Sunday, March 31, 2013

SUNDAY FROM 7:00 - 9:00PM

FROM 7:00 - 9:00PM

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Fund raiser for the Musée

Kitchen Party (Soirée de Musique )
At Sylvesters, Fire Hall
West Pubnico
Wednesday April 3
7:30 pm. to 9:30 pm.
Music by local artists
Tea & coffee
$5.00 per person
Everyone invited.
For more info:
Tel : (902) 762-3380

Friday, March 29, 2013

Happy Easter

Product Recall for Bugaboo Cameleon Stroller

The carry handle may break away from the pram body/seat frame and result in a potential fall and choking hazard.
The affected products were sold in Canada from September 2012 to January 2013
If you own one of the above mentioned strollers, remove the carry handle immediately and contact Bugaboo. They can be reached via email (serviceus @ or by phone at 1-800-460-2922 between 7 a.m. and 4 p.m. PST Monday through Friday


According to a cleaning supply company in the USA, who swabbed surfaces in 6 major cities; the most germs hang out on
  • gas pumps
  • mailboxes
  • ATM buttons
  • escalator railings

Milk Survey

I was surprized to see that 61% barely drink milk.
I love milk. And 30% do drink it.
But I drink Almond milk, and have learned to love it.
Another person reported never drinking any milk at all.

Thursday, March 28, 2013


Red Cap Restaurant & Motel
3 course value dinner
Apps: Salad or Fish Chowder
Mains: Broiled Scallops in Parmesan and herb butter with Basmati rice and roasted vegetables
Pan seared Pork Tenderloin with red wine reduction sauce, oven roasted potatoes and vegetables
Dessert: Carrot cake with homemade cream cheese icing
Tea or Coffee 17.99 per person
To reserve your table call 762-2112
Available Good Friday and Easter Weekend

New Bridge Club

Venez nous joindre au club de Bridge!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

I think this is funny !

I don't need you

Kenny Rogers tune that I was talking about Saturday night with Mr Del HH.
I don't need you

I don't need you
I don't need friendship
And I don't need flowers in the Spring
And I don't need you
And you surely don't want me

I don't need love and affection
And I don't peace and harmony
And I don't need you
And you surely don't need me

Rupert Holmes has one song with the same title.
I checked it out... and by golly I knew it... and could even sing along.
Click here to listen to it.

Wacky tabbacky

8% do smoke it
46% have when they were young
5% never tried it yet
41% never will

Remember the Song: Wildwood weed ?

Bicycle tire pressure

Know the recommended pressure for your bike.
A slack tire will cause you to work harder pedaling, and it's bad for your tire.
Experts recommend we check our tire pressure before each ride.
Look on the sidewall of your bike tire and find the recommended PSI (pounds per square inch).
A Schrader valve.Most of us have a Schrader valve as shown. Simply unscrew the cap, attach the pump to the valve and inflate. If you are at a garage, be careful, as there is much air pressure delivered.  If possible ,use a bike pump .
Try to get it as close to the maximum recommended as can be, unless you are riding a mountain bike.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013


There has been activity, tremors, near Hekla volcano in Iceland. Enough for Iceland to send out a warning ( the lowest warning of three types). They claim however that there is no magma activity detected, but it can erupt rather quickly.
This is a live webcam of Hekla.

Anti-wrinkle Cream

Get a free sample !
Click here

You and Me

Here's one of my favroite songs. A 1977 tune.
Alice Cooper's You and Me.
When we were first married we had the lyrics in a frame on our night stand.
Awww....  how romantic !

You and me ain't no movie stars.
What we are is what we are.
We share a bed,
 some lovin',
and TV, yeah.
And that's enough for a workin' man.
What I am well that's what I am.
I tell you, baby,
that's just enough for me.

Monday, March 25, 2013

La Voix de la Mer

Beautiful Emily Adams, pictured on the poster for La Voix de la Mer.
A Musical by Yvette d'Entremont
Click on photo for a larger view.

Which nipple are you?

No two nipples are exactly the same. Just like snowflakes.
Even the two we sport on our chest, are not identical.

