Monday, June 03, 2013

Laughter in the sack

A man was having sexual intercourse with a women, when she suddenly let out a loud fart.  She said 'The front hole is so happy so the back hole is singing...'    

One lady had a fit of laughter after her lover exclaimed "Yahtzee' when approaching orgasm.

A woman asked her lover during sex "after this we are going to get mcdonalds?"

 A couple were at the wall listening to the lovers in the next apartment.  Clearly they were having sex, and the walls were paper thin. Soon they heard " Hi Ho Silver away !!! "  The laughter from the listening couple could not be contained, and no doubt was overheard by the lovers

A hysterical woman came into the ER. She'd just had a fight with her boyfriend while sitting in his parked car. She said she had gotten so mad at him that she pulled the key out of the ignition and put it in her vagina so he couldn't drive home! Now she couldn't locate the key . Neither could staff at the ER. Must have fell out.

  A man was chewing gum during a one night stand and it fell into her hair, but she didn't realize it. Being a male, he really didn't want to stop, and by the end of it all the gum was so messed up into her hair that she spent the next 24 hours trying to get it out. The next time he saw her she had short hair.