Monday, September 24, 2012

The new bra

As fads come and go, we as women, often will embark on the bus, and go along.
This was all about new bras. We went a whole group from work to get fitted.
They were uplifting to say the least. And very heavy material, and pricey !
The numbers and letters were not flattering. I was an " i " cup.  (I would say it in french, so it sounded better.)
The day came when my mom got hers. She put it on, and she looked a bit like madonna.
A rodeo bra, you could say... "round them up and point them out !"
She told the story the next day...  how she put on a tight fitting sweater, and walked into the living room, hoping to get a reaction from my father.
He looked at her and said...
" You look like the Cat ferry coming into the harbour!"