Monday, February 24, 2014

Red Cap Lobster Poutine

Photo: Lobster Sauce Poutine- our "signature lobster sauce" poured over mozza cheese and french fries.
Come in and give it a try!

I had to go sample it.
It's been on my mind ever since.
That lobster sauce... same as they serve on the haddock with lobster sauce, is absolutely delicious.
You could call it adorable.
With lots of cheese. Wow, I was impressed, and hungry for another serving very soon.
Like one customer said " who needs the haddock?"

Old Singer Sewing machines

New use for grandma's old sewing table or one that you find at the local vintage/flea market....So cool who has Grandma's sewing machine?  I wonder?  every time I see one I think of her and the awesome pj's she always made us each year.Love this idea. Old sewing machine base with a spool top.20 Vintage Repurposed Sewing Machines | Daily source for inspiration and fresh ideas on Architecture, Art and Design,treadle sewing cabinet and to think I have one of these in my house wondering how I was going to paint it PERFECT

Pre-game sex

The 100,000 condoms of Sochi OlympicsWith the winter Olympics just over..... I wondered about the theory that sex before competition zaps energy.  (Muhammad Ali, for one, reportedly wouldn't make love for six weeks before a fight.)
Some people believe the act of ejaculation draws testosterone, the hormone of both sexual desire and aggression, from the body.
But really, some studies suggest that pre-sports sex may actually aid athletes by raising their testosterone levels.
As for concentration, some personalities need more concentration. In this case sex may be a bad idea.

In Sochi, they had 10,000 condoms, as pictured above, in the Olympic Village.
Someone obviously didn't abstain from sex.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sponges in the kitchen

If you don't microwave or run your kitchen sponge though the dishwasher everyday, then you should stick to using dish cloths.
Sponges harbor germs.
How do you microwave it ?
If your sponge has no metal in it, wet it completely and microwave it for one minute, everyday .

Losing weight without being hungry

  • Eat breakfast. Studies show that people who eat breakfast are more successful at losing and keeping weight off.  A breakfast high in lean protein helps you feel full and eat less throughout the day.
  • Eat the filling foods first... and the fattening food later.  Filling food, like lean protein, fresh fruit, vegetables, and popcorn are natural appetite suppressants. The fattening food triggers cravings and tells your brain to eat more carbohydrates. By eating your filling food first, your brain will tell you that you are getting full, and it's time to slow down. You'll eat less. 

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Paul Anka and Odia Coates ... I believe there's nothing stronger...

Avery's next show will be all about "duets".

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Lays Chip Contest

LAY’S Do us a Flavour!™ CanadaWhat do you think would make a great chip flavour ?
Enter your "flavour" in the Lays Contest !

There will be 4 Finalist Prizes of $5,000 and a Grand Prize of $50,000 + 1% off all future chip sales
There is no limit on the amount of entries or flavours you can create.
Contest ends April 23, 2014
Voting takes place August 12 – October 15, 2014.

Enter here !

Brain Donation

Located in the Tupper Medical Building, Faculty of Medicine, Dalhousie University in Halifax, the Maritime Brain Tissue Bank was established to collect brain tissues and to make them available for researchers who are trying to better understand the causes of dementia.

I think it's an awesome idea.

How do you make arrangements ? Click here and learn...

Time change

I noticed that the sun is setting later these days....
Moving the clocks ahead on Saturday night, MARCH 8 !!

Freezers and Power Outages

Here's how to make the best with your freezer during an outage.
  • keep several freezer gel packs frozen in your freezer
  • even milk cartons and 2L ice cream containers, filled with water and frozen will help things thaw less ( I always have water frozen in milk containers in ours)
  • Pile up the frozen foods together
  • The colder the room, the longer the cold will stay in the freezer
  • Keep a thermometer in there, so you will know the temp when the power outage is over.
  • Keep the door closed as much as possible.
A fully stocked freezer will be good for 2 days.
One day, if it's half full.
You can wrap it with blankets/quilts during the outage to help keep it cold.

The stuff in the freezer, if it's 4 degrees Celsius or less, can be refrozen.
Or if there is ice crystals in the food, you can refreeze... except for ice cream.

Free CPR course

The Argyle Recreation Department will be hosting a CPR course for adults and seniors on Monday February 24th from 1:00-330pm at the Wedgeport Firehall.
 This is a FREE event.
  Registration is required and space is limited.
 To register, contact the Argyle Recreation Department at 648-3379.

A Link Worth Sharing

This pool noodle floating cooler only costs $1.99.Check it out !
Wonderful ideas !

