Wednesday, April 30, 2014


We had no dinner reservations and were seated immediately.
Everything was rated excellent to good, in respect to the restaurant. the decor,the lighting, and the cleanliness. Our candle was lit with out asking, which we liked.
The server was good to excellent. Comments we made were that she was very friendly, and attentive. The water with lemon arrived without asking, came in a second. She came back a few times, she offered water refills many times ....  she was amazing. Very energetic, and friendly. A real asset. She did not offer coffee refills however. We enjoyed her a great deal.
We ordered martinis at 5:05 and were served in minutes. We ordered at 5:10, the appetizer came at 5:20, and dinner came at 5:33pm.
There is plenty on the menu, and the food came quickly ( almost too quick one commented), and was hot.
The restaurant was busy, music started at 6, and it was all a bit loud, and hard to hear conversation.
So what did we have ?
We shared 15 chicken wings for $5.99. We all agreed they were the best. Cooked well, tender, and crispy.

  1. beer battered fish and fries
  2. pan fried haddock and scallops, spinach salad
  3. Fish cakes
  4. steak and greek salad
  5. baked fish and greek salad

We had salted caramel cake and chocolate pate for dessert. It was all okay. The cake, while pretty, was so-so, and some felt the pate was too strong coco tasting.
All the dinners were good, but the fish was reported as likely not fresh fish, maybe a frozen product.
The fish cakes, although moist on the inside, were almost burned.