                                                    Click on picture for a better view

  • Normal ....  These nipples protrude a few millimeters from the areola at their regular state, but protrude further upon arousal, temperature changes, or stimulation.
  • Flat .... are flat at their normal state. They sort of blend into the areola, but they do protrude,  upon stimulation, temperature changes and arousal, but not as much as normal nipples. Flat nipples turn into "normal" nipples when breastfeeding draws them out.
  • Puffy ...  are a lot like "flat" nipples, the only difference being that in "puffy" nipples, the areola is raised up off the breast.
  • Short ... protrude a bit less than normal
  • Long .... protrude a bit more than normal
  • Inverted Grade 1 , breast feeding possible, and the nipple can protrude a bit
  • Inverted Grade 2, breast feeding is more difficult, nipple hard to protrude
  • Inverted Grade 3, breast feeding impossible. Nipple cannot be pulled out.
While 10% of all nipples are considered inverted, 28 to 35 percent of women have nipples that don't protrude that great.
Then I read about the not-so-technical terms for the variations of nipples. Here goes...

1) Bologna - When the areola covers nearly the entire breast
2) Silver Dollars - No nipple, all areola.
3) Pepperoni  - Unusually bumpy or puckered
4) Blind Pigs - Low-slung nipples pointing in different directions
5) Muffin Tops-  When the areola and nipple form a smooth swollen cap
6) Puffles - Puffles are like double Muffin Tops
7) Dipples - nipples are concave.
8) Pencil Erasers - Perfectly cylindrical tips, roughly the size and color of the pencil eraser.
9) Candy Buttons - Shiny hard pellets
10) Fade-outs (aka Ghosts) - When you're not sure where the areola ends and the breast begins.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

The groundhog

At least the "rodent" tells it like it is..........

Getting Ready to Bike ?

What exercises will get my muscles ready?

Exercises that strengthen your core, legs, and protect your lower back, can all be done at home before you set off.


Lie on your front, weight supported your by toes and forearms. Hold for 10 to 30 seconds. Perform three sets.


Stand with feet together, hands on hips. Lunge forward with your left foot and bend your knees. Repeat on the right side. Perform four sets of 15 with 30 seconds rest between each set.


Lie facing the floor, with arms and legs outstretched. Raise your arms and leg up a few inches and hold for a count of 10. Perform three sets.

One-legged squats

Take the weight on your left leg and lift the right leg an inch or so off the floor. If you need to, use a chair for balance.
Slowly bend your left knee as much as you can, pushing your bottom back.
Straighten your leg and repeat, keeping your right foot off the floor at all times. Perform four slow sets of 15 on each leg.

Don't blog

As a blogger, some of my best times are always followed by the same line ...
 " and don't blog about this !".

Haha !
 See?  I never blogged about it !

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Easter Garden

Plant an Easter Garden!

 Using potting soil, a tiny buried flower pot for the tomb, shade grass seed, & crosses made from twigs. Sprinkle grass seed generously on top of dirt, keep moistened using a spray water bottle. Spritz it several times a day. Set it in a warm sunny location. Sprouts in 7-10 days so plan ahead. The tomb is EMPTY! He is Risen! He is Risen indeed!

Cake Batter Fudge

Cake Batter Fudge - 10 Minute Recipe

yellow cake mix
confectioners’ sugar
Because that’s all you need.

1 cup yellow cake mix + 1 cup confectioners’ sugar in microwave safe bowl (yeah, that means this stuff is not going near a pot or the oven.

Mix ‘em together.
Add 1/2 stick (1/4 cup butter) and 1/4 cup milk. Don’t mix.

I cut up my stick of butter because I decided I could afford the extra 10 seconds of effort. If you can’t, no sweat. Cut another corner. Enjoy.

Place in microwave for 2 minutes. 

Take it out and stir immediately.

Now it looks like cake batter. But sweet. And delicious.

Mix in sprinkles and pour into a greased pan or, as I did, a plastic container. Classy.

Oh, and did I mention that you could do this WITHOUT DAIRY?

This time use margarine and soy milk. Halve the soy milk (1/4 cup margarine, 1/8 cup soy milk).

Refrigerate for 1 hour, then cut into squares. 

Congratulations. You have just made cake batter fudge.

