Sunday, October 21, 2012

50 shades ... racy

So I read a tiny bit today. They were being followed, by a woman ? I figured it was her old boss. And Ana was at the wheel, driving 110 miles per hour, and running yellow lights. ! That was just foreplay, as they had sex in the parking lot before getting on their way. She sat on him, facing the windsheild, and after they were done she got out, he took the drivers seat and they went home. Never any mention of any need to freshen up, or maybe wipe any semen running down her thighs. Funny, when he was using "foil packets", disposing of his sperm filled condom was always mentioned. He's amazed 5 minutes later, when her "sex" is always wet; always ready. Well it should be wet !  When I finished, she was asking for "rough" sex. I'll read about it tonight.
How old is Christian? He rarely has just one ejaculation per sex session. Must be all the food he eats.
I reread the part where he told her not to pee (before the handcuffing part). Not much else said. I assume it was so she could orgasm easier in that sex position. Vaginal orgasms are easier to attain with a full blader. Maybe that should be tomorrow's topic.