Saturday, May 24, 2014

All I wanna do .... Jerry Doucette

Born in Montreal, Quebec, Jerry Doucette's family moved to Hamilton, Ontario, when he was four.
He received his first guitar when he was six. Doucette joined numerous bands prior to his solo career, starting with The Reefers, at the age of 11.
He migrated to Toronto, Ontario, and played in the final incarnation of Brutus
Doucette moved to Vancouver, British Columbia, in 1972. Doucette worked in bands with Lindsay Mitchell and Rocket Norton, both of whom later joined Prism. He subsequently signed a solo recording deal with Mushroom Records, and commenced recording under his surname only.
Mama Let Him Play, the single from the first Doucette album release of the same name, in the fall of 1977 earned platinum status (sales of 100,000 units) in Canada, plus substantial publicity and tour promotion. The single and record were not successful to the same degree in the United States,[3] though the single charted in the Billboard Top 100 and the album in the Billboard 200. The recording band for the single and album was composed of Duris Maxwell on drums, Brent Shindell on guitar,. Don Cummings on bass and Robbie King on keyboards.

All I wanna do

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