Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Workshop - Bow-tie Quilt Block Pattern

Workshop - Bow-tie Quilt Block Pattern
with Jean à Paul d'Entremont
Thursday Nov 1 at the
Musée at 1pm
Bring your sewing machine or sew blocks by hand, straight pins, scissors
Material will be supplied, Blocks will remain at the Museum
Donation for tea & Cofffee

Registration necessary -762-3380

Monday, October 29, 2012

Alberta only

It's your turn to get free yogurt !
From Liberte. You'll get a coupon for 4 X 100gram containers.
Click here

McDonald's Coffee

 I like McDonald's coffee. 
And starting Nov 5th, at some locations, McDonalds will be selling bags of ground coffee in Canada.
  A 340g bag will cost $6.99.

Turn clocks back

When do we change the clocks in 2012?
Change the clocks back when you turn in, on Saturday November 4th

Monday's Sexual Post

Well, blame it on Christian Grey.
 Today's topic is the butt plug.
It's plugs your rectum, as it implies. The neck is usually narrower so it can be inserted and the base is wide so it cannot slip completely into the anal cavity. It's not what you'd want to travel to outpatients and see the triage nurse for, although I am sure they have seen their share of lost items.
It's also not intended for thrusting in and out like a vibrator or dildo. It's meant to be put into the rectum, and left there for some time. How long ? I don't know. But as you know, it needs lubrication to get in, and if left there long enough, it will dry out, and removal will hurt, and tear anal tissues . Talk about a pain in the butt.
There are many sizes, and if you buy a trio pack, the smallest is where you are supposed to start.
If you are going to buy one, check any seams so it is totally smooth.
Washing your toy is most important, in anti bacterial soap.You may even want to consider using a condom over the toy.
And I also read that a residue of any soap, can cause discomfort and infection as well.
But why use a butt plug? Men and woman, equally like butt plugs from what I understand. Supposedly the feeling of fullness contributes to sexual arousal and super orgasms for both men and women. For men, the butt plug massages the prostate, and I read that men like it jiggled around. 
For women, the butt plug tightens the vagina and feels good during sexual intercourse.

There ! That's the end of it.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Les Hits des Septantes

Tune in to CIFA 104.1 fm  TONIGHT
 Oct 28 from 7 - 9
 to hear "Les Hits des Septantes" .
Someone asked me if it was english 70's hits. Of course it is !
It's the hits we grew up to ! Like "Lonely Boy by Andrew Gold.
Remember that one?
This is Avery's  first live show.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Dreamie : Sale4the day.ca

 "The top sheet, bottom sheet and pillow pocket…ALL IN ONE! It’s not a sheet, not a blanket, it’s the ORIGINAL DREAMIE! Great for sleepovers, college students, campers, and travellers. Beautiful ivory colour."
I can't say that I have seen it.   $  7.49 today.
I don't watch much TV.
Sometimes the news, and sometimes Maury.
Check it out.

Do you buy diapers?

You may want to check this out.
It's from Walmart.ca.
I don't know much about the price of diapers anymore, but there are good reviews about this deal, and free shipping.
See for yourself.

Fire Safety

Please continue reading!
As I am fresh from the Fire and Life Safety Course, there's a lot of info on my mind.

  1. Do you have anyone sleeping in a room with a window too small for them to exit from? Some windows, especially basement windows, are too small.
  2. Test your fire alarms. Most deaths due to fire, resulted from faulty or dead fire alarms.
  3. If your system is wired in your home, that is super. BUT get a battery operated alarm as back up.
  4. Do not mount alarms on walls. The smoke will travel to the ceiling, where your alarm should be.
  5. Is your alarm a nuisance? Goes off so easy? It's likely faulty. Get a new one.
  6. Have ABC fire extinguishers. Tip yours upside down today, and tap it firmly on the bottom to loosen the dry chemicals. Check the gauge. Teach everyone how to use it.
P  .....   pull the pin
A ....   aim at base of flame
S ....    squeeze the trigger
S ....  sweep at the base of fire

       7.  People are funny you know. In am emergency we tend to exit public buildings by the same door we entered. In a bar, a store, or an arena, take a second to scope out alternate exits. It could save your life in a fire, or save you from getting trampled. Just think about Walmart ? Surely there is more than just the front door.

