Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine Survey

I got a kick out of the valentine survey.
The top 5 things we'd like to get from our partner for Valentine's Day is :
  1. Sex
  2. flowers and a kiss were tied for second place
  3. a dinner outing
  4. a card
  5. a thoughtful gift
So if you are looking to save money, you're good with the sex.
And a kiss doesn't cost a thing (unless it's at the altar).
I chose flowers.  And not preferably roses. I love the bouquets at Sobeys or Superstore. Not that I have ever gotten any, but a girl can always dream.
I usually get a good kiss, and a wish. I have gotten a card before.
My first husband always got me either flowers or a thoughtful gift. The last Valentine's Day before he passed away, I received candlesticks.
I once complained, and Loverboy said " des anglais ! Ils sont plus romantic ".

Loverboy is off the hook today, as he is fishing .