Thursday, January 10, 2013

The nipple survey

Most voters, 40%,  do occasionally pluck any stray hairs around their nipples.
Another 20% look after them regularly.
There is nothing wrong or dangerous about plucking nipple hair with tweezers. Other than the odd ingrown hair, it's safe. If you do it after a bath or shower, they claim it's even easier.
35% never have, and 5% used to.
I'll admit it. I'm an occasional gal. While I only ever had a few, there's something about getting older. I don't know if those strays just don't grow anymore, or if they are now white and I can't see them. Then there is the bifocal issue to consider. In reality, my breasts are too close to my eyes for anything to be in focus.
That's one of the good things about being 40 something.
And if your partner has equally bad eyesight, you are all set.
During my research, I came across a new term. It's called pee-plucking. It's when you pee on the toilet and pluck hairs on your breasts at the same time.