       8. The single, easiest thing you can do to prevent fire:  clear clutter
       9. Know now, what everyone's plans are to get out of their room, and house. Where will you gather?
      10. A closed door does not prevent fire damage, but it sure will give you reduced heat, less smoke, and more time. Make it a habit to close bedroom doors, at night and in the day when you are away.
      11. Shut off your propane tank when done BBQing. If something happens, that heavy propane can travel downward, into a opened basement window, or cellar way.
      12. Get rid of that"6 plug outlet" you have plugged into a two plug outlet. They are bad. Replace it with a power bar.

Fire is hot ! In 2 minutes temperatures above the fire can be 400 degrees Fahrenheit, and in 10 minutes...  over 1000.
Get out, get safe.

Dairy- free shake

Here 's my favorite dairy-free shake. I have it for breakfast most mornings. 
In my blender:
Add a frozen banana, cut up into chunks.
A bit of cocoa ( a half teaspoon)
A couple drops of vanilla
I use the unsweetened chocolate Almond milk, pour enough until I am almost to the two cup mark.
And I blend it all up.
So cold and delicious !.

I buy bananas in the reduced grocery.  Peel them, and freeze them on a cookie sheet.
Later I bag them in a large ziploc.

They claim if you blend a couple of frozen bananas, you will get something like ice cream. I haven't tried it but may.
• Peel your bananas first.
• Cut them into small pieces.
• Freeze for just 1-2 hours on a plate.
• Blend and scrap down the blender when they stick.
I understand the bananas should not be frozen so solid it doesn't work. I did read that some people use the frozen solid and dilute with some water or milk added as needed.

Free File Viewer

Do you ever have trouble opening some files or attachments on your computer. I use my "blogging laptop" at home. I love my Dell product however I am unable to open many files, especially with extensions such as .DOCX.

A few years ago I downloaded "Free File Viewer"and it has never once let me down.
So simple, to use.
I simply save documents I need to read, and once downloaded in a few secs, I choose to  "open with" Free file viewer.  I also use it to open PDF files.

It's free and maintenance free ! Download it here.


Get $5 rebate by mail when you spend $10 on Airwick Freshmatic, Scented Oil, or Candles with this mail in rebate.
Limit one $5 refund per individual, family, or household.
All your products must be on the same receipt, dated between Oct 15th and March 31st.
And it must be $10 before taxes.
A good time to buy a nice christmas scented airwick, or a nice candle for a stcking stuffer, or a holiday basket of goodies.

American Eagle

From now until midnight tomorrow: October 28th, 2012, get free shipping with any online order from American Eagle Canada. There is no  minimum purchase.
Click here

Speed Read

I am getting close to the end of 50 shades Freed. Speed Up !

Friday, October 26, 2012

Help me

Could one of my readers tell me if they can see the stats the posted above for the latest poll. It shows on my computer that the poll is closed, and there is nothing to view for results.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Vive la France !

Hello France ! For ages, most of my readers are from Canada,
with the USA as second highest country...
and followed by Russia.
But everyday in the past week, France has been visiting Les Leblancs nore than the Russians !
Bienvenue !

Free Coffee Next week

Starting Monday, get a free small coffee at McDonald's !
Free coffee deal ends November 3rd.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Cheating survey

was the topic at the doctors office today. LDot had a good point of view. How accurate are the answers when the vote is not totally private, and it remains on their computer until the end of the poll ?
Good question.
It's a faithful world.
Really? Well 62% said no way !
We talked about being alone in Spain with a handsome wine drinking pasta maker, who is irresistible and doesn't even know your name. 
Then there is that darn guilt.
It was a hard question.

Mama's stitchery

We were talking today about patterns for knitting hats for preemies.
Here's some patterns found at mama's stitchery projects.

50 shades ... same old

I have been reading. Things seem to be getting old.

Plenty sex, and more sex, and an intruder. Well,actually, two intruders .
One anally, known as a butt plug, and the other was a  human intruder in the Grey household.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Oh My My

By Ringo Starr.
I love this song, but in this video, he sounds like a bad karaoke participant.
Oh My My

Lessons from the Duck Blind

Last night I walked into the bedroom.
Loverboy was already in bed.
I took off my shirt and bra, and walked over to him .
"Gimme your finger" I quietly asked.
Without saying a word, he raised his hand, and I took his finger and traced his fingertip all around my nipple.
I asked him : " Do you know what the little bumps on a woman's nipple are all about?"

He burst out laughing...  "Who told you ??"  he exclaimed !

I said,  "Son # 2 just told me that those bumps were braille for "lick here"!!

Oh the things you can learn in the duck blind !

Super slim in Warsaw

This is a picture of the plan.