All the goodness of sweet fudge without the candy thermometers.

No equipment. No mess. 1 bowl.

yellow cake mix
icing sugar

 Put 1 cup yellow cake mix + 1 cup icing sugar in microwave safe .

Add 1/4 cup butter and 1/4 cup milk. Don’t mix.
Place in microwave for 2 minutes.
Take it out and stir immediately.
 Now it looks like cake batter.
 Mix in sprinkles and pour into a greased pan.
 Refrigerate for 1 hour, then cut into squares.

Earth Hour Tonight

Reminder: Earth Hour Tonight
 Turn off your lights 8:30 to 9:30 PM in Nova Scotia.

Rupert Holmes

Known for Escape... the " Pina Colada" song... 
"If you like Pina Coladas, and getting caught in the rain.
If you're not into yoga, if you have half-a-brain.
If you like making love at midnight, in the dunes of the cape.
I'm the lady you've looked for, write to me, and escape."

He also had a hit called "Him". I heard it this morning. Had forgotten about it.
Says on youtube that it's an 80 song, but I had to research it.
Comes fropm the 1979 album called Partners in Crime. Here's a list of the tunes:
  1. Escape
  2. Partners In Crime
  3. Nearsighted
  4. Lunch Hour
  5. Drop It
  6. Him
  7. Answering Machine
  8. The People That You Never Get To Love
  9. Get Outta Yourself
  10. In You I Trust
Listen to HIM here.

Why women shouldn't send men to the grocery store.

Watch it. It's so cute !


Click on picture for a larger view
March 29th - 7PM
March 30th - 7PM
March 31st - 2PM

High Heel Cupcakes

Middle White Chick: get someone to bake you these for your next birthday.

These cupcakes from "the Cupcakery of Elizabeth City"

Light vs Albacore tuna

Light tuna has less mercury than white albacore tuna.
Albacore is a larger, more predatory species than the smaller skipjack tuna ( canned as the light tuna), therefore the big guy has more mercury.

Kit Kat recall

Kit Kat Recall

Nestlé Canada is voluntarily recalling Kit Kat Chunky Peanut Butter and Kit Kat Chunky Hazelnut bars. The recall affects only the 48g size bars of these two limited edition Kit Kat Chunky products. No other Kit Kat product is affected.
KIT KAT CHUNKY Peanut Butter 48g 0-59800-29936-7
KIT KAT CHUNKY Hazelnut 48g 0-59800-49929-3
KIT KAT CHUNKY Variety 3CT Multipack 0-59800-49972-9

The recall is due to the potential that the Kit Kat Chunky Peanut Butter and Kit Kat Chunky Hazelnut may contain small pieces of plastic. There have been no consumer complaints in Canada. With an abundance of caution, Nestlé Canada is voluntarily conducting this recall due to seven consumer complaints in Europe.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Panties at night survey

I have to admit I was blown away to learn that 62% wear their undies to bed at night.
I honestly didn't think any women did.
17% never do.
13% only if sharing a room in a hotel, and 10% do only if they are wearing a sanitary pad.
I even casually asked a circle of friends tonight—Do you sleep with underwear on or off?
And the stats were correct ! About 60% did sleep with underwear on.

According to Dr. Oz ; he says it's time to go au naturel. "You don't want it to be so moist down there. Let it dry out a little bit," he says. "Secondly, the underpants can abrade on your skin a little bit, which can cause pimples, and you don't want that."

Flourless pancakes

PANCAKES MADE FROM BANANAS AND EGGS!  This one is just so simple and quick! 2 eggs + 1 banana = pancakes. Make it now. 1. Mush banana. 2. Crack eggs. 3. Mix 4. Spray griddle with PAM 5. Pour batter on 6. Flip 7. Enjoy!
This one is just so simple and quick! 2 eggs + 1 banana = pancakes.
Make it now.
1. Mush banana.
 2. Crack eggs.
3. Mix
4. Spray griddle with PAM
 5. Pour batter on
 6. Flip
 7. Enjoy

Source: Alison Astair

Thursday, March 21, 2013

A & W burgers

Wondering which to order? Which one of those delicious burgers has the least calories?
Under 300 calories is the baby burger with 240 calories and 9 grams total fat.
Under 400 calories? There's none !
Under 500 calories? There's only 2 !
The mama burger (400 calories and 19 total fat) and the veggie burger ( 410 calories and 17 total fat)  Wow....
Under 600 calories: there are 4
Teen burger is 500 calories and total fat grams are 26
Papa: 580 and 32 fat !
Uncle burgers and Grandma Burgers: 560 and 33 and 38 total fat grams.

