Sunday, October 14, 2012

50 shades of perspex ruler

Ah this book ! I sat down again with the book... dinner dishes undone, and not a bed made in the house ! Just one more chapter I vowed.
The billards room scene was superb, except for the perspex ruler. Ouch ! I am wimp, always was. She was smart tho, and actually told him "stop" after quite a few whacks on the buttocks. The love making on the pool table was slow and I could almost sense the penetration myself.
Her boss did come on to her.
She's moved into Mr. Grey's bedroom.
Back to reality, I need to get the dishes done, and I hear the dryer has stopped. Just a paragraph left, and I will put the book away until tonight.
And the last line in the chapter says Mrs Robinson has arrived unannounced.
Frig !