Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Deciding between two jobs

According to Forbes magazine....
  • Brainstorm: First, sit down and brainstorm all the things that matter to you the most when it comes to a job/your career. For example, this list might include items such as: Ability to be promoted upward, salary, commission structure, type of company culture, type of work, control over the kind of projects on which you’ll work, company stability, bonus eligibility, medical coverage, anticipated hours of work per week, anticipated amount of business travel, etc.
  • Prioritize: After brainstorming, go back through the list and choose the top 5-7 items that are of the most importance to you. Prioritize your list of 5-7 items from number one being the most important to the last item the least important of your priority list.
  • Analyze: Make two columns next to your prioritized list, one for each job opportunity. Think through each item and the extent to which each job opportunity will provide for/satisfy each priority item