Thursday, December 27, 2012

My plumbing job

We needed a new kitchen tap at work today.
My handy Dad went and got a new one.
After he removed the old one, I felt sort of bad for him. He's getting older and he was huffing and puffing. So, I offered to put the new one.
I got under the sink, on my back, and was all set with the light, and the hoses, and he was passing me the nuts, and wrenches.
My sis came by to see how it was going.
Sis: " I think your in the wrong profession"
Me: "It's not a bad job, a bit cramped here, and wet, but I worry about my teeth."
Sis: " sounds like you said you are worried about your teeth"
Me: " I am. I'm afraid to drop this heavy ratchet, or a wrench and get it in the mouth."
Sis: " You should wear mouth guard to do plumbing"
Me: " I should"
Sis: " Well maybe you'll get lucky and get hit in the eye"

I glance at Dad and he's shaking his head as if we are nuts.