Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Shades of grey ... darker?

I finished the second book.
Kind of hit a lull midway.  My attention was fading somewhat. I did however like the panty-less restaurant-elevator fingering scene. But I doubt that could be done so discreetly in an elevator. Hie penis was erect and she could feel it against her hip, meaning her bottom is a bit lower than his crotch. I`ll be a monkeys uncle if he could insert a finger into her vagina without bending over and reaching somewhat.
Regardless, I have learned to like Christian Grey.
Sadism is a choice, not a disease, and he says he doesn`t want to hurt her. I almost believe him.
What am I tired of hearing about.....
Their orgasms are a bit much, always leaving them in a heap on the floor. And I am also tired of hearing of his `head cocked to one side`and his `lips pressed into a hard line`. and Hopefully that will be the end of the foil packets.

There wasn`t as much `kinky fuckery` ( to quote Ana) as I thought there would be. That spreader bar does however, sound like a big tool to keep under your bed. As for nipple clamps, I wonder if they are really good for your breast health. Might have to investigate that for a Monday topic.