Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Mistletoe Survey

mistletoe 7
93% don't have a mistletoe hanging in their homes this holiday season.
4% do, and 1 person doesn't know what the heck mistletoe is.
Next year I should hang some :)
Mistletoe is actually poisonous, but over the years, since ancient Greece, it's been thought to heal lots of stuff. I read that in Australia, researchers found mistletoe to be effective in the treatment of colon cancer.
"Mistletoe capital of Britain" is found in Tenbury Wells in Worcestershire where mistletoe is sold.
In Canada it's not that popular with us, as it is to our friends overseas.
Why do we kiss under the mistletoe?  It has to do with a Scandinavian legend where a child died from a mistletoe poisoned arrow or something, so the mother promised to kiss anybody who had mistletoe, so it would never be considered and used as a weapon again.