Monday, September 10, 2012

In the still of the night

Late night snacking has been a habit of my father all his life. He says if he dies in the middle of the night, it will never be from hunger.
He eats anything he can find, with a glass of milk, at the cupboard in his underwear.
Once, as a guest in a Florida home, he decided he'd never sleep without a snack.
In his underwear he crept to their kitchen and held the refrigerator door open with the milk carton to shed some light.
Soon the wife awoke her husband, suspecting a burglar.
Dad had his lunching interrupted by the husband with a baseball bat.
As older adults, coming from the Red Knight, my brother Vaughn and I always arrived home at Dad's lunch time. He would not let us have a snack until he was done his. He would tease us that he could never have a lunch in peace. We always arrived as soon as he got the food out.
He would tell us, this is the kitchen island....  I - Land.
 "Meant for I", as he waved his finger in the air.