Cheap and Easy backyard ideas

Wednesday, February 19, 2014


TIME IS ALMOST THERE! RUNNERS ATTIC'S SPRING RUN CLUB! Register in person at YARMOUTH RECREATION! (waiver signage and $60 fee) 10 WEEKS EASY,GRADUAL and FUN! 20% OFF ANYTHING RUNNING and a technical T-shirt awarded at the end! We also will have talks from nutritionists, physiotherapists, and intro to YOGA (TBD). COME PLAY! Mondays at 5:30 from the store. Starts MARCH 3 2014. Register in person at YARMOUTH RECREATION! (waiver signage and $60 fee)
 20% OFF ANYTHING RUNNING and a technical T-shirt awarded at the end!
They also will have talks from nutritionists, physiotherapists, and intro to YOGA (TBD).
Mondays at 5:30 from the store.
Starts MARCH 3 2014.

Ecole Pubnico Ouest

Dinner at EPO tomorrow is Italian spaghetti.
And Sports day will be Friday :)

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Red Cap's Lobster Sauce Poutine

Photo: Lobster Sauce Poutine- our "signature lobster sauce" poured over mozza cheese and french fries.
Come in and give it a try!

Lobster Sauce Poutine-
their "signature lobster sauce" poured over mozza cheese and french fries.
 Go on in and give it a try!

Hey Good Looking !

Apparently many of the good looking men, still are.
Some were no longer mentioned ... awwww.
And some were new to the list !

Previous mentioned:
  • Mentioned a few times was father of two girls, off road, daughter made an appearance on my blog
  • Mentioned a few times: Wife has initial T. Not sure where they live. Has a "beau" father.
  • father of two girls. ( relation to ... translate "pie" in French. )
  • A Normie ....  the older "G".  (sorry bout that Bruins fan )
  • Husband of Mme L. Has two children (Daughter thought the last survey was hilarious and must have been conducted by seniors in Nakile.)
  • My neighbour with the pond. And I don't mean Alvin. Sorry.
  • Lives on the point. Name starts with "M". Mother name also starts with an M. His partner is a good singer. She sang at the karaoke night.
also mentioned were

  •  more than once ...  RA from East side. West sider wife. Her name starts with A , as does her mother.
  • neighbour to # 3 on the above list ( house to right )
  • Dyke road gentleman. Starts with K. Hey ! There's a few "K"'s down that road. This one has two children. Wife's name starts with "N".
  • the brother in law to the "Normie" man
  • S .T. who married a hairdresser
  • A son of  Benny. Father of two sons. Name starts with a consonant.

Monday, February 17, 2014

News on Tim's Roll Up the Rim

Each cup has two areas to roll up !

This year are 50 grand prizes of 2014 Toyota Corolla Sports, 100 Visa prepaid cards worth $5,000 each, 25,000 $100 Tim Cards, and of course millions of coffee and food prizes.
Tim Hortons says there are more than $57 million in prizes to be won. The contest starts today !Monday, Feb. 17 and runs until Apr. 25 or until supplies last.


I thought of this topic last week when Loverboy and I went skidooing.
It was really cold, -24C.
We stopped at a shelter, with no heat, and decided we had to undress a bit, and add more underclothes to continue.
It was calm, and it took a second to decide if it was colder in the shelter, or outside the shelter.
As we quickly undressed inside the shelter, teeth chattering, I asked him if he was interested in a quicky. He just shook his head and smiled.
I knew without a doubt that I was safe.
There is no bald avenger who would ever come out to play in such temperatures.
So we know why testicles draw into the body ( info here ) but what about shrinkage ?

The penis shrinks because the blood vessels in the penis shut down in response to the cold, and there is practically no blood in it.
As temperatures increase, the blood flow resumes, and the penis becomes larger once more.

I found patterns online for "peter heaters" or "willie warmers".
I don't know if the museum is interested in selling an Acadian looking one in their gift shop, but it would be a quick knitting project for LaLa and La Veille on Thursdays. 

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Taste Buds Supper Club

Charlene d'Entremont LeBlanc's photo.Coming soon to the blog ....   a monthly restaurant review.
The idea is not mine, but I will gladly be part of the club of six.

We will be visiting one restaurant monthly, located in the Tri-counties, and reviewing it.
Results will be shared with you.

Les Hits des Septantes

will be cancelled for tonight.
Tune in in 2 weeks, to hear Avery's duet show.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis Jr ... You Don't Have to be a Star

LES HITS DES SEPTANTES will be playing duets like this one Sunday evening on radio cifa 104,1 fm. at 7pm.
Remember to tune in. Should be a great show!
A couple of my favorite Duets are Eddie Rabbit and Crystal Gayle & also Barbara Streisand and Barry Gibb.
Avery's Saturday song is : You Don't Have to be a Star