Monday, January 14, 2013

Monday's Sexual Post

Today I have a few tidbits about sex and kissing.

French kissing can prevent cavities. ( sounds a bit gross )
Humans are the only ones who have sex face-to-face.
Passionate kisses elevate blood pressure, and make orgasms easier to acheive.
Men are twice as likely to keep a lover who is a poor kisser, than we women are.
The average person spends 2 weeks of its life kissing.
40% of the men say a hot steamy kiss will get them ready for sex and 30% say grabbing their crotch will work.
I read that a woman should kiss the indent in the centre of his collarbone, as it is extra sensitive.

I like all kisses; the simple ones, the mid-sex ones, the tender ones, the playful kiss, and the lip sucking ones too. But the French kiss; the deep, cavity preventing kind; just isn't number one on my list.
Much like 69... it's a bit overrated in my opinion.