Sunday, October 14, 2012

50 shades of silver

So, after many pages, she is learning more and more about Mr Christian  Grey. As I closed my book last night, they had just returned from a fundraiser event, and the stalking unstable woman may be lurking about.
It was a silvery night. Silver moon, silver gown, complete with silver Ben Wa balls seductively tucked inside her vagina by him before departure. They sure did a number on her. She could barely contain her desire. Guess we should all get a set in our stocking this Christmas. She surprized me when they went for a quick piece in his childhood bedroom by asking to be spanked ! Why ? When he has been soooo  vanilla ! What is she thinking !?  He even used his bowtie to tie her wrists. And I have had enough of the tied wrists ! And what did he do with the used condom? Put it in his pocket, with the silver balls ? It was late when I was reading, and I was thinking she was sucking his penis, then realized she was sucking with finger so passionately. I thought to myself, that he doesn't require her to perform fellatio on him very much. It must has to do with being dominant, and accepting the pleasure. She's so not allowed to touch. I hope those lipstick outlines ruin all his white crisp linen shirts.