And the rest are over 600 calories.

So maybe a whistle dog is a better choice ? Well one is 450 calories  and 26 total fat gr.
Them onion rings? 470 cal and 27 grams of total fat.

Chicken Grill deluxe is 320 calories and 9 total fat grams.

Guide to Boating

Useful tips when it's time to purchase your boat
- Advice & tips on operating your boat
- Information on maintaining & storing your boat
- Boating terms to help you learn to speak boat
Order it here

Tents anyone?

2012Here's a 2013 Tent handbook.
Order here.

Hilleberg the Tentmaker: a very interesting story I thought  .
    Bo Hilleberg was an avid, lifelong outdoorsman,  frustrated with tents that required pitching the inner tent first and then covering it with a loose rain fly that usually displayed the same properties as a kite in the wind. He envisioned a tent that had an outer and inner tent that pitched together.
Married someone who could sew, and they have been making tents for 40 years.

Peeps !

Use your favorite peeps and gum balks to dress up dessert for Easter. I think The kids will love the Peeps bunnies. :)
If you like this - please share - and "like" my page because I have lots more recipes there!

Check out my website too, where you can purchase the tools with which to prepare and serve these wonderful recipes - at 

Find a recipe you simply LOVE and want to come back to? EASY! Just click "SHARE" and share it to your own page OR tag yourself in it. Then, when you need it again, it will be on YOUR page in your photos :)

My sis hates peeps. But look ! Aren't they cute !!

Retro Charity Dance

Another year is upon us-.
Come and join in on all the fun at the 'Annual Retro Charity Dance'
music of the 60's/70's-DJ Ken playing the hit tunes of that era
Dress up (optional)- come and 'TWIST'/LOCOMOTION the night away

West Pubnico Fire Hall   9pm to 1 am
Saturday March 23rd

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Ryan Doucette

Ryan Doucette, from the Clare region, is an actor in the movie Cloudburst, now playing at Empire theatres. It's his first role in a feature film.
I saw the movie, (not for children), and it was good. Left you thinking. Made you laugh, and almost cry.
He did a great job.
See him in an interview here.
Some have seen him as a comedian at ecole Par-en-bas.

Monday, March 18, 2013

I Will Still Love You

Beautiful 70's song by Stonebolt.

Love 'em and leave 'em
Give them the air
Hurt and deceive them
Say you don't care
Break their hearts and let them fall
Like rain on your back stairs
Then call me up tomorrow
You know I'll still be there

Listen to it here

Fresh Smelling Vagina

How do we women keep things smelling fresh as possible south of the border ?
First of all you must wash daily, at the very least.
Pubic hair traps and holds scent;  therefore trim it up a bit.
Eat pineapple daily is what experts claim. It'll keep your vagina smelling like a rose.
Wear panty liners part of the day if you know you won't have the opportunity to refreshen.
If your vagina smells fishy; you likely have a baacterial infection.
Yeast infections rarely cause smells... at least that is what I read. I never have had one but understand that I will know it when I do.
Some STD's do cause odors.
Wear underwear that can"breathe". ( I hate cotton undies)
Add baking soda to your bath water, or lavender.
Don't douche as you will be messing with the ecosystem of the vagina. It's a self cleaning oven you know.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Bed sheets

I read this tip for soft and super smelling bed sheets.
Wash them in a Baby Laundry detergent of some kind.
They will be softer, and smell real nice.
I must try it !

Eating Survey

Most people ,70% , are mainly trying to eat healthy.
Followed by many eating low fat, and others low calorie foods.
A small percentage also try to eat less carbs.


Saturday, March 16, 2013

Creamy Treat Opens

Photo: First cones of the season! Fill your ice cream craving and come get your favorite treat on opening night: Thursday, March 21 at 5!Fill your ice cream craving and come get your favorite treat on opening night: Thursday, March 21 at 5!

