Saturday, December 22, 2012

My visitor

I had a busy day and night yesterday.
Barely realized the date.
Excited for Friday.
I went to bed in the wee hours, and in my dream, Bernadette Muise said my name.
I turned around as I knew her voice.
There she was, coming in for a holiday kiss.
I hugged her.
She walked away, her special walk, and I quickly followed her into a room filled with happy people.
We stood by some people. I was happy to be with Bernadette.
 I asked her "who is the woman next to you? Do you know her?"
She said" her name is Elaine Moses."

And the dream ended.
I awoke, dissappointed my visit with Bernadette was over.
Then as I laid quietly it hit me: It's a year several hours ago, that she passed.

Weird eh?