A house just 36 inches wide as its narrowest point and 60 inches at its widest, has been complete and ready for a vacation home for an Israeli writer Edgar Keret.

"It contains all necessary amenities such as a micro-kitchen, mini-bathroom, sleeping cubicle and tiny work area, all accessible via ladders"

Red Cap News (edited)


Every Friday is FAMILY DAY ! Kids 10 and under eat for free !

Eat in or Take out......762-2112
Choose from: Pepperoni, Works, Greek & All Meat.

works - 16.99
greek - 17.99
pepperoni - 14.59
all meat - 14.99
garlic fingers - 12.99 with bacon 13.99

New Restaurant Hours

Monday – Closed

Tuesday - 11:00 am – 8:00 pm

Wednesday - 11:00 am – 8:00 pm

Thursday - 11:00 am – 9:00 pm
Friday - 11:00 am – 10:00 pm
Saturday - 12:00 pm – 10:00 pm

Sunday - 10:00 am – 8:00 pm


Monday's Sexual Post

Many women will agree that having intercourse with a full bladder can heighten, and even make orgasms, easier to achieve. The bladder can put pressure on the anterior vaginal wall, where our Grafenberg spot (or G-spot) is located. If you recall, stimulating the G-spot makes the woman first feel like she needs to urinate.  So, for us women who admitted to enjoying morning intercourse, (and there was a few if I remember well) , this may be the very reason. You are warm, barely awake, wet, sensual, and with a full bladder, your orgasm is easy to achieve and powerful. Especially if your man is behind you, as his penis will hit the anterior wall.
Goodmorning !

Sunday, October 21, 2012


Get yours here. Great for the cosmetic bag or first aid kit.

Live Marine traffic

I love this site. Shows the marine traffic worldwide, even downloaded pictures of the ship and info. Cruise ships, tankers, fishing ships, etc...  It's a busy place !
See it here !

Municipal Election results 2012

District 1 - Tusket, Hubbard's Point, Abram's River, Gavelton, Pleasant Lake, Little Egypt, East Kemptville

Total Votes
Alan Doucette 38
Virginia Doucette 122
Greg Foster 191
Daniel (Danny) Muise 231
Norman Pothier 66
Total 648

District 2 - Plymouth, Upper Wedgeport, Wedgeport, Melbourne, Little River Harbor, Comeau's Hill

Total Votes
Wayne Donaldson
Pierre W Muise
Roderick Murphy Jr.
Ada O'Connell
635 (1 Spoiled)

3 - Lower Wedgeport, Wedgeport

Total Votes
Lucien LeBlanc 338
Clinton Saulnier 316
Total 655 (1 Spoiled)

District 4 - Amirault's Hill, Sluice Point, Surette's Island, Morris Island

Total Votes
Craig Corporon 132
Guy Surette 396
Total 529 (1 Spoiled)

District 5 - S.A.R., Eel Brook, Belleville, Quinan
Total Votes
Nicole Albright 302
Malcolm Madden 300
Total 605 (3 Spoiled)

District 8 - West Pubnico & portion of Middle West Pubnico

Total Votes
Aldric B. d'Entremont 345
Blair d'Entremont 153
Total 500 (2 Spoiled)


50 shades ... racy

So I read a tiny bit today. They were being followed, by a woman ? I figured it was her old boss. And Ana was at the wheel, driving 110 miles per hour, and running yellow lights. ! That was just foreplay, as they had sex in the parking lot before getting on their way. She sat on him, facing the windsheild, and after they were done she got out, he took the drivers seat and they went home. Never any mention of any need to freshen up, or maybe wipe any semen running down her thighs. Funny, when he was using "foil packets", disposing of his sperm filled condom was always mentioned. He's amazed 5 minutes later, when her "sex" is always wet; always ready. Well it should be wet !  When I finished, she was asking for "rough" sex. I'll read about it tonight.
How old is Christian? He rarely has just one ejaculation per sex session. Must be all the food he eats.
I reread the part where he told her not to pee (before the handcuffing part). Not much else said. I assume it was so she could orgasm easier in that sex position. Vaginal orgasms are easier to attain with a full blader. Maybe that should be tomorrow's topic.

