Saturday, October 13, 2012

Sex during your period survey

Two thirds of women have had sex while menstruating. The other third says that area is strictly off limits.
I wasn't sure how to vote.
I voted like most of the women did; that I have but prefer not to.
At the end of the cycle, when the flow is very light, intercourse is not big deal, especially in a bath or shower.
But I am not interested on day two, when my period is heavier. The vagina is way to wet and slimy, and totally not worth it. Your mind isn't focused on achieving an orgasm: your just wondering on what kind of mess you have got going ! Not worth the effort. There are better ways to get satisfied.
Orgasms, however, are good to shorten your period. It causes your uterus to contract, and expel some blood. It's also good to relieve menstrual cramps.