Saturday, December 15, 2012

I have a dream

I had a dream.
Mrs Fields and I got a shady looking inmate to help us build a Christmas train.
The inmate was a big man, wore a plaid shirt,  had long hair, never smiled, but he did great work.
As for the train; it circled her house, and came as far as my house, circled it, and returned. A fair size project. The train was a beauty. We were building it to give rides to the kids.
Mrs Fields and I worked on the lighting,and were decorating the rails with Christmas lights (non-LED). Her blonde daughter showed excitement. She liked the colours and was passing us the bulbs.
(I hope the extension cord was plugged into the d'Eon household)
Then what should appear, but an unsuspecting post mistress from Pubnico. She showed up driving some sort of silver PT cruiser looking jet.
I freaked out, was hollering and waving my arms as she was driving on the not-yet-ready new track.
I awoke, wagged right out from the hard work, and stress.
Apparently I have been watching too many Christmas shows.
Merry Christmas to all :)
May all your rails run smooth.