Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Cherry Roll Rolls

For me it was going to be an easy decision.
I sat by Mme Adams at the potluck gathering. People were arriving.
We were chatting, and right in mid-sentence she stopped speaking. Her eyes grew wide, and she watched her mother entering the room
She leaned over and muttered " cherry roll rolls" and touched my arm with excitement.
"What did you say?" I asked.
With eyes lit up like a hungry Ethiopian at an all you can eat buffet, she explained that her mother brought Cherry Roll Rolls. They are so delicious she added.
Why, I think she even drooled a bit.
So I believed her. Who wouldn't?
After the meal, when dessert was being offered. She was the first at the Cherry roll rolls.
I soon followed.
A warm so-soft sour dough, twirled like a little well, filled with cherry pie filling and lovingly baked. A nice glaze was drizzled over it. So tender and every bite so fulfilling.
She was quiet as she ate it.
Once done she told me: If you want to review something better than 50 shades, you can review this .

And I did.