Good looking guy not on menu :( 



Remember that time in your life?
How old were you?
What were you doing?
Tell us ...

Friday, March 15, 2013

How to heal a chafed penis

Friction is usually the culprit, but I read that nowadays, with lots of men using a body wash/shampoo combo, that it can dry your skin and make your penis chafe even more easily.
If I had a chafed penis, I would apply zincofax ( cream a fesse) and give the poor penis a rest for a couple days. However, I have no penis so I'll leave it up to the experts.
Here's what they suggest:
use Blistex Lip Balm, use condoms, vaseline, antibiotic ointment, and give it a rest.

Homemade paint for kids art

You only need two ingredients.
Food coloring and condensed milk. Yes, the sweetened kind. I read it makes a nice shiny gloss paint.
Combine the two together in small dishes in any color you can imagine and you are ready to go. Plus, it's quick to make and you can store them in the fridge (covered) for up to three weeks.

Great News for West Pubnico

The "shack" at the ballfield in Lower West Pubnico next to the "BA", officially known as the West Pubnico Athletic Association Shed will be getting a facelift, reports our active living co-ordinator.

I have volunteered to host a "painting bee" for the outside once repairs are done, ...   I'll need 4 painters, and a couple others to make us lunch. So keep this in mind for when I look for volunteers in the spring.

Many are looking forward to seeing the ball field in use this summer !

Remember this post?

A couple years ago I shared a tidy tip.
I still use once in awhile.
"Once a week, take a bag and throw away 27 things. Count them. Recycle what you can."
It can be empty toothpaste, pens that don't work, a shirt you don't wear, a book you want to donate, a broken toy, piece of paper, .....

See the original post here.

Priest survey

85% believe women should be allowed to be priest.



Thursday, March 14, 2013

Gee. Not a bad idea !

Saturday March 16th

Turkey Supper at West Pubnico Fire Hall.
Fundraiser for the Fire Department
$13.50 per person
From 5 to 7pm


Yes ! Delivery ! Call 762-2145 before March 14th to order your meal for delivery :)  What a great idea !

Cake parade

Cake parade at the Pubnico Area Lions Hall in Pubnico Head.
Doors open at 1pm, and cake parade starts at 2pm.
Accepting food donations after 10am.
Proceeds for Leigh Nickerson "Fleecy".

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Introducing ....

BINGO Report

It was a night of multiple winners per game.
The newphie nurse won, and so did the walker, and another I believe.
Conversation was good, company too.
Even Mme from HH was there.
The volunteer with the nice camouflage suspenders was there, and his friendly wife as well.
It's great therapy.

Puffs Tissues with Vicks

The other day, in some odd conversation, I recalled something that happened when my kids were young. Son #2 had a bad cold and felt miserable, and during the night, I went to lay down with him. Just as I fell asleep, I felt that familiar little trickle, and yes, I was starting my period. Knowing my period never starts with a bang, I just reached for a couple tissues, and placed them on my crotch.
I fell asleep, and in about 20 minutes awoke with panic and a crotch on fire!
Puff Kleenex with Vicks was the culprit.

Good for the nose only.

     Has this mini brewer on sale for $52.91 and free shipping from what I understand. A great mother's day gift !  click here

Quilt Competition.

As part of the Museum's 8th annual quit show at St. Peter's Church in West Pubnico, there will be a 1st annual quilt competition. The competition will take place during the 'Chez-nous à Pombcoup' festival summer, 2013.
The goal of this competition is to preserve and promote traditional hand quilting as done by French Acadian in Pubnico since the 1650s. The Pubnico region counts among just 2 baronial concessions ever granted in Canada, and has hosted French settlements at least since Champlain landed here in 1604/05.
The deadline for completed entry forms is June 30, 2013. There is no fee to enter. Entrants may enter a maximum of one quilt per each category. There will be 3 categories: 1- Traditional pieced quilts 2- Traditional appliqué quilts 3- Creative quilts. More information will be available on the website of the Musée des Acadiens des Pubnicos at a later date, and I will keep you posted.