Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The prime rib

So how to you prepare and cook a prime rib roast?
They were on sale at Sobeys, and still are I believe.
I cooked one on Sunday, and got teased about the tender loving care I gave it.
First, it has to be brought to room temperature, so I took it out of the fridge two hours before cooking.
I then patted it dry.
I rubbed oil on both ends as they haven't got that layer of fat the top has, and seasoned the entire roast roast with onion salt and pepper.
After placing in on a rack in my roast pan, I cooked it uncovered at 450F for 15 minutes.
I reduced the oven temperature to 325F, and inserted the temperature probe.
I continued to cook it until the internal temperature reached 160F.
After I removed it, I covered it with foil and let it rest for 15 minutes.

120 to 125 degrees F
center is bright red, pinkish toward the exterior portion
Medium Rare
130 to 135 degrees F
center is very pink, slightly brown toward the exterior portion
140 to 145 degrees F
center is light pink, outer portion is brown
Medium Well
150 to 155 degrees F
not pink
Well Done
160 degrees F and above