Dr Oz snack advice

He outlines special snack foods to combat anxiety, stress, sleeplessness, anger, & brain fog.
Too much to write, so have a look for yourself.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Haunted Village

The Haunted Village event at the Village historique acadien has been cancelled for this evening and rescheduled for tomorrow evening.
The same appointments will be kept for tomorrow, but if unable to attend, please call 762-2530

Shades of Grey freed

Yes, I quickly read a couple chapters. I see they married, and the honeymoon sex almost bored me to death. Ana reminded me of myself, after being to told to NOT remove her bikini top while sun bathing in the Mediterranean. I can be as stubborn. So the sex following that was uncomfortable to say the least, with left ankles and wrists handcuffed, and right ankle with right wrist. Her orgasm was hard  achieve without being able to stretch leg muscles. And the bugger left her with numerous hickeys so she would not expose her breasts. I would get even somehow.
I must go back and reread one part.
Did he tell her not to pee?

From Reuters

"Police in France said on Friday they were trying to identify the skeleton of a man believed to have lain undiscovered in bed for more than 15 years.
The body, found in an abandoned house in the northern city of Lille, is thought to be that of the elderly owner of the property, who lived alone and appeared to have no relatives."

"the sexiest woman alive"

Actress Mila Kunis has been dubbed "the sexiest woman alive" by Esquire magazine in its November issue out this week.

Simple Skincare

Click here to get two samples from SIMPLE SkinCare via facebook.
Supposedly you get the makeup remover and the facial wash.
Great stocking stuffers !

Home made Cough syrup

¼ teaspoon Cayenne
¼ teaspoon Ginger
1 Tablespoon Cider Vinegar
2 Tablespoon Water
1 Tablespoon Honey
Dissolve cayenne and ginger in cider vinegar and water. Add honey and shake well. Take 1 Tablespoon as needed for cough.
Note: this doesn’t dissolve perfectly. Always shake well before using.
If you make this in small batches as the recipe is written, there is no need to refrigerate.

(From Pinterest)

P&G sampler box

I received my box of goodies this week. A sample of everything shown.  

Lotto Max Twist

Bonus: 06

Someone in Yarmouth County has 6 of 7 shaded numbers meaning they pocket:  $1070

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Ye Olde Argyler

Fall in Love with Wine
featuring Annapolis Highlands Vineyards and entertainment by Aldric Robicheau!
Saturday November 10th 6:30pm-9:00pm

$60pp plus tax and gratuity:
Sweet Potato Soup
Mesculin Salad with Cranberries, Candied Pecans, Goat Cheese and Apples
Roast Pork Loin with a Molasses-Mustard Glaze, Sour Mash Sauce & Apple Butter
Pumpkin Cheesecake with Marshamllow-Sour Cream Topping

 Reservations Required 643-2500

Laurent's Latest

For a moment, it was as if somebody had turned back the pages of times to the days of flappers, speakeasies and bathtub gin. Actually, I was at an outdoor, late summer wedding with a 1920s theme. To be honest, it felt as if we were partaking into the roaring twenties… and I was enjoying every minute of it. Everybody was in period costumes, and as far as we were concerned, the rest of the world no longer existed. Music of the jazz and big band era was blaring from speakers…the only thing missing was a Duesenberg touring car parked in the driveway. We had to settle for a couple of antique Fords.
Normally, I would not be involved or invited at such a function; however my antique Fords were my invitation ticket. It all began early in the year when I received an email from a lady who identified herself as Amanda Denton, formerly from Digby Neck, explaining her upcoming wedding to George d’Eon in late summer. She went on that my antique cars would go well with her 1920s style wedding. Although I did not know Amanda, I did know George’s parents and grandparents, the theme sounded like fun and I happily agreed to participate.
Ms. Denton’s plan worked like clockwork, she was well organized, and even the sun came out to brighten an otherwise gloomy week. The wedding took place on the spacious and inviting property of the groom’s aunt and uncle, very close to my home. On the appropriate date of Sept. 7, a lucky number, as planned, the bride, her father, and bridesmaids, all dressed in roaring twenties-type outfits, boarded my 80-year-old station wagon. To add a bit of excitement to the event, with the “aa-goo-gaa” horn blaring away, we drove past the wedding guests who were patiently waiting on the lawn and returned shortly for a dramatic entrance. All eyes and cameras were aimed in our direction as we came to a complete stop, adding a final touch to a grand entrance.
The groom, best man and groomsmen, all dressed in period attire of matching vest and hats, were there waiting for the bride in front of a portable chapel. The wedding ceremony was short, plaintively sincere and touching. We could hear soft music of an earlier time playing in the background. Later in the evening, the entertainment was provided by Dwight d’Eon and his band from Halifax. Dwight d’Eon, as many will remember, gained fame on “Canadian Idol” five years ago.
Shortly after the wedding vows were spoken, all the wedding party and guests moved to the spacious grounds back of the main house. Many of the guests had arrived in a big modern rented bus and parking was not a problem, leaving lots of free space for this special occasion. A large tent with two dozen tables accommodated the guests and nearby was a smaller tent for the caterer and his workers. The best way to describe the caterer is to say that he brought his entire restaurant with him.
Everything was done in high fashion and class, but what impressed me the most was the outfits dating to 85 years earlier. Many of the women were dressed in flapper outfits with headbands and beads; some were dressed in longer dresses, gloves and feathered hats. The bride wore a long dress, headband and earrings - describing a bride is not my forte. As the chauffeur, I wore a straw boater hat and vest; however, the boater hat looked a lot better on Maurice Chevalier than it did on me. In any case, the 1920s theme was well represented by the bride and groom and by everybody there. Even the two bartenders were right out of western movies or perhaps the TV show Gunsmoke.
As elegant an affair this was, I’m very happy that my little Model T Ford truck and vintage Ford station wagon played a starring role and felt right at home with the nostalgic theme. My warmest wishes go out to George and Amanda for a long and happy life

