Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Remember Charles Ramsey ?

The man who put down his burger, to go free Amanda Berry, and the others held hostage in the house in Cleveland Ohio?
Well he has been awarded free hamburgers for life, from 15 restaurants in Cleveland.

~~The kidnapping story has several fast food connections.
Ramsey's story, with its mention of a McDonald's hamburger, won him praise from the restaurant chain.
After the discovery of the women, Castro was arrested in front of a McDonald's about a mile from the house.
As a school bus driver, Castro was once accused of leaving a child alone on a bus, telling the child "lie down, bitch," while he visited a Wendy's restaurant.
Also, a neighbor reported seeing Castro park his school bus outside the house and bring a large bag of fast food and several drinks inside, even though he was thought to live alone. The neighbor said his mother called police, who warned Castro not to park his school bus outside the house.~~