switching into 2 or 3 positions during one sex romp in the hay.
I was hoping it would be the most popular answer.
13% of us usually remain in the same position.
and the rest are switching things up just a bit more.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

P & G Brand sampler box

Is now available !
Order your box of goodies !  Click here !

Pumpkin Spice Coffee Creamer

 1 cup coffee cream
 1/2 c. pureed pumpkin
 2 tblsp sugar
 1 tblsp vanilla
 1/2 tsp pumpkin pie spice
 1/2 tsp cinnamon

- in a small saucepan,whisk it all together until it's warm
- Cool, and store in the fridge in a glass container, or jar.

Sis: you should make this and invite me over !

Wednesday at the Red Cap

WED. SEPT. 12....
Avery, Alan & Normand! seating...reserve early....762-2112
50's, 60's, & 70's music

Monday, September 10, 2012

In the still of the night

Late night snacking has been a habit of my father all his life. He says if he dies in the middle of the night, it will never be from hunger.
He eats anything he can find, with a glass of milk, at the cupboard in his underwear.
Once, as a guest in a Florida home, he decided he'd never sleep without a snack.
In his underwear he crept to their kitchen and held the refrigerator door open with the milk carton to shed some light.
Soon the wife awoke her husband, suspecting a burglar.
Dad had his lunching interrupted by the husband with a baseball bat.
As older adults, coming from the Red Knight, my brother Vaughn and I always arrived home at Dad's lunch time. He would not let us have a snack until he was done his. He would tease us that he could never have a lunch in peace. We always arrived as soon as he got the food out.
He would tell us, this is the kitchen island....  I - Land.
 "Meant for I", as he waved his finger in the air.

East Side Community Picnic

It's Sunday the 16th, RAIN OR SHINE.
I understand they will have tents in case of rain.
It's at the Red Hall in East Pubnico.
If you haven't been, you should.
12 to 5pm
Lobster Boil
Dunking Booth
Mock Jail
Pony Rides
Music by Avery, Alan and Normand 2-3pm
Plinko, and prizes,and more !

Pepsi vs Coke Survey

Pepsi won with 43%. Coke had 17%.
17 % voted like I did; we don't really have a preference.
23% don't drink any cola.

Monday's Sexual Post

According to cosmopolitan, most couples who are having missionary sex, and then decide to go to "woman-on-top" position, do so by interrupting the intercourse, and reinserting the penis and starting again.
As sexy as it looks to roll over and change positions without removing the penis from the vagina , it's not done very often. Take notice next time you go from bottom to top. I'll be asking next Monday in my poll. It's our homework for the week.
I got wondering about missionary to doggie style without interruption...  can that be done?

Sunday, September 09, 2012

TV Fall season 2012-13 Premiere Dates

Returning fall shows :
  • Glee (Fox)Premieres: Thursday, Sept. 13
  • Bones (Fox)Premieres: Monday, Sept. 17
  • Survivor Phillipines starring Lisa Whelchel, best known as Blair Warner from The Facts of Life, Premieres: Sept 19th
  • The Office (NBC)Premieres: Thursday, Sept. 20
  • Castle (ABC)Premieres:Monday, Sept. 24
  • Hawaii Five-0 (CBS)Premieres: Monday, Sept. 24
  • CSI (CBS)Premieres: Wednesday, Sept. 26
  • Law & Order: SVU (NBC)Premieres: Wednesday, Sept. 26
  • Grey's Anatomy (ABC)Premieres: Thursday, Sept. 27 
  • The Big Bang Theory(CBS)Premieres: Thursday, Sept. 27
  • Blue Bloods (CBS)Premieres: Friday, Sept. 28
  • The Good Wife (CBS)Premieres: Sunday, Sept. 30
  • The Mentalist (CBS)Premieres: Sunday, Sept. 30
  • 3rd Rock Premieres: Oct 4th

At the Co-op

They have a good price on Red Rose Tea. 216 bags for $7.99
And they have a BOGO ( buy one get one free) sale on Stackers by LunchMate ( 3.99 for two) and also shake and bake coating mix ( two for $2.59)