Skiing .... Oh shit !

Killington, one of the largest ski resorts in New England, will use electricity made from manure to generate its gondola.
They will use manure from 10,000 of the state's 270,000 cattle.
Impressive !


A special hello to the "angelic" young woman at today's meeting. Nice meeting you. Glad to hear  you're a blog reader !

To Lock or Not to Lock

So you are gone 10 hours. 53% will lock their doors, and 47% will not. Very interesting.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Shades of grey ... darker?

I finished the second book.
Kind of hit a lull midway.  My attention was fading somewhat. I did however like the panty-less restaurant-elevator fingering scene. But I doubt that could be done so discreetly in an elevator. Hie penis was erect and she could feel it against her hip, meaning her bottom is a bit lower than his crotch. I`ll be a monkeys uncle if he could insert a finger into her vagina without bending over and reaching somewhat.
Regardless, I have learned to like Christian Grey.
Sadism is a choice, not a disease, and he says he doesn`t want to hurt her. I almost believe him.
What am I tired of hearing about.....
Their orgasms are a bit much, always leaving them in a heap on the floor. And I am also tired of hearing of his `head cocked to one side`and his `lips pressed into a hard line`. and Hopefully that will be the end of the foil packets.

There wasn`t as much `kinky fuckery` ( to quote Ana) as I thought there would be. That spreader bar does however, sound like a big tool to keep under your bed. As for nipple clamps, I wonder if they are really good for your breast health. Might have to investigate that for a Monday topic.

Time to bake

Co-op's baking contest is tomorrow.! Your cake must be in by 5pm on Thursday.
Judging at 6pm.
What cake are you planning to bake?

Bedpost survey

A whopping 90% of voters have never been tied or tied someone to a bedpost. But 30% just soon may ! 10% admitted to have either tied, or been tied. I honestly thought the number would be greater... especially with 50 shades of grey series.
Maybe a new dress shirt, and a grey tie, would be a good christmas gift for your man.

There is a "tie me to the bedpost" cocktail. Maybe RoJo could create it for RoJo's Friday night special.

Fall garbage pick up

When is big garbage day?
In the municipality of Argyle: East Pubnico/ Argyle/ as far as SAR church is Thursday October 18th.
SAR church to hanging Oaks and all the Hubbards Points, Morris island and etc... Friday the 19th
West Pubnico is Saturday Oct 20th.
Wedgeport is on Thursday Oct 25th.
Tusket ... Fri Oct 26

Monday, October 15, 2012

Kat's Cat

 Easy to see who the boss is.

Baking Bacon

In an article about saving time in the kitchen, I saw "Baking bacon" on their list. I often bake our bacon. No need to tend it, or flip it, and much less mess. I don't bake it at 425 as suggested below, nor do I cook it on parchement paper, but it sounds like a good idea. I bake it at 350 until it's done. I  stick it in the oven and give it time. When it's about done, I start the rest of the meal

1. Preheat the oven to 425 degrees F.
2. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper.
3. Place the bacon on the lined baking sheet. You’ll want to make sure the strips are not overlapping or they will be stuck together after the baking is complete.
5. Bake the bacon for 15-20 minutes or longer.

Book launch

Laurent d'Entremont
Tuesday October 16 at 1:30 pm at the Musée des Acadiens des Pubnicos .
Laurent d'Entremont will offer a short presentation of the book.
The author will sign copies.