Friday, December 28, 2012

My Uncle Alvin Rodgerson

My mom had a brother. It'll soon be 16 years since he's been gone.
He was full of fun, and very loving.
When I was about twelve, he showed up at our door.
He and his wife had parted ways.
He had hitched a ride out of town with Simon Belliveau. When he arrived at our house, I remember him telling us that Dad's brother had given him a ride. It was pretty funny, since Dad has no brother. He thought this because he felt Simon and Dad looked alike, and Simon was over every Sunday morning for a beer.
He stayed with us, cooked supper, painted on the house, wipe dishes, played with us, arm wrestled my brothers, watched TV with us, and I thought this arrangement was just great.
But it was short lived, not even a week, as he soon returned home to Yarmouth
I missed him.
And today, I still miss his smile and wink.