Sunday, January 06, 2013

The flush survey

Well, I just had to ask.
I travelled some basketball players to New Germany last week, and clogged toilets became the subject. And flushing part way, or before adding the toilet tissue to it, was a solution.
It's also a solution to reducing odors.
And one person told me, the flushing sound will mask the sound of any gas you are dying to secretly pass.
17% have flushed to reduce odors, 3% to reduce clogs, and 25% have flushed for whatever reason.  That's a whopping 45% ! Expert toilet users.
I honestly never knew a soul on earth flushed before having the entire job completed.
I didn't ever think it was an option. Neither did 55% of the voters.
So what do you do on those motion sensor toilets?
And do you lift your buttocks off the seat, for fear of "toilet water" splashing.